Kure Vape: A Review of the Vape Store and the Vape Products

    Kure Vape: A Review of the Vape Store and the Vape Products

    Many years have passed and e-cigarette revolution has changed the smoking lifestyle of many. It all begun with the introduction of slightly big devices that enthusiasts used to enjoy the tobacco vapor electronically. Now the whole idea has changed, with very many portable and efficient devices on the market. Unlike before, we now have an ever-ending supply of different options you can choose from. You can find either pre-filled or refillable ones.

    Today we take a look at Kure Vape products including favorite e-juices. Continue reading and find out more about the vape juice blends offered. The vape juices involves hand-picking for quality and taste. It requires your time to find your favorite flavor. 

    What is Kure Vape?

    This might be your first time you come across the word vape and wondering what it means.

    Vaping refers to the inhalation of a vapor as a result of the effect of an electronic cigarette or any vaping device. E-cigarette on the other hand refers to an electronic cigarette device operated by a battery and emits a vaporized content for inhalation. The solution usually contains nicotine.

    Kure Vape sells different vaping products like batteries, pods, hardware and more which you can shop for. This one-stop shop can meet the needs of all vapors with several supplies of top quality vapes at competitive prices. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kure has some of the favorite vape products on the market.

    Kure Vape provides some of the best selection of vapes and other accessories. It also has an effective customer care service experienced by many.

    What Main Products Does Kure Vape Sell?

    Amongst the very many products sold by Kure Vape include Juno Pods, Mythology Centaur 4-in-1 Pod System, SMOK Nord Kit, etc. Others include the Vaporesso Luke, Geekvape Aegis Boost replacement Coils 5PK and more.

    Vaporesso Luxe Q

    Luxe G comes in as the latest pod system designed by Vaporesso and available at Kure. Vaporesso is amongst the best manufacturers of vape products and is a big sale on Kure vape. The Luxe Q has a sleek body design with much focus on the ease of use of the product and portability.

    The internal battery of the Luxe Q pod system is 1000mAh and features pods that have a capacity of 2ml. You can refill this traditional pod system with the coils built within the pods so you can’t replace them.

    Why Vaporesso Luxe Q is a Big Sell at Kure Vape

    Build quality and design

    The Luxe Q pod system has a stick style design with similarity in footprint to several compact pod systems. It measures about 91.85mm by 26mm by 16.5mm and appears shorter than Caliburn G. However, it is quite wider and thicker. It all depends on the shape you want.

    Although the Luxe Q is lightweight, it feels quite solid when you hold, what makes several vapors like it. It is well-built to survive day-to-day uses and drops with a body featuring something called “leather texture”. This lends the pod system a leathery appearance which attract most vapors to buy it. The material feels like a kind of hard plastic and is anti-smudge to keep fingerprints off the panels.

    This best seller pod system at Kure comes in a range of 7 different colors. They all feature a silver frame apart from the brown and black editions that have gunmetal frames. The device doesn’t have buttons but has a LED battery indicator which you can easily see at the top.

    Getting started with the Luxe Q pod system

    As stated earlier on, the Luxe Q is a simple to use vape device. The lack of buttons and other features makes this device look simple. You can easily feel and start vaping, hence, a suitable vape device that suits beginners.

    With Vaporesso Luxe Q you only make adjustments on the airflow. This is entirely based on the orientation the pod goes in. one side gives a tighter draw while the other provides a looser draw. The Pod clips perfectly into position with easy popping in and out of the device.

    To remove the pod, you hold it by the sides, then pull it out. To replace it, you pop it in easily until you here a click. The ease of use and versatility of the Luxe Q makes it a best-seller vape device on Kure.

    You can refill the pods in the same way as the Vaporesso Luxe PM40. You don’t have to take out the pod at all but a push-back on a mouth-piece. It pops off and reveals the large fill hole which any fine nozzle bottle can fit.

    The opposite side of the device has a tiny air hole that releases air out and for easy filling. You don’t need to slant it to see the level of the juice as it clearly shows when running low.

    Performance of the Luxe Q

    The Vaporesso Luxe Q has very remarkable coils, enclosed in the pod and incompatible with the rest of Vaporesso devices. It comes with a total of two pod options. We have the 0.8 Ohm mesh pod and the 1.2 Ohm mesh pod. The two pods provide you with a solid MTL vape, not tight or loose but. It has a wonderful coil life and is a great pod that has no lots of complaints.

    Battery Life/Charging

    The battery life of the Luxe Q may vary depending on your vaping habits and the pod you use. The Luxe Q has an inbuilt battery with 1000mAh power. it has a charge rate of 1A and takes 60 minutes to charge via the USB C port.

    Pros of Luxe Q

    Solid build quality

    Lightweight and study

    Small and portable

    Easy to use and refill

    A variety of color options

    Two pods included

    Great battery life

    Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit: Best Seller on Kure Vape

    This unique vape has greatest sale on Kure vape because of the ability to provide vapors with unparalleled customizable vaping experience. It adopts a well-structured MESH pods with adjustable airflow control system. Vapors like it because of the ability to effectively maximize on the flavor and nicotine satisfaction.

    The XROS Pod kit has an 800mAh battery power capacity, built inside the slim body. It has a classic stainless steel construction. The device initiates the Type-C fast charge which requires 45 minutes to fully charge.

    You only use a single hand to refill and the visible pod ensures you have an enhanced vaping experience. You can either auto-draw or press-to-fire, thanks to a dual-firing mechanism. This device comes in different color shades. This include blue, matte grey, sky blue, silver, rose pink and rainbow.

    Why is the XROS Pod Kit a best-seller at Kure Vape?

    It has well-developed mesh coils

    Features an adjustable airflow

    Has a compact design

    Includes a dual-firing mechanism

    Has a built-in 800mAh battery capacity

    Has a visible pod

    Pros of Vaporesso XROS

    It is well-built

    Takes only 45 minutes to charge the battery to full

    You can easily refill the using just a single hand

    Has a slim design, hence highly portable

    Has the dual-firing mechanism

    You can easily check the level of the e-liquid through the visible pod

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does Kure Vape sale its products?

    Products sold by Kure Vape vary depending on the type of product. Apart from Kure vape brands, you can find several other products as well. Each product has a special price tag clearly indicated.

    What is Kure vape return policy?

    Kure doesn’t provide exchange or refunds on all drip tips, e-liquids or vaporizers with non-removable drip tips. The rest of the merchandise with non-conforming as a result of a manufacturing issue are subject to return. Kure can organize for a full refund of the particular product or make an exchange.

    The return request of the product should lie within the 30 days of purchasing and with an original receipt. You can return unopened or unused products for whatever reason and receive your full refund or exchange in 30 days of buying. This should include an original receipt of the particular purchase.

    Kure does not refund or exchange products purchased above 30 days and without an original receipt.

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