List of Top Vape Wholesale Dealers & Distributors in British Columbia- Canada

    List of Top Vape Wholesale Dealers & Distributors in British Columbia- Canada

    British Columbia is one of the best places to visit and stay in Canada. It has lots of magnificent sites and leisure activities. One of the booming leisure activities in British Columbia is vaping, which explains why there are many vape shops and retailers in most cities around the British Columbia province.  But if you are a retailer looking for a reliable vape supplier or have ambitions to start a vape shop in British Columbia, worry not. I have compiled a list of the top wholesalers and distributors of vape products in British Columbia.

    Vape Wholesaler/Distributor

    Main Products


    Pinnacle distributors inc

    Smoke shop supplies, dispensary supplies, packaging supplies

    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

    VanGo Vapes Ltd

    Premium e-juices, house e-juices, disposable vapes, accessories, coils, tanks, etc

    Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

    Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie

    E-juices, NIC Salts, POD Systems, Disposables, Vape devices, Accessories, Rebuildables, and tanks

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Clouds Burnaby

    E-juice, hardware, tanks, Pods, accessories, etc.

    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

    HBI Canada

    cigar accessories, supplies, smoking innovation tools, lighters, trays, electronic smoking products, collectible items, starter kits, etc

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    EZ-Vape Abbotsford


    E-juice products, vape kits, herbals, pods and coils, tanks and rebuildables, batteries, and other vape accessories


    British Columbia, Canada

    ULTRA Eliquid

    E-liquids, hardware, tanks, Pods, accessories, etc.

    British Columbia, Canada

    DashVapes Burnaby

    e-liquids, vape kits and Mods, tanks and supplies, batteries and chargers, and DIY supplies

    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

    Westone Distribution

    accessories, vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers, trays, and many others

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    1.Pinnacle Distributors Inc-Smoke Shop supplies & Dispensary Supplies in BC

    If you are looking for a great vape products distributor in British Colombia, you should care making a stop at Pinnacle distributors. It is the number one smoke shop and dispensary supplier that offers a wide range of vape products. The wholesaler takes the needs of their clients with the seriousness they deserve.

    Their number one objective is to provide vape retailers with a variety of quality vape products and packaging solutions that will help you save money and time while keeping your customers satisfied. Pinnacle distributors Inc has made its customers their top priority. They also understand the ever-changing trends in the vape industry, and they will also strive to remain ahead of the trends.


    Contact:+1 604-563-5663, info@wholesalepinnacle.com

    Address:2172 Douglas Road, Burnaby, BC, Canada, British Columbia

    2.VanGo Vapes Ltd-Premium Canadian E Juice / E-LiquidSupplier

    VanGo Vapes Ltd was founded in 2014. It has grown to become one of the leading manufactures and distributors of e-liquids and e-juices. It serves retailers on a global scale. VanGo Vapes Ltd boasts of a pleasant and diverse selection of vape products. It also has impeccable customer service, which explains the reason for the utmost customer satisfaction as depicted by stores and retailers who have transacted with VanGo Vapes Ltd. Indeed, VanGo Vapes Ltd has succeeded in bringing quality vape products that have had a hand in fulfilling the ever-changing needs of consumers. Their products are now available in most vape shops across Canada and across the globe.

    From their unique blends of juices, rich deep tobaccos to creamy deserts and custards, VanGo Vapes Ltd has continued to impress and is slowly gaining ground as the leader in the vape industry. It manufactures and distributes vape products with excellent flavors capable of keeping consumers’ taste buds intrigued. Even more exciting with VanGo Vapes Ltd is that they offer competitive wholesale pricing for their quality products, flawless shipping and delivery process, and quick turnarounds. With VanGo Vapes Ltd, you can never go wrong!


    Contact:+1 877-988-2646

    Address:1312 Ketch Ct #101, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W1, Canada

    3.Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie-high end distributor and retailer of e-cigs, e-juices

    Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie is a high-profile retailer and wholesaler of e-cigarettes, e-juices, mods, and everything you can think of in matters of vapes. The primary objective of the vape store is to provide quality products and treat the customers right. Customer satisfaction has been the major pillar of Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie since its inception. As such, all transactions you make with Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie will be treated with the highest level of integrity.

