Know the Sol vape, Sol vape price & review, existing flavors, battery, colors & skins, and where to buy

    Know the Sol vape, Sol vape price & review, existing flavors, battery, colors & skins, and where to buy

    1. What is a Sol vape? Sol vape instructions

    A sol vape is a vaporizing pod systems for your daily vaping solutions. Sol vape uses a cartridge system that is groundbreaking. Not to mention the flavors, soul vapes satisfy your vaping desires. The flavored e-juices are unique mixes that are exceptional.

    The sol vape has easy to use features (simple and efficient). For instance, sol vapes have a 3.2 volt electronic potential capacity.

    What is in the package?

    Rechargeable sol vaporizer device, USB charging cable, and a user manual. It is perfectly blended with great flavors to suite your preferences.

    How to use: Instructions

    The best thing about sol vape pens is that they come in a single unit and is beginner friendly. You do not need to assemble anything.

    All you have to do after purchasing a sol vape is to charge it and start hitting.

    Remove the rubber seal then inhale until you exhaust the e-juice.

    Charge a sol vape whenever necessary to give you longer puff time.

    Caution: The battery is li-on cell, thus needs to be handled with care. If handled without care, it can burn, explode or die out fast.

    These sol vape pod systems are available in two distinctive types but function similar.

    1. Disposable pod systems

    These particular pod systems are built to be used to point of exhaustion before disposing them of. You should get a new one once it is finished. Disposable vape pens are perfect if you do not prefer refilling your vape pen regularly. Disposable pod systems are already pre-filled and ready to use.

    There are three varieties of disposable pod systems you can pick

    • Sol disposable

    The device is already filled with 1ml e-juice capacity. It has salt nicotine strength of 50mg to soothe your vaping experience. It also gives you a smooth draw that is not rough to your throat.

    Its battery capacity is 240mAh and it guarantees up to 300 puffs. The sol disposable vape is available in 15 arrays of flavors. These include; mango, strawberry, and spearmint to suite your vaping experience.

    Furthermore, the sol disposable vape has a 3”L * 3/4” w dimensions – making it portable and light weight. You can easy carry it anywhere as long as it is fully charged.

    If you do not prefer a vaping pen with buttons, then this is the the best device to pick. It has a button-less design that allows you to vape without any difficulty.

    Price- $4.5

    • Sol slim disposable

    This sol disposable vape is bigger and is pre-filled with 1.3ml e-liquid capacity. It has 50mg salt nicotine with 5% strength. The battery capacity is 280mAh with a 3.3voltage capacity. Also, the sol slim disposable vape pen lasts longer than the sol disposable pen when fully charged to enhance your vaping experience.

    This particular disposable vape is available in 14 different flavors to choose in a single cartridge. You get with 300+ puffs with the sol slim disposable vape pen. You will enjoy increased hours vape time in a single cartridge when fully charged.

    Lastly, it is a portable small size vape pen which you can always bring along anywhere you want, for a quick hitting.

    Price- $6

    • Sol plus disposable

    This particular vaporizer is bigger than the sol disposable and sol slim disposable vape pen. The sol plus disposable vape pen is prefilled with 6ml e-liquid and has a 1300mAh battery capacity – making it the highest of the three.

    It also has 2500+ puffs for your vaping needs. The sol plus disposable vape pen is available in 10 different flavors. You can either pick the single or mixed fruit flavor to boost your vaping experience.

    The nicotine strength in the sol plus disposable pen is not harsh on the throat. It allows you to enjoy comfortable vaping sessions without coughing.

    The e-juice capacity is larger than the two – giving you a lot of puffs in a single pod. The sol plus disposable vape is worth the cost.

    Price- $12

    1. Closed pod system

    The closed pod system has a 1.5ml e-juice capacity. The product has a salt strength of 2-5% and comes with 2 pods in a single pack. The sol feel devices are also available in 2 flavors and you can simultaneously charge the pen as you vape.

    The stylish design is attractive and its size is pocket friendly. Its measures 0.78oz and can precisely fit in your pocket or packpack.

    Moreover, the closed pod system vape pen is efficient and effective since you can refill the e-liquid in the cartridge.

    e-liquids usually last longer to improve the vaping experience.

