Mad Monkey Vape (madmonkey.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me [Vape Starter Kits, Disposables, Pod Systems, E-juices, E-liquids, Coils, Accessories, and others.]

    Mad Monkey Vape (madmonkey.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me [Vape Starter Kits, Disposables, Pod Systems, E-juices, E-liquids, Coils, Accessories, and others.]

    1. What is Mad Monkey Vape?

    A vape shop located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Mad Monkey Vape Shop is a member of the Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers industry. It is one of the most innovative and experienced vape firms that one can come across. The company successfully navigated the complexities of this new culture and "movement" by focusing on delivering the most desired, highest-quality products available at the cheapest pricing. While the company began as a tiny operation, they gradually grew their brand and became successful. Thanks to an amazing workforce and a fantastic selection of products.

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/vgodvape

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madmonkeyvapeshop

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    Address: 6601 Everhart Rd unit B5, Corpus Christi, TX 78413, United States

    Website: https://madmonkeyapeshop.square.site/

    Customer Service:

    Phone: +1 361-452-3874

    Working Days/Hours: Mon - Fri / 10am - 9pm (EST)

    2. Main Products

    Mad Monkey Vape offers some of the cheapest vape items that you can buy. You are also assured of original stuff as they only sell things directly obtained from an authorized distributor and manufacturer. In this post, we discuss about a recognized United States vape wholesaler that might be the vape shop you have been seeking for. As such, mad monkey Vape is consistently extending its product catalogue, which now comprises a wide-ranging variety of high-quality items that includes disposables, pod systems, e-juices, coils, box mods, pod systems, batteries, nicotine salts accessories, and rebuilding tools.

    3. E-juice and E-liquids

    Cookie Twist E-Liquid 60ml $15.00

    This amazing vape juice is made with only the highest-quality components to provide you with a full-bodied vaping experience. It is reminiscent of a delectable graham cracker that has been smothered with luscious strawberry jam and a creamy honey glaze. All of your sweet tooth cravings will be satisfied while yet keeping a well-rounded and balanced flavour profile with Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham cookies. In order to gratify your taste buds, each flavour will work wonderfully in tandem, making this the go-to flavour for every pastry flavour enthusiast. With each inhalation of Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham vape juice, you'll be met by a generous dose of delicious strawberry jam that will leave you wanting more. It will first excite your taste receptors in the same way as strawberry seeds naturally do. Then you'll notice a sweeter side to the jam, which will serve as the appropriate transition from the inhale to the exhale. Strawberry Honey Graham will put your amazing vaping experience to a conclusion with a scrumptious graham cracker smeared with sweet honey upon exhalation.
    The Finest Fruit Edition E - Liquid 60 ml $15.00

    Apple Pea paradise: On the inhale, you'll get a delicious mix of crisp, luscious apples, with a delicate undertone of pear on the exhale.

    Apple Paradise on Ice: a traditional blend of lush green apples and juicy pears, with the addition of a wonderfully balanced twist of menthol,

    Berry Blast: Featuring undertones from a variety of colourful berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and a hint of blackberries, this excellent flavour profile is sure to please.

    Berry Blast on Ice: The flavour profile will consist of a variety of colourful berries, such as raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, and will finish with a smooth, frosty kick as a back note.

    Mango Berry: In the shape of an exhilarating mix of mango and strawberry, this taste is the epitome of raw sensory overload in e-juice.

    Mango Berry on Ice: Mango Berry on Ice is the ideal combination of orange mangoes, vivid red strawberries, and a refreshing dose of menthol, and it will keep you cool all year long.
    Humble Juice Co. E - Liquid 60 ml $19.99

    Humble Juice Co. is a top-selling Gourmet Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer established in California that specializes in gourmet premium e-liquids. In order to make expertly created e-juices that suit every flavour profile, Humble employs only the finest ingredients of the greatest quality. Donkey Kahn, Smash Mouth, American Dream, Unicorn Treats, Vape the Rainbow, Sweater Puppets, Donkey Kahn on Ice, and Berry Blow Doe, are just a few of the flavours available at the lowest rates available anywhere online.