    The vape store is known for selling quality products at reasonable prices. One unique feature of Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie is that it operates as a retailer and distributor. So, whether you are a vaper wishing to have a bite of your favorite e-juice, or you are a business mogul looking for vape stock for your shop, Lucky 8 Vapes Cambie is the place to go.


    Address:2931 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V7, Canada

    Contact:+1 778-379-8273

    4.Clouds Burnaby- Electronic Cigarette Wholesaler In British Columbia

    Clouds Burnaby started as a physical store. Its main agenda was to provide excellent customer service. The store brags of a great selection of hardware products, e-liquids, and other vape products. The store also operates a wholesale and distribution center. If you are a retailer, be sure to gain much from this store. You can visit this page to contact the store on matters pertaining to wholesale.

    Website: https://cloudsvancouver.com/

    Address:101 - 4381 Dawson St, Burnaby BC V5C 4B4

    Contact:+1 604-428-7268

    5.HBI Canada- Wholesale-Only Company Dealing in All Cigarette Products

    HBI is a wholesale-only company that specializes in all kinds of cigarette and smoke products. Its primary objective is to help smokers better enjoy their smoking experiences by distributing and producing the best smoke products. HBI is arguably one of the leaders in the Canadian smoke industry. Some of their top products include cigar accessories, supplies, smoking innovation tools, lighters, trays, electronic smoking products, collectible items, starter kits, etc.

    All these products come at budget-friendly prices. You will not have to spend an arm and a leg purchasing from them, which is the reason why you need to give them a thought.


    Address:1580 Rand Ave, Vancouver BC V6P 3G2

    Contact:+1 604-261-0207

    6.EZ-Vape Abbotsford

    EZ vape store first opened its doors on 1st October 2016. It has for a long time remained to be the only vape store in South delta, serving both retailers and consumers. The store has enough parking slots. So you should not worry about the parking space. It also offers multiple forms of payments such as credit card payments, debit card payments, and cash payments.

    EZ Vape store takes pride in the customers' service and in ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. The shop offers E-juice products, vape kits, herbals, pods and coils, tanks and rebuildables, batteries, and other vape accessories. Retailers will be required to sign up with a wholesalers portal to receive wholesale services.

    Website: https://ezvape.com/vape-shop-locations/ez-vape-sumas/

    Address: 2070 Sumas Way Unit #111, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C7, Canada

    Contact:+1 778-880-1809

    7.ULTRA Eliquid-Canadian e-liquid manufacturer and Wholesaler

    Ultra Eliquids labs is a Canadian-based manufacturer and distributor of all vape products. It is known to provide some of the best flavors of vape juices ever known in the vape market. Their main objective is to make the best quality e-liquid that is second to none. As mentioned, Ultra Liquid also operates as a wholesaler. You can visit their wholesale portal and shop for some of the best vape products you can ever think of.


    Address:Shawnigan Lake Rd, British Columbia V0R, Canada, Canada

    Contact:+1 250-929-1900

    8.DashVapes Burnaby E-cigarettes & Vape Juice in BC

    Dashvapes is another great supplier of vape products. The store is located in Burnaby and offers over three hundred flavors of e-juices. The store also specializes in distributing compliant and lab-certified vape products. If you are a new retailer in the vaping industry and you do not know what to order, Dashvapes will be of great help. Their knowledgeable support team will drive you through all the basics and give you the information you need to know about the vape industry. Some of the products you will find in the shop include e-liquids, vape kits and Mods, tanks and supplies, batteries and chargers, and DIY supplies.


    Contact:+1 604-628-7274

    Address:106-8288 N Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC V3N 0E9, Canada

    9.Westone Distribution- Reliable puff pipes and Vape distributor in BC, Canada

    Weston distribution has been in business since 1995. It has represented the finest glass blowers in British Columbia and Canada at large. It has always sought to serve its customers with the best products. The company is 100% Canadian-owned. The store offers several products such as accessories, vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers, trays, and many others.

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