Know all about the eGo CE4 vape pen, its price & review, the available flavors, battery life, colors & skins available, and ideal place to purchase

    Know all about the eGo CE4 vape pen, its price & review, the available flavors, battery life, colors & skins available, and ideal place to purchase

    1. What is eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit? eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit instructions

    The eGo CE4 vape is a battery powered e-cigarette that utilizes e-juice as a vaping solution for inhaling sessions. This popular e-vape has helped those who want quit smoking. This is among the top e-cigarettes devices that guarantee maximum vaping fulfilment.

    This simple designed e-vape has the following features.

    Thread of 510, Liquid capacity 15ml, Oil storage capacity- 1.6ml, battery capacity- 100mAh and Weight -70-90g. It offers refilling e-juice option and has a nicotine strength of 10mg.

    The voltage output is 3.6 volts. The eGo CE4 shuts downs when you long press the power button. You do not have to worry about your device overheating if left it at a compromising position that designated the power button for a long time.

    The tank is made from durable plastic with a section of tiny port where you can refill. To refill it requires a special bottle you can squeeze the e-juice in. the tank can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid.

    When fully charged this vape pen produces up to 1000+ puff. This can last you up to 6-12 hours depending on your vaping session. It guarantees you a fun time with full charge and a full tank.


    This pen is divided in two parts. The tank that hold up the e-liquid and the battery where you get to charge and control device. Also, the bottom side is made of plastic that is easier to hold when vaping. This vape is engineered to look like a burning cigarette. It is an incentive to the cigarette world and smokers out here trying to quit.

    It is also easy to use with zero complications.


    One button on the device is LED lit to indicate when the vape is on and when it is off. Press the button three times to activate it and start vaping. The eGo CE4 has a filler line you can use to track your e-juice as you vape. It is made from polycarbonate material that is durable, authentic and light to the hand. The device can fit in your hand, pocket, purse or bag.


    The coil on the other hand has a resistance of 2.6 and 2.8 ohms that aids in burning materials. This allows your vapor to be smooth to your mouth, throat and lungs. It is an economical and health benefit for an e-cigarette.

    A lot of smokers have sort to vaping as their daily solutions. With limited health issues as compared to cigarettes.

    You might be faced with leakage issues but with a little adjustment you can easily sort this out. Charge your device, refill your tank and enjoy a full day of 1000+ puffs of vaping. However, heavy vapers need to refill the tank probably twice a day to get maximum satisfaction.


    The cartridge system can be used since it has a much higher holding capacity for your e-liquid to last any type of user longer than expected. There are devices that hold 1.1ml or 2ml liquid capacity. Therefore, you need to purchase one that suite you well.

    The vaporizer has an atomizing tank that you can squeeze e-liquid inside easily without hefty complicated dissembling. CE4 system has great performances up to 5times than other regular e-cigarettes.  Each part is made out of quality materials. This ensures your device lasts for long and you get the value of what you paid for.

    How to use an Ego Ce4 vape

    • Locate the venting hole by removing the mouth piece. One you have spotted the airway gently squeeze in your e-juice inside the cartridge until it is full.
    • Reach the required level, do not over fill and cause leakages
    • Leave it for few minutes to soak in then replace everything to its original state
    • Turn the power button 5 times until the LED light flashes
    • Draw a hit as you press on the power button to avoid overheating
    • Inhale and continue vaping till satisfaction
    • Using the same procedure you can effortlessly refill your eGo CE4 vape pen
    • Recharge your battery, ensure there are no leakages and have fun.

    This device is recommended for beginners who want to try out e-cigarette.

    It is beneficial and will help you quick smoking and start enjoying your flavored favorite e-juice flavors. There are diverse flavors you can try to make your vaping sessions more tasteful. The flavors range from single to mixed fruity flavors.

    This device does not produce as much cloud but it will for sure satisfy your vaping solutions and upgrade your experience.

    The battery is cylindrical giving it a sleek design and can hold up to 1100mAh capacity that can last you for hours. Coupled with the tank’s liquid capacity this is the product for you.

    eGo CE4 is efficient and gentle to the lips during vaping. The mouthpiece is made of rubber that does not conduct heat to avoid burning your lips.

