WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lost Vape Orion,Orion Plus,Orion Q,Orion Pod,Therion,Quest,Paranormal,DNA Go,Lyra,Drone Series Review

23rd Aug 2022 | 65 | upends v

Are you in need of advanced individual vaporizers and healthful e-liquids? Lost Vape produces modern electronic atomizers, exquisite e-juices, and top-notch healthy e-cigarettes. The brand outshines the vaping market due to innovative techniques, advanced technology, and fascinating quality.

Lost Vape, founded by Frank Guo Yu in 2014, has firm vaping roots globally today, based in Shenzhen, China. The company elevates a healthier vaping lifestyle and gives vapers an alternative to tobacco smoking. The genius designs of stainless steel and modern chipset enable users to save desired vaping settings and customize their vaping experience.  

Top Selling Lost Vape Products

Lost Vape Orion 

The first pod with an Evolv DNA chip has a rectangle all-in-one style carrying a 950mAh rechargeable battery, making it convenient and portable. Orion contains stainless, blue, gold, and black frame finish, back and front panels have Ocean Scallop, Carbon Fiber, and Gold Abalone for beauty and durability.

Orion holds two convertible airflows under the drip tip, two coils (0.5ohm/0.25ohm) focusing on flavor and vapor, three power output levels, and a micro-USB port for charging and upgrades via Escribe software. Unlocking/locking the device, press the fire button five times. By pressing the adjustment button, you can switch and select new power wattages.


  • Many color options
  • Big 2ml capacity
  • Convertible airflows
  • Lack leaking issues
  • Battery life indicator
  • Lock feature for fire-button
  • Short pod life

Orion Plus

The pod is the newbie in the Orion series with five power options, a DNA chip, and twointerchangeablecoils for a tone of flavor. Available in 15 unique colors and designs, either in carbon fiber, Stanwood, or abalone panels. It carries a 950mAh battery enabling 22w maximum output for all-day vaping.

Contain an airflow control ring below the drip tip Convertable from DTL to MTL draw and a USB cable for firmware updates and faster charging. The 0.5ohm coil, when closed, acts best for MTL draw with great throat hit, and the 0.25ohm loop provides an exquisite DTL draw when opened halfway.


  • Five wattage options
  • Large 2ml capacity
  • Long-lasting coil life
  • Replaceable coils


  • A tight airflow control ring

Orion Q

The single-button device lacked control and adjustment with a 950mAh battery outputting 17 watts, a single 2ml pod with a 1.0ohm Kanthal coil. The frame colors include black, blue, gold, and stainless coated with carbon fiber. It carries a dual-slotted convertible airflow supporting MTL and DTL draws and a single control button in a manual system for massive cloud production.

Orion Q has a proprietary chipset with automatic feature protection from low battery voltage, extreme temperatures, and short circuits. To use it, fill the pod, twist the top cap, add the e-liquid, and then wait for complete cotton wick saturation. Press the fire button five times quickly to turn on/off the device, and it has a collar that controls airflow open on DTL draws and close on MTL vaping.


  • Control collar adjustable airflow
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Decent vapor and flavor


  • 1.0ohm misbehaves on MTL

Orion Pod

Orion carries an advanced DNA chip with a 950mAh rechargeable battery allowing over 400 puffs and maximum wattage of 40w output. Orion pod has two coils; 0.5ohm flavor-focused, 0.25ohm vapor-focused, and micro USB charge for Escribe upgrades. Holds two convertible airflows under the drip tip giving protection to short-circuit, low battery, temperature, and high/low coil resistance.

The pod contains two MTL and DTL modes, turning on/off click five times the fire button. Also, the device has a replay mode meaning you can save your desired puff. It comes with three power output options with a proper LED light, a faster firing system, and a 3ml refillable cartridge.


  • Large 2ml capacity
  • Faster charging rate
  • Bigger battery size
  • Contain vapor lock
  • Many brilliant colors


  • Visibility issues due to pod tint

Lost Vape Therion

Therion has evolved with many devices due to high technology and contains an Evolv DNA intelligent chipset. The DNA75 Mod was the first dual 18650 battery outputting 75w with a 510 connector and an electronic lock system displaying all required information on a screen. 

Therion DNA75C has an array of changes from DNA75, such as an extra navigation button, a large color screen, and added Escibe intelligence details with an upgradeable generator theme. Besides this, the DNA75C made from die-cast zinc alloy with carbon fiber supports a dual 18650 battery outputting over 75w and a Kanthal 0.25ohm coil.

