Nectar Bee Disposable Vape Pen. A Review and Guide of Nectar Bee Vape Pen

    Nectar Bee Disposable Vape Pen. A Review and Guide of Nectar Bee Vape Pen

    What is the Nectar Bee disposable vape pen?

    The Nectar Bee disposable pod is the flagship disposable device from the Nectar Bee vape shop. This being their first disposable, they did their best to come up with a pen that has a universal threading cart for easy usage on other types of devices. The Nectar Bee oils are well known among the vaping community.

    These products are developed from high quality marijuana plans from the green solutions company. The Nectar Bee pens have been tested and are assured to deliver the best kind of satisfaction among other cartridges.


    One thing we need to recognize is the dedication that green solution puts when seeking to develop the best vape oils. The use safe liquid CO2 to extract premium quality vape oils which are 100% pure with no traces of additives or solvents.

    With hundreds of strains to select from, you are offered multiple options to give you satisfaction. The vape pen was designed to be compatible with the cartridges. It is small in design but good thing is that it can be connected to a micro USB charger and get connected.

    The Nectar Bee vape carts are filled with sweet scented live resin vape oil that have good THC and CBD contents. 

    Features of the nectarbee disposable cartridge pen

    • Short and sturdy design that is perfect for a standard oil battery
    • The 510 connection of the cartridge can fit any other battery using 510 threading
    • Premium cannabis oil cartridges that give an excellent and rich full bodied flavor
    • USB charging that you can use to charge your pen on your laptop or car
    • Varied battery colors giving you option sin your vaping
    • Ceramic mouthpiece protects you from getting burnt when the unit gets hotter
    • The LED indicators display the amount of power that the pen is left with
    • High quality oils that give a competitive advantage over other pens
    • Cheaper option for a premium quality vape pens and good hard
    • 0.25grams of premium minty flavor cannabis oil

    Nectar Bee disposable cartridges

    If you have been considering finding satisfactory experience from the best and affordable carts, you can try the Nectar Bee cartridges that come with a battery. The oils are a good choice and you get carts filled with highest quality and well thinned viscosity oils.

    The oils are processed by well trained and qualified handlers. The multiple stains have different components such as sativa, indica and hybrids of sativa and indica. There is a limited edition OG Kush that you would get too.

    The Nectar Bee vape cart is not costly and we have to appreciate how they use good quality hardware to come up with a cart that is worth every coin. They used the r510 threading that is compatible with most vape batteries.

    It has a glass structure which has the ceramic mouthpiece fitted on it. This is guaranteed to give you a good instant hit and you could easily tell the difference between this pen and the clone versions of it. 

    There have not been any complaints raised from people who have used this vape pen before. Their hardware is good and when your cartridge runs empty, you can dispose it but the battery can be kept for other purposes. The ceramic tops make the pen to stand out and have a good figure.

    Nectar Bee disposable pen qualities

    The fact that nectarbee makes high quality oils, you know that using these vape devices with the live resin have an amazing presentation which delivers some of the smoothest vapes. The cart is better than most of the pens that you will find flooding the market.

    When you take the first draw from this pen, you will realize that the oils are smooth.  You cannot come across carts with premium organic oils such as the ones in the nectarbee. 

    The features that make the nectarbee so unique are the cartridge design and oils. People love vaping on quality oils that do not have any additives into them. The packaging also adds a few pointers on why this pen and cartridge are the best in the game.

    Nectarbee disposable cart performance

    The pen has a 320mAh battery cell that can heat up to more than 100 puffs. The vapor quality is timed and you get close high satisfaction from 60% of THC content. There are no buttons on the disposable because it is a draw to activate pen.

    You cannot control the temperatures and it runs on a constant amount of power. The pen has a slight pre-heat feature which is necessary to make the coils hot for you to get vapor from the first puff. 


    The coil hardware is strong enough for this device and performs way much better than what you would expect on a standard disposable vape pen. These device are well made to ensure there are no leakages, splits or spills that would get messy. The carts are not refillable so you will need new kits every time you are done using one.

    Good thing is that the glass cart allows you to track the level of oils left in your kit. With a 60% THC levels, we believe that this disposable was designed to perform better than many of the vape pens we have in the market.  As long as you are using the nectarbee cartridge, then you do not have to worry about the battery you are using.

    Pros of the nectarbee vape pens


    When vaping the oil carts, you can easily do it with discretion outside your house or in your car even as you walk in the road. You will not easily be noticed by passers. This is different from the ninja smoking where you would try to conceal a weed session but some fumes would escape into the environment.


    Weed oils stay for long when stored and they will still maintain their potency and oil stability. You also have very minimal product loss to worry about. When smoking direct flower, you will lose some bud quality into the atmosphere to du carbonization or crumbling. With the vape cart, you only inhale a little and the rest stays in the cart


    The potency and stability of a flower will easily go down when stored. In as much as the consistency is hard to get even in oils due to complex cannabinoids and terpenes production. The concentrates sometimes use distillates to reduce terpenes and this creates consistency.


    The carts of a vape disposable come in various color codes to let you know if you are vaping on indica, sativa or any other strains. The pens have a variety of effects in your body so you can use CBD to help heal from injury and in case of stress, get some THC for psychoactive purposes.

    Cost efficient

    Just like most smoking tools, there is a price to pay. For vape pens, you get to invest less than $5o as a starting point and you get multiple uses for it.  The cartridges go for as low as $20 and they still give you the best vapor.

    Cons of the disposable vape pens

    Faulty connections

    Most vape disposables are consistent and they can be easily replaced in case of faultiness. You will easily get close to three days when your pen is easily charged even with high and excess use.

    Fluctuating vapor production

    This can be an issue you face with various vape pens. It can give you some type of vapor that you never anticipated for. You can reset to default performance by placing the cartridge on its side until the oils settle. 


    The nectarbee disposable vape pen is a solid investment for any vape user out there. Whether you are using it as your main vape get away or if it is your back up plan for the main vape.

    You can discreetly enjoy your THC and this could be one reason why this small investment is worth every pen. The variety of strains to select from make them easy to select varied potency and can easily be used to fit any occasion.


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