King of Vape: Types of Vaporizers at King of Vape

    King of Vape: Types of Vaporizers at King of Vape

    King of Vapes is a premier retailer of smoke and vape products. Found in Port Charlotte, Florida, the King of Vape dedicates to bringing you the most in demand vape products on the current market.

    The central Florida location of king of vape has the possibility of supplying the rest of the stores over Sunshine State. They provide rapid shipping of the high quality products manufactured by some of the biggest names worldwide.

    The top names that King of vape carries on the back include VGOD, SMOK, NAKED100, VOOPOO, Sea100, PUFFCO and more. King of vape team performs a thorough research and source out some of the hottest items current on the market. They deliver the items to customers at an affordable price of their competitors.

    Best Selling Products at King of Vape: SMOK Alike Pod Kit Review

    SMOK has sold millions of its vape products to customers and now the Alike Pod kit. The SMOK Alike pod kit features a radical difference in the appearance. Smok Alike pod kit features amongst most popular and best-selling vape devices on king of vape.

    Smok Alike has the potential of powering around 40W. This implies it has high compatibility with RPM coils. That includes rebuildable part of RPM40 device.

    With Smok Alike, you don’t need to adjust the airflow. Therefore you only receive what you vape. It includes the mesh and MTL coils together with a new pod specific to the vape device.

    On one hand you receive a direct lung vape while on the other hand a much restrictive but intensive mouth-to-lung. The Smok Alike features an IPX7 rating therefore it has resistance to water. It can resist water of up to a meter for about 30 minutes of immersion.

    Design and Build Quality of Smok Alike Pod Kit

    Smok took a brand new radical switch from other devices to make a device that feels very solid. It feels comfortable when you hold it in your hand and you can easily slip it into your pocket.

    The Drip Tip and Airflow Structure

    The double O rings provides a very tight fit. You don’t experience any movement and provides a comfortable vaping experience. You can easily remove the pod away from the battery area by pulling.

    It has built-in dual airflow ports in the removable area. They look a bit large to allow plenty flow of vapor production when applying direct lung application on the RPM mesh coil provided.

    The Pod Section

    One of the features that makes Smok Alike pod system a big sell on king vape include the tri-proof design. The whole part of the pod features an updated extra protection from knocks, dust, bumps and water.

    It doesn’t have a rubber casing but looks like a tough plastic. The entire pod is made from PCTG food grade material. The viewing area has bit of tint which most vapors appreciate.

    It has two magnets that lie underside the pod and link up with those of the battery area. This creates a sturdy contact between them.

    The pod provides a snug fit in the battery arae without movement.

    Coil Instalation and Filling

    The Smok Alike comes with RPM coils which you simply plug and play and involves the following process:

    Release the pod from the battery position

    Securely push the coil head up and in the pod

    Using the magnetic contacts, snap the pod into the battery area

    It feels easy to administer the e-liquid into the device because of the relatively bigger filling port. The filling process include the following:

    Pull out the pod from the battery position

    Lift the silicone stopper out of the pod

    Insert the bottle nozzle carefully and start administering your favorite e-liquid in the pod. Make sure that you do not overfill it

    Replace the silicone stopper in the pod’s body

    Snap back the pod in a battery position

    After a refill, we advise you to allow the e-liquid settle so that it soaks well in the cotton of the newly replaced coil.

    The Battery

    It consists of five star screws found around its body and few of them underneath. The inside housing comprises of the obligatory positive and negative spring-loaded battery contacts. It also features bridging magnets for the pod.

    The device has enough battery venting situated underside. This however requires enough fingernail length to release the rubber USB port rubber tab.

    The Screen Display

    The Smok Alike boasts of 0.96” TFT color screen display. The strong backlight makes it easy for the eyes to read the menu especially in direct sunlight.

    The backlight usually turns off after about 15 seconds on inactivity, ideal in preserving the 1600mAh built in battery.

    It has a responsive fire button at the top. The main menu function is easy to use.

    How to Operate the Smok Alike

    To power the Smok Alike device on or off, press the fire button 5 times

    To unlock or lock the device, press the fire button 3 times while in the standby mode

    To reduce wattage in a 1W increment, press the left rocker button

    To increase the wattage in 1 W, use the right rocker button

    To lock or unlock wattage settings, hold both the left and right rocker buttons

    To cycle through the six color schemes, hold the right and fire rocker buttons

    To reset the puff counter, press both the left and fire rocker buttons

    When you hold the right or left rocker buttons, you can quickly scroll through wattage. Once it reaches the 40 maximum wattage, it stops. You can again press the right rocker button to reset the value back to 1W.

    Pros of Smok Alive

    Has an impressive battery life

    Highly portable and ergonomic

    Has a large fill port that suits different bottle nozzles

    Provides a good flavor and vapor from 0.4 Ohm Mesh Coil

    IPX7 rating of water resistance for 30 minutes

    Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit Luxury Edition 1500mAh

    The Aegis boost luxury edition comes as a special release and amongst the biggest sells on King of vape. It retains the attributes of the original Aegis Boost, lightest but toughest pod mod in the vaping industry. It has newly designed colors with extra coils to satisfy both the MTL and DTL vaping experience.

    It is powered by 1500mAh built-in battery and utilizes the most recent AS chipset for 40W output. It produces 0.08s instant firing speed with several safety protections to experience a whole day vaping.

    The Aegis Boost Luxury edition has a high quality Zinc Alloy, silicone and leather construction. It has a very sturdy chassis and a 0.42 inch OLED screen display. And IP67 rated water resistance. It is shockproof and dustproof. The Aegis Boost Luxury edition can hold up to 3.7ml of favorite e-juice or nic salts.

    Pros of the Aegis Boost Luxury Edition

    Has a wonderful OLED screen display

    Lightweight but a very tough Pod Mod System

    Has a powerful 1500mAh built internal battery

    Features IP67 water resistance, dustproof and shockproof

    Has 0.08s instant firing speed

    Has a very superior zinc alloy construction

    Frequently Asked Questions about King of Vape

    What hours does king of vape open?

    Located in the Southwest of Florida, king vape store hours are on Monday through Saturday between 9am and 9:30pm. On Sunday, the store opens as from 9am to 8pm.

    Does King of vape has an address and contact number you can easily reach them?


    You can address your queries to the king of vape, 2231 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948. The telephone number is (941) 456-7447. You can reach the customer care represantive at any time through the available contacts. You can also reach them on tom@thekingofvape.com email address.

    What if I forgot a login password to my king of vape account?

    If you have the king of vape account and don’t remember the password, is simple to recover the account. Simply click on forgot password link which leads you an email address box. Here, you need to input an email address associated to the account you created.

    Then click submit and you will receive a password reset link send to you. You can now use the link to reset your new password and access the account once more.

    What is the return policy of products sold by king of vape?

    King of vape return policy includes faulty or incorrect deliveries. In this case, you liaise with the customer care representative who can organize for a refund or exchange. However, you need an original receipt or code of the item purchased. The product should be in an unused condition and delivered within 30 days of purchase.


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    King of vape stores have vaping products that can easily satisfy all your vaping needs. We have a list of several of products you can try and have a wonderful day of vaping.


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