Therion 166 contains the latest DNA250 Evolv chipset with two 18650 batteries outputting 167w, a stainless 510 connector, and an OLED display. Made of zinc alloy, gold, leather, and stainless, and has a USB cable for charging and firmware upgrades. Locks/unlock five fire button clicks, temperature control locks the device, then adjusts the temperature using the +/- buttons.


  • Faster 2A charger
  • High watts support
  • Outshining chipset
  • Great design battery doors

Lost Vape Quest

Quest features an advanced Quest chipset powered by 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery made of durable zinc alloy, wood, and pure leather with a luxurious tank. Supports all modes like variable wattage, bypass, variable voltage, and TC mode enabling users to set their performance curve. Besides this, it comes with a type C charger and allows Pass-Thru charging.

0.2ohm UB M4 coil produces intense flavor with decent clouds on lower wattages. Ursa 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 coil, good in massive cloud production on high wattages of  75 watts with open slider airflow.


  • Bigger and clear screen
  • Faster charging rate
  • Wonderful power performance
  • Many color options and outshining design
  • Simple to use with a tasty flavor


  • Slightly dark pods
  • Annoying battery cap

Lost Vape Paranormal

The paranormal mod has developed through modern technology. The first device was the DNA75C with Evol DNA75C chipset and dual 18650 battery outputting 75w. Paranormal 166 DNA followed, outputting over 167w and up to 7.4 volts, holding quiescent 3.5mA, power-down 5uA, and screen 21mA currents. Paranormal DNA 250C is the latest mod carrying two 18650 batteries outputting up to 200w with a 98% efficiency.

Contain replay mode enabling vapers to enjoy the best puffs again and again by saving the settings. The maximum temperature control ranges from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, made of cast zinc alloy, leather battery door, and carries an Evolv DNA250 chipset. Carry a 2A faster-charging cable and micro-USB port.


  • Classic design and beautiful leather
  • Great 510 pin and bigger color screen
  • Easy menu to use with best temperature control
  • Interchangeable side panels


  • Slight battery door gap

Orion DNA Go

Contain a 950mAh rechargeable battery providing over 400 puff once charged with a maximum output of 40w and continuous power of 30w. Available in two coils, 0.5ohm SS316L coil pod responsible for exquisite flavor production and 0.25ohm SS316L Orion pod enabling massive vapor formation with 3ml refillable cartridge.

Holds two convertible airflows based under the drip tip for DTL and MTL vaping modes and micro-USB port for charging and Escribe firmware upgrade. The replay mode vapers can save their achieved perfect puffs. Five hits on the switch to lock or start, two clicks on the fire button to control the battery options, and a power selection button on the slice base.


  • DNA Go chip
  • Long coil life for MTL and DTL vaping
  • Fantastic flavor and excellent vapor
  • 2ml top filling pod with great design
  • Three power levels


  • Quite pricey

Lost Vape Lyra

Lyra exists in many different colors and finished designs. It carries a 1000mAh battery outputting over 20w and available in three power levels. Contain two coils, a 0.6ohm mesh coil, and a typical 1.2ohm loop supporting vital nic salts, even regular juice strengths. Lyra has a 2ml capacity and a micro-USB port for faster charging.

The device has a manual pod system. Here, you have to hit the metallic button for the coil-head to be heated inside the pod. It holds a LED indicator ring acting both as power output and battery indicator with three color codes to the three power modes. At the top, three-pin port connectors with two plastic pieces for locking the pod.


  • Great throat hit
  • Best coil quality lacking leakages
  • 1.2ohm coil for mouth-to-lungs vaping
  • Transparent liquid window


  • Lack pass-thru charging
  • Underpowered mesh coil feeling

Lost Vape Drone

Drone BF Squonk DNA250C is packaged with dual 18650 batteries for long-lasting power, outputting over 200w. Powered by DNA250C Evolv chipset, a higher temperature limit ranging from 2000F to 6000F. Contain boost and replay features for recording and saving desired puffs.

Comes with an integrated 2A charger for faster charging and pass-thru option, the USB cable enables firmware upgrades by Evolv. Carry bigger capacity of 10ml, simple operation with fast firing speed and fast startup.


  • Top-quality materials with great design
  • Total temperature control 
  • Easy to use and refill
  • A huge clear screen


  • Slightly expensive

Final Thought

The Lost Vape Series covers every device from manual to modern high-tech gadgets, from low watt and battery to long-lasting battery and high watts. If you are considering a vaping device, then Lost vape is your destination for high-quality products.