    Note that closed pod systems only work with other Sol feelm devices. They are not compatible with the 2ml sol pods.

    Lastly, each pod gives you 300-360 sensational puffs.

    Price- $ 13

    2. Sol vape near me

    Find Sol vape shops near me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Sol Vape shops near me(my location).

    3.     Sol vape flavors

    The sol vape flavors are available in the following sorts.

    Sol disposable

    Blue raspberry, frozen bangin bananas, mango, strawberry lychee, watermelon, fruity twist, mystery pop, sour apple, frozen dazzle berry, frozen smash berry, watermelon, crumby apple, bizbo, power pebs and spearmint.

    Sol slim disposable

    Strawberry lychee, blue raspberry, strawberry cream, frozen banana, strawberry banana, frozen dazzle berry,  spearmint, frozen lychee, power pebs, frozen smash berry, mystery pop, frozen strawberry banana, menthol and watermelon

    Sol plus disposable

    Orange pineapple citrus, cool mint, blue razz, raspberry watermelon, blueberry raspberry lemon, kiwi strawberry, peach ice, aloe grape, watermelon ice, and strawberry watermelon.

    Sol feelm

    Spearmint and tobacco.

    4. Sol vape battery & charger

    The sol vape battery capacity range from 240mAh to 1300mAh. This, however, depends on how you use the vaporizer A single charge can usually last you between 350 to 400 puffs.

    Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your device to charge your pen. Connect the other end to any power source outlet and leave it for about 60- 80 minutes to charge (depending on the type of charger you are using).

    Here are a few tips to give your vape pen improved battery performance.

    • Do not let your device drain completely before charging
    • Leave the vaporizer in a cool environment (around 20°C- 25°C)
    • Do not leave your vaporizer near any heat source

    5. Sol vape colors & skins

    The sol disposable pod system is available in 15 flavors. Hence, it is available in 15 different shades.

    Each color tries to replicate the fruit color. But the casings are all white with a strike of the flavored color to differentiate the flavors.

    Some colors are similar but different in shade.

    6. Sol vape coupon & promo code

    All the sol vape products come at a discount. Use the available promo code and coupon codes to get a discount today.

    Use the below promo code and receive a 10% off on all e-liquids sol vaporizers.

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    7. Sol vape Review

    Sol devices rechargeable batteries are high quality and will last you long. They also do not take too long to charge. Probably an hour or so. There is an indicator light to show you the capacity and amount of charge.

    The sol vape has durable cartridge system to enhance the efficiency while vaping. Add different flavors to the pods depending on your preferences. Also, you will enjoy several puffs in a single charge.

    Flavors: You can pick from either single flavors to mixed-fruit flavors. Vapers globally rate this product as among the top vaping devices to have.

    Functionality: The sol vaporizer allows you to vape while charging. It is also different from the other types of vaporizers in terms of design.

    Its sleek appearance makes it another popular accessory in the vaping industry. Not to forget it’s portable design. You can fit it inside your pockets.

    Novice and expert vapers can use these devices and get the fulfillment they need. Moreover, it is easy to refill.  Change the pod for the sol disposable vape when the cartridge is empty.

    8. FAQ

    1. How Do I Refill A Sol Vape Pen?

    Both disposable pod systems and closed pod systems use cartridges. You can refill the cartridge when the e-liquid is depleted.

    Use your finger nails or any similar tool to remove the black plastic cover at the top of the pen. Next, remove the visible black rubber stopper and refill the e-liquid in the cartridge.

    1. Where Can I Buy A Sol Vape?

    Sol vape products are available from any vape shops near you or reliable online suppliers and retailers.

    1. Why Is My Sol Pen Not Hitting?

    Leaking in the cartridge system is the most common reason why a sol pen is not hitting.

    Try the following methods to stop the leakage and make the sol vape hit again

    • Blow off the excess liquid via the mouthpiece
    • Alternatively, place a tissue at the bottom of the pod to soak excess liquid.
    1. Fake Vs Real Sol Vaporizer

    It can be hard to identify a fake sol vape from a real vaporizer. However, the best way to get a real vaporizer is to purchase it from reliable shops or manufacturers.

    Also, check the packaging box and label of the product to compare it with real ones available online.

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