Mystica Vape Pen. Review and Instructions About the Mystica Vaporizer

    Mystica Vape Pen. Review and Instructions About the Mystica Vaporizer

    What is a Mystica vape pen?

    A mystica vape pen is a portable vaporizer made by the Aristech vape company and is made for use with cartridges. It is a good pen which delivers good performance working with 510 threaded cartridges.

    The mystic vape pen has an upgraded draw activation battery that is small and strong. It is fitted cartridges made of strong materials such as glass and a ceramic wick for the mouthpiece to give you the most pure of flavor. 

    When you look at the mystica vape pen, it is enclosed in a metallic casing that is fitted with a single button for operation. To use it, you only need to take a hit after you have activated the device.

    It has a preheat feature that runs for 15 seconds after you have turned on the device. With the firsts draw, you will get an instant thick, high quality and sweet mast of cloud hitting your mouth.

    It is also important to remember that this pen has a refillable feature for its tanks. It can be used for concentrates and it is available in many various sizes, designs and you can be sure that you are getting the best quality of vape. It is also favorably priced and it is worth your money

    Features of the Mystica vape pen

    • Has the newly introduced mystica metal body design
    • Super lightweight vape pen that can easily be concealed
    • Premium lithium ion battery that gives you 350mAh capacity
    • USB charging that charges a pen in less than an hour
    • Variable voltage feature for easy adjusting of the temperatures
    • New design for low voltage output to allow for pre-heating
    • The heating duration takes only 10 seconds while the preheating takes 15 seconds
    • Atomizer has a viewing window to track the level and usage of your liquids
    • One button feature that is easy to use and operate.

    Quality and build design of the Mystica vape pen

    Holding the Mystica in your hand feels nice, and it still has a lot of good functions present in its internals. You get a metal casing that gives you a polished, sleek look that is so durable and lightweight making it easy to carry around in your jacket or pants pockets.

    The atomizer is hidden behind the metallic casing to protect it from accidental falls and many other occurrences that could interfere with the performance of the pen. The device will not look like a purely advanced vape pen but you are sure it is worth your money.

    In the mystica kit, you get a battery, two magnetic 510 adapters for the atomizers, and a USB charger which is everything you need.          

    Performance of the mystica vape pen

    We need to remind you that the mystica vape pen is a variable voltage battery and this freedom to control power on the pen gives you control over your pen. It has preset heating ranges that go from 2.3v to 4.1v. This is good for any vape device

    With the improved voltage adjustment features, you will confirm that this device has an outstanding performance and will give you the best kind of vape. The cell is powered by a 350mAh battery that is suitable for performing exceptionally.

    From its core features, we can confirm that this pen can easily give you close to 100 hits when running on 0.2 grams of essential oils without the need to recharge your device.

    If you are a heavy user, then you might need to recharge frequently. When fully charged, you are sure the pen can hold you for quite some long hours.  

    To recharge a fully depleted mystica vape pen takes not more than one hour. This is good for time saving. With the simple design which is effective, and the compact design that does not have to remove the power settings.

    You will note that the Mystica pen is exciting to use and is designed to handle ceramic heating. The heating materials give room for proper heating to take place which in turn produce good vapor.

    How to use the mystica vape pen

    When you take your Mystica vape from the kit, it has a small amount of charge capacity in the battery so you can choose to use it directly, but if it does not work, plug it into a charging port using the USB cables provided to charge it up for usage.

    To begin, you need to first place the cartridge, rotate the 510 cartridges in a clockwise motion onto an adapter and stop when it does not turn. Proceed to slide your cartridge into a power supply pen until the magnet snaps.


    To avoid building up of residue, you can take out the cartridge from the battery by twisting the device anti-clockwise. To improve the longevity, clean and maintain the pen daily. Take a draw on the mouthpiece to activate your atomizer. The LED light on the pen will indicate the activation of the pen.                                          

    When recharging your mystica vape pen plug in the micro USB charger. Then connect your USB cable to a power source or an active USB charging port. 

    For good performance, make sure that your device is always charged after being used and be sure that the battery is fully drained before charging. When charging the device, the LED indication light will alert you on the charging status of the pen. Once the pen is fully charged, the LED light will flash 20 times and then go off.

    Cleaning your mystica vape pen

    Remove your vape cartridge from the power supply. Get a cotton swab dampened with diluted isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean the exterior of the cartridge, power supply, and contact points.

    Pros and cons of the mystica vape pen


    • Small design makes the pen discreet and portable
    • The metal construction body makes it the best durable vaporizer in the market
    • The variable voltage settings on the device lets you personalize your vaping experience
    • The 510 threaded cartridge port is equally wide to allow any cartridge size
    • You get two magnetic adapters that will ensure your cartridge and battery stay in contact without any issues
    • The cartridge can fit on the battery and still allow a window which allows you to see the level of contents in your device


    • The 350mAh battery is small considering the size of the vape pen, so you will have to charge the device frequently

    FAQs about the mystica vape pen

    How long does a mystica vape pen last?

    With the 350mAh battery, the mystica vape pen has the capacity to sustain you for almost a week, and that is a count of 100-150 draws, although the power management depends on how much you draw and the intensity of draws.

    How do you tell if a mystica vape pen is real?

    When it comes to identifying fake vape pens, you will realize that they are many in circulation. Therefore you need to ensure you do not fall victim by purchasing your products from a trusted vendor. Do not buy vape pens from a black market.

    Look at the casing of the device, the mystica is metallic, so if you get a material that is not entirely metallic then do not proceed with the purchase.  Check how the device is designed and if anything seems to be off, make sure you cancel the transaction.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The UPENDS UpOX is a super-value mini pod system that performs well when compared to other min pods. The price tag on this pen is fantastic and actually interesting. It has a minimalistic design which is easy to use, durable and it is the best e-cigarette you may ever find.


    The mystica vape pen has displayed the many reasons why the Aristech Company is one of the best vape makers in the market currently. It has displayed good functionality and we can see the quality design and use of material when this device is put to use.

    They have some of the best vape pens and the Mystica is one of the small devices that will not fail you when it comes to delivering the best hits. Make sure that you get the best of the mystica while enjoying some ceramic coil healing powers.


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