Mark Ten Vape Review and Use Instructions

    Mark Ten Vape Review and Use Instructions

    1. What is Markten Vape?

    The Markten formerly a company that has been dealing with cigarettes, now is among the market leaders that are helping the smokers quit smoking. The Markten is an e-cigarette that helps the smoker to have an alternative and safe mode of nicotine use.

    The vape device has a cig-a-like design which is a battery and liquid cartridge screwed together. It is a stylish and ergonomically designed device that makes vaping so much fun and fulfilling. It is a good start for a beginner who is getting introduced to vaping, thanks to its ease of use.

    2. The Markten Starter Kit

    What is in the package?

    • Battery
    • Replaceable e-vapor cartridges
    • E-vapor USB charger
    • Other e-vapor accessories

    The Markten e-cig is best designed for beginners who are weaning themselves off the cigarettes. The kit comes with a USB charger that allows you to charge on the laptop or computer.

    Although the company does not make markten vapes anymore, it consisted of the battery part, and a cartridge flavor that connected the power device. The markten vape device does not have controls or buttons; thus it is draw activated.

    Another plus of the device is it is not a disposable vape. The kit comes with a USB charger for recharging the battery. So, you can buy new flavors cartridges in different strengths and flavors and recharge the depleted battery while using the same device. The Mark Ten vape device is a highly convenient device that allows you to enjoy vaping.

    3. Recharging the Mark Ten Vape Device

    When charging the Mark ten vape, ensure that you are using the markten USB charger. When the battery is depleted, the LED light on the device will start blinking repeatedly and rapidly.

    Before you plug in the charger and start charging, and if the battery is connected to the cartridge, disconnect it. Place the battery on the USB charger. Then, insert the USB charger into the USB port. The LED light on the device will start to flash to indicate the battery is charging. When the battery has charged fully, the LED light will go off. Then, disconnect the charging system and place the cartridge back to the battery. Turn the device and get ready to use it.

    4. Replacing the Mark Ten Vape Cartridge

    You will know it’s time to replace the cartridge when the intensity of the flavor and vapor output starts to decline. The cartridge used in this device is not refillable, therefore you have to replace it. If you are using Mark Ten XL device, you should use the Mark Ten only cartridges. Screw the new cartridge on to the battery and turn the cartridge to the battery.

    5. Cleaning and Maintenance of Mark Ten Device

    You have to keep your mark ten vape clean in order to get clean vapor and maximum performance. Use a dry clean cloth to wipe your device. When not in use, store your device in a cool dry place away from high temperatures and high flames. Always dispose the Mark ten vape devices you no longer use responsibly.

    To avoid risk of injury or damage, do not continue using the device if it accidently gets submerged in any liquid or becomes wet, is broken or appears to be damaged, or it showing operational error, or unusually hot when using.

    6. Mark Ten Shops Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Mark Ten vape shops near me(my location).

    7. Mark Ten Flavors

    The Markten cartridges come in two flavors, Menthol and classic tobacco. Based on the reviews, the menthol flavor has more positive reviews compared to the tobacco. However, this depends with the personal preference of the user.

    Although the Markten are designed to use its own e-liquids, you can refill it with the e-liquid of your choice. The company provides that using the MarkTen e-liquids on its devices prolongs its life. Well, the choice is yours.

    The Markten Vape utilizes the four draw system, which is four holes rather than one. However, vape experts say it does not impact the performance of the device.

    8. Mark Ten Battery and Charger

    The markten kit comes with a 90 mAh battery, which 40 mAh’s lower compared to regular kits. With a full charge, the battery can allow you to vape for up to 30 minutes to an hour of continuous vaping.

    The kit comes with a USB charger which you can connect to your laptop or computer for easy and convenient charging. The battery supports a decent amount of vapor production. Considering its size and the price, the vapor and flavor output is just good.

    9. Mark ten Vape Colors and Skin

    Markten is roughly the size and the shape of a cigarette. Therefore, it well and realistically designed to give the vapor a cigarette smoking sensation.  It comes in a wide range of flavors such as Bold, Smooth, plain Menthol, and bold classic. There are other flavor such as Winter Mint, apple cider, Smooth Crème, glacier mint, Vineyard Blend, strawberry brulee, and Spiced Fruit.

    10. Mark ten Coupon and Promo Code

    Although the production for markten vape devices stopped you can get the limited edition of the products at a much lower rate. Look for sellers who still have the stock of the device and selling at discounted rates. You will get a top-quality vape device at a pocket friendly rate. However, ensure that the coupons, discounts, and promo codes are legitimate and claim them on time.

    1. Markten Discount Coupon Code 1:

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    11. Mark Ten Vape Review

    The markten vape is one of the best vape devices you can try out there. First, it has a stylish ergonomic design and comes at an incredibly friendly price. If you see the markten vape device, you will be tempted to try it. Although the device performs well, it is best designed for beginners. Both the quality of the flavor and vapor output are pretty decent.

    Another advantage of the Mark Ten vape devices is the small size and design. It is almost weightless and sits comfortably on your pockets. With the size and shape of the regular cigarette, the device is effective in helping smokers to transition to safer alternatives such as vaping.

    Another impressive feature of the mark ten vape device is that it is rechargeable, thus will serve you for a long time. Also, the friendly price of the device beats the price of most disposable vapes with equivalent performance. The markten vape gives the vaper a discreet, fun, and convenient vaping experience. Generally, the vapor output and the quality of the flavor is pretty decent.

    12. Pros and Cons of Mark ten Vape


    • The Flavor quality is good
    • It is easy to use
    • Good for beginners


    • Charging the device is an uphill task
    • The vapor output is medium

    13. Mark ten Vape FAQ:

    1. How can I charge my Markten e-cig?

    To charge your e-cig, you should first detach the battery from the flavor cartridge. Then, attach it to the USB charger that comes with the starter kit. The user can then plug it into any USB port that is compatible. It will take approximately 30-40 minutes to fully charge the battery.

    2. How Long Will my Markten cartridge last?

    According to the industry standards, the markten cartridge is designed to give you more than 200 puffs. Although the low capacity 90mAh battery runs out faster, it takes a short time to recharge thus allowing to keep on vaping.

    3. Where Can I Buy my Markten Vape Device?

    The Markten series was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2018. You need to search and buy from sellers who could have an old stock of the vape device.

    4. Was the Production of Markten vape discontinued?

    Yes, the production of the markten vapes was discontinued. You can find the product from vape product dealers and retailers who may have an old stock of the markten devices.

    14. Final Thoughts

    The markten vape starter kit is a great product especially for people who are working on quitting smoking. It gives the user a good vaping experience thanks to its classic bold tobacco taste. It is easy to use and assemble. The first step is to assemble the device requires you to attach the cartridge on the battery and it is ready for use. Another aspect of this device that makes it special is the long-lasting and rechargeable battery which allows you vape for a long time without the need for recharging it. The sleek size and the design is almost weightless and you can comfortably throw it in your pocket. It resembles a regular cigarette in size and the design. So, take a draw and enjoy the various tastes of tobacco blend.

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