    2. EGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit near me

    Find eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit shops near me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find eGo CE4 Vape Pen Vape shops near me(my location).

    3. EGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit flavors

    Ego CE4 vapes do not come with e-juice or flavored concentrates. But you can always select flavors depending on your mood and interests to spice up your vaping sessions.

    There are 100+ e-liquid flavors you can try with the Ego Ce4. Also you can mix up your flavors to enjoy a different experience. Try out any of these flavors and others in your vape device and enjoy.

    The following are e-juice liquids you can try to enjoy your sessions.

    Grape, custard, coconut, ice, kiwi, lychee, guava, cranberry, candy, caramel, bubblegum, chocolate, blackberry, banana, cucumber, coffee, lemon, peppermint, strawberry, watermelon, tropical, tobacco and citrus.

    4. EGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit battery & charger

    This vape has a rechargeable battery capacity of 650-1100mAh. Ego vape operates on a 3.7 voltage. It will take 3-5 hours for your battery to fully charge. The battery has a power saving mode that will prevent overcharging when left to look in the power source. Let it charge for 12hours for first time charging.

    Here is a step by step procedure on how to charge your Ego Ce4 vape.

    1. Insert one end of the USB cable to the vape USB port
    2. Insert the other end to a USB port
    3. Plug in any power source to charge.

    5. EGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit colors & skins

    Ego Ce4 vape has many colors and skins to consider. The colors are sleek are look very eloquent. You can pick any vape color you desire from the list below.

    • Black
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Silver
    • Steel
    • Gold
    • Yellow and
    • White

    The mouthpieces are all black despite the color of the vape pen.

    6. EGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit coupon & promo code

    All Ego Ce4 vape pen products qualify for a promotion. You can try out the 20%discount with the promo code below. Same quality devices at reduced price.

    Also there is an offer of 60% discount on shipping the Ego CE4 vape pen if you use the coupon code.



    7. eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit Review

    The battery is long lasting and gives a vaping session of up to 8hours long. It is the easiest vape device to use. It is beginner friendly and user friendly. This pen also has a simple design to comprehend.

    This vaporizer produces vapes that are smooth to the lungs. Ego CE4 vape gives you a good throat sensational hit. You will definitely enjoy vaping this particular accessory.

    The product’s coil technology is high-quality and burns the e-juice to produce rich flavors.

    The pen weighs approximately 90g and you can carry it anywhere to go.  Moreover, the Ego Ce4 colors and skins have a glossy and stylish design.

    The battery comes with an additional rubber to make it easy for you to hold.

    It is refillable with your favorite e-juice flavor.

    This particular vaporizer requires 5 clicks to activate it pen and start vaping.

    Its performance is remarkable and efficient: It is easy to refill and you can always try out different flavors each time. It will hold up to 2ml e-juice ensuring you longer vaping times.

    Add that spice to your vaping with this remarkable vape pen. If the e-juice is exhausted but still you have some charge you can refill it.

    8. FAQ

    1) How to refill

    To refill the eGo CE4, you require a special bottle you can squeeze the e-juice in. It is a straightforward process.

    2) Fake eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit Vs real eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit

    The best way to check this is by looking at color. Fake products colors are a bit faded. Also, serial number can confirm from manufacturers whether the product is real or not.

    Upon purchase ask for certificate of analysis to check on status. Always purchase your Ego Ce4 vape pens from reputable brands and companies.

    3) Where can I buy eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit?

    You can get EGO CE4 vapes from online retailers and any vape shop near you.

    4) eGo CE4 vape pens Starter Kit not hitting

    Look for the following issues.

    Battery issues - check if you have enough battery charge, check if your device is properly powered on or clear dust from battery before retrying again.

    Atomizer defects - check if the atomizer is properly rotating, correct atomizer adjustment or check the coil to ensure it is not loose.

    Mild issues - Make sure your battery has enough charge and it is switched on properly, check if the vape has enough e-juice, confirm if every part is working properly and clean the coil.

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