KingPen Vape Pen Review: How to Use and Instructions

    KingPen Vape Pen Review: How to Use and Instructions

    1. What is King Pen Vape?

    King Pen vape is a vaporizer from Kingvape labs. It utilizes innovative technology in all their products to ensure the user enjoys an out of the world vaping experience. The Kingvape oils are distilled up to five times, better than other vape oils. The vigorous distillation process ensures that you get a clean and quality product which is safer for your health.

    Additionally, the king vape pen has more added terpene proprietary blends which are focused on attaining the best and rich flavors.
    The Kingvape pens have undergone vigorous testing to ensure minimal failure rates. They are carefully engineered to ensure optimum performance and durability.

    2. Specifications

    • Capacity: 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml
    • Coil type: Ceramic coil
    • Oil hole:  1.2 mm X 2
    • Size of the intake air hole: 4 x 1.2 mm


    • 1 x KingPen Cartridge
    • 1 x Tube package
    • 1 x Gift box package

    3. How to Use the KingPen Vape?

    The Kingvape pen is super easy to use. First, assembling and disassembling of the unit is fast and easy. To dismantle it, first unscrew the chamber from the 710 threading system cartridge. Refill the oil into the cartridge and place it back into the system.
    Put a few drops of oil into the coil to ensure it is well saturated before you put it back. Then, start your device by pressing the power button five times continuously.
    To take a draw, hold the power button and release it once you take a puff. This process is intentionally designed to ensure that the coil maintains its temperature for efficient and maximum heating. The process allows your oils to heat and vaporize well which results into a massive and good vapor output.
    To turn off your vape after a vaping session, you should click the power button five times continuously. Even if you forget to turn it off, it has a cut off safety feature which turns off the device automatically after sometime of no use. However, it is safer to switch it off after use to prevent burn accidents.

    4. Portability of King Vape Pen

    The King vape is a highly portable vape pen. You can easily slip into your pocket and it is comfortable. It has a diameter of 12 mm which smaller compared to most vape devices. The small and discreet size allows you conveniently vape whenever you want.
    Also, the pen has an average sized battery which does not affect the size of the cartridge much. However, although the device is small size, it is taller to ensure it hold enough e-liquid for a longer vaping time. Therefore, the small size and the capacity to hold more e-liquid makes it favorable to travel and carry it around or enjoy discreet vaping time.

    5.Portability of King Pen Vape Pen

    The King Pen Vape performs exceptionally well thanks to the long lasting and big capacity battery. Another factor that aids the great performance of this device is super coils with adjustable coil system. Additionally, this vape device is equipped with cutting edge technology which enables it to have a good performance.
    The KingPen device takes short time to heat up and build up vapor. The outcome of this vape device is a smooth, rich, and tasty flavor. In addition, the vapor output is impressive. The quality of the flavor is consistent throughout the vaping session without any changes even with the declining charge of the battery.
    The ceramic coil technology has made much impact on the performance of the battery. Even at low temperatures, it is capable of giving out massive amount of vapor and flavor. Other than the taste and flavors of the oil, you will enjoy the pleasant aromas of the oils.
    Another feature that elevates the performance of this vape device is the adjustable air flow system. It allows you to customize your vape to give you the size of the clouds you want.
    The glass section of this vape device allows you to easily monitor the progress of the oil. You will not be caught unware when the oil is depleted. You can refill it conveniently.
    The good quality of the battery allows this device to give an outstanding performance. The battery can last you for such a long time allowing you to take an average of 380 puffs depending with how heavily you vape. The battery kit comes with a USB charger and it takes approximately two hours to fully charge your battery.
    The coils use innovative technology to prevent you from dry hits and burnt flavors. Like most vape devices, you should refill yours at three quarters full to ensure efficient air flow and vapor build up.
    Based on the features, innovative tech used in building the device, you can be sure that it performs exceptionally well. Thanks to the coils, you get a rich aromatic and tasty flavor from the device. In addition, you will enjoy the massive vapor output of this device.

    6.King Vape Pen Shops Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find King Vape Pen vape shops near me(my location).

    7. King Pen Vape Battery and Charger

    The king vape pen battery kit comes with a battery and a charger. The battery can last for a relatively long time depending with how much you vape. The voltage of the king pen vape battery is between 3.5 to 4.0 volts. It takes approximately two hours to completely charge the 710 king vape pen battery. On average, the fully charged battery takes about 380 puffs to deplete it. Additionally, the 710 vape battery kit can work well other types of cartridges and not just with King vape. The 710 thread battery has a sleek design for easy portability and storage even in your pockets.

    8. King Pen Vape Colors and Flavors

    The KingPen Vape pen comes in a wide range of flavors. The oils are distilled five times and passed through rigorous quantitative and qualitative tests. The oils do not contain additives such as PEG, PG, or VG. The categories of strains include blue dream, Jack Herer, Jellybean, super lemon haze, and California Orange, with flavors such as citrus flavors, blue-berry.

    9. King Vape Coupon and Promo Code

    The King Vape Pen is reasonably priced. You surely get a high-quality product and a great price. However, even with the great pricing, you can save a few bucks by taking advantages of discounts, promo codes, and coupons from the official website and other designated sellers. Before you claim the code, ensure to verify if the discounts, promotion codes, and coupons are valid and authentic.

    1. King Vape Discount Coupon Code 1:

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    10.King Pen Vape Review

    The KingPen Vape Pen is designed with innovative technology features that ensure you get the best vaping experience. The vape pen delivers great and rich flavor and massive vapor output. The batter of this device is quite a real deal. It lasts long, giving you up to 380 puffs and charges fully within just 2 hours. Also, the battery is versatile and you can use it on other non-KingPen devices.
    The KingPen Vape delivers a smooth and tasty rich flavor that lasts longer compared to other vape brands. The consistency of the vapor and flavor is the same throughout the vaping time and the durability of the battery.
    Another plus feature of this vape device the innovative technology used on the ceramic coils. It is capable of consistently producing good quality vapor even with low temperature settings.

    11. Pros and Cons of KingPen Vape Device


    • The vape pen comes with a standard USB that can charge it in less than two hours.
    • The ceramic coil heating system heats up the coils efficiently
    • The temperature control enables you to have consistent vapor production throughout the vaping period.
    • Battery capacity is excellent to vaporize thicker oils.
    • The preheat feature enables the user to pre-heat the oil before you start vaping
    • The airflow of the device is easily adjustable to give you full control of the device.


    • The 710 threading on the device does not allow battery to fit other types of cartridges
    • The quality of body construction is not good quality

    12. KingPen Vape Pen FAQ

    1.How can I start using my King Pen Vape?
    To start your device, fire the start button five times.
    2. How can I take a draw from my KingPen vape?
    To take a draw, press the power button and release it with every puff. Doing this allows the oils to vaporize well and to release massive vapor.
    3. How can I turn off my KingPen vape device?
    To turn off your device, press the power button five times continuously.
    4. How can I disassemble my KingPen vape device?
    First, unscrew the chamber from the 710 threading cartridge. Then refill the cartridge and screw it back.

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