    Aqua E-Juice 60ml $19.99

    Aqua E-Gold Juice's flavour is a great combination of flavours. It is for a good reason that the Aqua line from Marina Vape is one of the most popular e-liquid lines in the world. Pure, Mist, Flow, and Oasis are tropical fruit mixes that are clean, crisp, and refreshing. Rainbow Drops and Sour Melon are sweet candy flavours that are reminiscent of tropical fruits. Fresh fruit concoctions from the Aqua line range from pineapple to papaya, peach to kiwi, and are sure to fulfil any fruit hunger you may be suffering from.

    4. Coils

    Smok RPM 160 Replacement Coils $5.99-$12.99. The Smok RPM 160 Replacement Coil has a unique honeycomb strutted mesh core consisting of nickel-chrome, which allows the mesh wire to heat up incredibly fast and evenly. The RPM coil's taste and vapor clouds provide for a wonderful experience when inhaled.

    Wototo Kantal A1 Meshcoil sheets-10pk$5.00.There are several advantages to using Wotofo Kanthal A1 Mesh Sheet Coil instead of ordinary wire. This device's honeycomb-style mesh design enhances the heating area and creates a tighter touch with the cotton, resulting in amazingly delectable flavour, a shorter heat-up time, and a smoother overall vapour experience. In order to provide long-lasting durability and deformation resistance, the Wotofo Kanthal A1 Mesh Coil is constructed of high-quality Kanthal metal. Purchase your Wotofo Kanthal A1 Mesh Coil Sheets today and enjoy vaping like you've never experienced it before.

    5. Disposables

    Preparation is minimal with disposable vapes, which allows the user to experience the excellent flavour without exerting any effort. These goods are also available at Mad Monkey Vape Shop.

    The SWFT+ Plus Bar disposable vape. Introducing the SWFT+ Plus Bar disposable vape devices, a higher capacity disposable vape device, comes in a broad choice of flavours. The gadget has a capacity of 600 puffs. A single disposable pod gadget is included in each shipment. Nicotine is included in each device in the amount of 5 percent.

    Beard Ryse Disposable- 5% $10.00.The beard vape co x Ryse bar is literally the best-tasting bar ever. It's impossible to go wrong with the 1000 rated puff count of puffs when you have a 550mAh battery that's filled with 3ml of flavour.

    Ignite V15 Disposable Vape (5%) $20.00.Ignite your sense of taste with this quality pre-filled disposable vape pen gadget from Ignite, which comes with up to 4000 puffs and a delicious range of flavours. The user may adjust and manage their airflow with the Ignite V15 and V25 models, respectively. All Ignite devices are completely maintenance-free, requiring no charging or refilling. You may easily purchase a new Ignite when your current one runs out of energy or battery life. To get you started, each Ignite disposable vape pen gadget comes with a pre-filled 5 percent (50mg) of E-juice containing NEW Synthetic TOBACCO-FREE NICOTINE, which is enough to keep you pleased throughout the day. Synthetic nicotine is a new type of drug that has been developed to reduce cravings by eliminating the components of the molecule that are associated with addictive tendencies. Lastly, it is a vape specifically designed to assist you to quit smoking.

    6. Accessories

    Mad Monkey is a fantastic source for accessories such as jungle juice coffee and RDAs, among other things. In a similar vein, they take great satisfaction in the high quality and reasonable prices they offer on each item.

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    8. Reviews

    Mad Monkey Vape Shop is located at 6601 Everhart Rd, Unit B5 in Everhart, Texas. This location is fantastic! Immediately upon your arrival, you will be provided with anything you require. They are always friendly and accommodating. They also have a rewards program, which is great if you frequent the establishment. You can earn free juice or discounts of up to $5. The hours are convenient, the pricings are affordable, and there are a variety of flavours to choose from. The environment is pleasant, and they have a well-organized set up. I would suggest this business to any and all vapers without hesitation. This site has a special place in our heart. The people are wonderful, and the new store in Calellen has been upgraded with tablets that allow customers to browse the juices that they now stock, which include both major brands and their own house juice.

    9. Shipping

    On business days, orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours, and delivery may take 2-5 business days once dispatched from our shipping facility.

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