WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kushy Oil Vape Pen. Features, Cartridge, Performance and More About the Kushy Vaporizer

12th May 2022 | 10 | upends v

What is a Kushy oil vape pen

Kushy vape pen is a portable oil vaporizer that is designed, manufactured and distributed by the Kushy punch company that is widely known in the vape market for having highly powerful edibles.

They introduced the Kushy vape carts to complement their huge growing quality brand and they also added a pen to assist in pushing the oils they had improved their strengths on. 

The company has made a significant hold on the cannabis and vape market owing to its large fan base. The Kushy vaporizer has been tested and experimented under various conditions to ascertain its superior performance. It is commonly used in Nevada and California which have the biggest market for vape products.

This goes to show how significant they are. This brand is one of the best and their handling of weed is remarkable because they are able to give the purest form of THC with up to 70% strength. 

The pen feels good in the hand with its sleek silver like aluminum outer casing which makes it feel different from the other vape pens. This is only one of the many reasons why the Kushy vape pen is a good selection for people who like vaping.      

Features of the Kushy vape pen

  • The pen is sleek and design with a cylindrical pen-like design for easy portability
  • The 510 threading connection for the cartridge is compatible with most of 510 cartridge products
  • Premium quality pre-filled cartridges give you so much flavor options that will fully satisfy you
  • A USB charging cable that can be connected to a source of power that will keep you powered for longer periods of time
  • THz silver outlook of the vape pen casing is appealing and attractive at the same time thus fulfilling
  • The mouthpiece is made from a good quality plastic that will protect you from getting burns even when your device gets hot
  • Varied strains of cannabis oils that can easily improve on your selection of vape oils
  • The vape pen is equally cheap making it affordable and available for people who want to vape on good THC oils.

Kushy vape pen cartridge

If you are seeking the best vaping experience using the most affordable and superior quality carts then the Kushy vape pen is a good selection. The cartridges are filled with well selected and carefully sorted out concentrates that have been selected from the best high THC flowers that have gone through proper care and handling by qualified farmers.

You can get sativa, indica and hybrid strains that will guarantee you a top quality vaping satisfaction. 

The Kushy vape pen has employed the use of some superior quality hardware that give the best effects. This is one way the pen managed to remain cheap while offering quality at the same time. Their technology is suitable for universal compatibility that can also fit into other brand vape pens and tanks.

The glass structure of the cartridge has the names Kushy candy engraved on the bottom and it has a visible window feature that lets you track the level of oils left in your cart to ensure that you do not run out of substance in the middle of a vaping session.

Everyone who uses the Kushy vape products have always given the best reviews and their hardware cannot let you down. The cartridges have various designs and some will allow you to fill your favorite oils.

Kushy vaporizers

The balance of oils in the Kushy   vape pens is delightful and it has a combination of soothing oils which have the full body of terpenes profiles and you can feel every hit. The result of taking hits from this pen is relaxing and pleasing at the same time.

The carts on the pen are filled with 200mg of quality pure organic THC oils which have a small amount of sugarcane ethanol. This gives the oils a pure and solvent-free satisfactory experience. The THC and ethanol blend works perfectly and has a good taste and you might not actually feel it until the time you start feeling high.

Kushy vape oil quality

The Kushy vape oils are filled with highest quality THC oils that are full bodied and full of flavors. The cartridges have a pure clear golden color that is free from impurities. These features set the oil to be so much different form many of the brands available in the market. When you take your first draw from the mouthpiece, you gate a well-defined flavor profile. This richness in flavor is because the concentrated content is not harsh.

Performances of the Kushy vape pen

The Kushy oil vape pen is fitted with a 350mAh batter that has an instant pre-heat feature that is meant to heat you roils early on to release good vapor. You do not get to control the temperature on these vape pens because they come with pre-set temperatures which are aimed at making the device more compatible and user friendly.

The preheat feature takes less than five seconds to adequately heat the oils to produce vapor. The pen is draw activated meaning that you only need to take a draw through the mouthpiece to get a cloud of vapor in your mouth.

Watch this video to learn about Kushy Punch


The ceramic technology used in the pen cartridges is a good performer especially for similarly standard vaporizer types. These device have been well designed and you are assured that you will not get messy issues when the devices overheats. So it means you are safe from splits and pops.

A few of the cartridges can be refilled using the Kushy oils, but if you have to refill your pen\, make sure that you are using the original THC oils from Kushy because other oils might have viscosity levels that do not match the function of the pen.

The Kushy vape pens give one of the best vapor clouds because carts with high THC levels burn up at higher rate compared to other lower qualities. This is equally an advantage to cloud chasers who like vaping cannabis oils.

Pros and cons of the Kushy vape pens


  • Small and thin design that is very discreet and portable
  • The pen has a more sturdy frame that makes it look strong and efficient
  • Automatic turning on and off that simplifies the usage of the device
  • 650mAh battery that gives more power and more robust vaping sessions
  • Available in various flavors that will improve your vaping experience
  • Has an effective micro-USB charger that delivers enough charge to the pen


  • Threading is small and does not accommodate more expansive cartridges
  • The device is sometimes gets hot you can feel uncomfortable when using it
  • The shiny metallic outer casing can make the device easily visible making it a less discreet device

Alterative vape; UPENDS

Uppen Plus

The UPENDS Uppen Plus also adopts the same Etchip coil that is found in the Upper. This coil technology ensures that you get the extreme taste and experience of the Uppen plus. Delivering an original, fresh and smooth taste, you get ultimate satisfaction from the first puff.

The Uppen Plus metal cap effectively protects the e-liquid from getting exposed to air when it is not used. You, therefore, get a fresh, original flavor even after several days of not vaping.


The Kushy vape pen is a superb device worth having around you. The pencil thin design is a perfect tool for concealing your cartridges and tanks. It has a feature that protects your pen from dust and lint from entering the mouthpiece.

The on and off feature that is automatic makes the device user friendly and makes sure that it does a perfect job in conserving the battery charge. It also has a lock that locks in perfectly in the pen.

The Kushy vape pen is strongly recommended for people who like smooth vaping.  If you are looking for a device that will always be there to give you satisfaction, then go for the Kushy vape pen.