Kang Vape One Stick Disposable Vape Review & Wholesale

    Kang Vape One Stick Disposable Vape Review & Wholesale

    Who is Kang Vape is a vaping company located in the United States. It ships most of its products in the USA and most European countries. Here are some of its popular products:

    Kangvape Onee Stick 1900 puffs Disposable Vape Review & Wholesale

    The 1900 puffs varirty is one of the most popular in the market thanks to its wide array of flavor options. You can choose from over 16 flavors coming with 5% Salt Nicotine. Besides, it is a perfect combination of flavors rather than one flavor per disposable vape device. The devices are engineered to last for up to 1900 and come with a robust battery. Here are some of the variants you can buy in this category.

    kangvape Onee Stick Devine(Energy Drink)

    The flavor is similar to that of some of the most popular engery drinks such as Monster Energy. As such, you can expect a thrilling feeling once it hits your throat. Besides, the flavor is smooth making it ideal for most starter vapers. This vape device is draw-activated meaning you just need to inhale to enjoy your flavor.

    It also comes in a stylish design featuring a bright and glossy blue with hints of black spots. You’ll also love its portability and compact design. And thanks to the ergonomic design, you can easily vape without hand strain. There are no buttons or charging ports, as such, once you are done with 1900 puffs, you need to dispose it.

    kangvape Onee Stick Melon time (Melon Ice)

    Love the melon taste? Well, why not enjoy it in a vaping device. This flavor has a perfect combination of watermelon and menthol taste. You therefore get a refreshing yet sweet flavor populating your taste buds. The icy experience significantly elicits a summer breeze.

    It is draw-activated mitigating the need for switches and buttons. In it, you get 50MG Salt Nicotine, which can last, for up to 1900 puffs. The design is elegant featuring a subtle green and black hints design. The angular mouthpiece makes vaping seamless. And the portable and minimalistic design means you can carry it around with ease. 


    If you want a blend of different fruit tastes, this is the perfect option for you. With it, you enjoy the taste of sweet apples, pineapples, and zesty oranges. And none outdoes the other. Rather, you get a smashing blend of all fruit flavors.

    As expected, it comes in a draw-activated design for easier vaping. With a nicotine level of 5%, it is an ideal vaping device for starters. Similar to the flavor blend, it comes in a blend of many colors such as black, red, green, and others. This means you get a colorful device you can showoff while vaping.

    Kangvape Slick Plus 1200 Puffsl

    If you want fewer puffs, then you can opt for this category. Unlike the 1900 puffs category, these devices have a 700mAh battery meaning you can charge them whenever you want. And for its price, you get value for your money. Capacity is capped at 4.0ml ideal for moderate and light vaping. Like the 1900 puffs category, you get 5% nicotine and 11 flavors. Let’s look at some of the products in this line.

    This disposable device comes in a portable design allowing you conceal it in your hand. As such, you can easily use it on the go. It comes with a 550mAh battery. Unfortunately, you cannot recharge it. However, it can last for up to 850 puffs. With the draw-activated system, all you need is to inhale for it to work. No buttons or switches to adjust.

    Thanks to the 5% Salt Nicotine, you get a fulfilling and rich flavor with each puff. You can choose between flavors such as cool mint, mixed berries, lychee ice, strawberry watermelon, and watermelon. There are different colors to choose from with each corresponding to the flavor in the device.

    Kangvape Onee Plus 2200 Puffs

    If you are a moderate to heavy vaper, this is the perfect bet for you. with 2200 puffs, you can be sure to vape your way through the day. It comes in a pre-filled design coming with different 5% Salt Nicotine flavors. Its integrated 1100mAh battery serves you for a long period. Let’s look at some of the flavor options.

    Onee Plus Watermelon Peach Pear

    This is a smashing blend of watermelon and peach that leaves a natural flavor in your mouth. And thanks to pear flavor, it arouses your sweet tooth. While it comes with a battery, you cannot recharge it since it lacks a charging port. That said, the battery is long lasting so you don’t have to worry not exhausting the 2200 puffs.

    As you’d expect, it comes in a compact and portable design for easier vaping. The pink and maroon blend ensures you are using a stylish device. Its packaging is also industry-standard coming in a recyclable carton.

    Kangvape Onee Plus Apple Blue Razz

    With an icy apple flavor, you’ll love the refreshing experience this device offers you. thanks to the draw-activated mechanism, all you need is to inhale the vapor. The apple taste will arouse your taste buds and keep your sweet tooth yearning for more.

    While disposable, it come with a robust 1300mAh battery, lasting for a long period. As such, you are sure it will last past the 2200 puffs. What’s more, it has a portable and minimalistic design so you can carry it with ease. With an angular mouthpiece, inhaling is seamless. Get one today.

    KANG VAPES Onee Plus Watermelon Peach Mango

    Like the watermelon peach flavor, you get a sweet and rich watermelon taste for everyday vaping. And thanks to the additional peach and mango blend, you’ll fall in heels over the smashing sweetness. The best part, it is a balanced blend each having a hint on your taste buds and throat. Talking of the throat, it offers a smooth punch.

    Like others in this category, it comes with a powerful 1300mAh for uninterrupted vaping. In addition, it is portable, lightweight, and comes in an ergonomic design for easier vaping. The color options are complementary of the flavors in it.

    Kangvape Onee Pro 2600 Puffs

    This is Kangvape’s newest line of disposable vaping devices. It supports up to 2600 puffs per device. This makes it an ideal option for heavy vapers. Similar to other categories, it comes with a robust battery and many 5% salt nicotine flavors.

    Kang vape Onee Pro Mixed berrze

    The flavor packs a blend of several flavors so you can have a satisfying vaping experience. With an 11ml capacity, you can be sure to enjoy the 2600 puffs without much hassle. The 1200mAh battery is sure to see this come into fruition.

    Other options you can buy include:

    • Kangvape Onee Pro Red Pie
    • Kangvape Onee Pro Cool mint
    • Kangvape Onee Pro Tropical Ice

    There are 12 flavors to choose from.

    Kangvape flavors

    As we’ve seen, Kangvape has numerous flavors. Some are sweet while others are icy. Some of the most popular are watermelon, minty, topical ice, cool mint, peach, mango, and others.

    Kangvape battery and charger

    Well, Kangvape device do not come with a charger since they are disposable. That said, they come with robust batteries. For example, the 1200 puffs variety has a 700mAh battery while the 2200 puffs has 1100mAh battery.

    Kangvape colors and skins

    There are many colors to choose from. For example you can opt for a single color or a blend of colors. Whichever the case, you’ll get a trendy and elegant Kangvape device.

    Kang Vape coupon and promo code

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    Kangvape review

    As you can see Kangvape comes with numerous flavors from which, you can choose the most ideal. The best part, they come in different capacities. You can get the 1200, 1900, 2200, or 2600 puffs options. This makes Kangvape a go to site for beginners, intermediate, and advanced vapers. All their devices are integrated with long lasting batteries ensuring you exhaust the pre-determined puffs.

    Another awesome feature is the no-button design. This means you don’t have to press buttons to inhale. Not to mention the draw-activated design that ensures every puffs is a flavor hint. The overall design of the products is elegant. The color options for each flavor is striking giving you a hint of what to expect.

    And thanks to the portable and compact design their pack, you can carry them around with ease. Kangvape’s website is also easy to navigate, view products, and place an order. Once you place an order, you can pay through numerous avenues such as PayPal, Stripe, Visa, and others.


    How do you refill Kangvape vaping device?

    Well, you cannot refill a Kangvape vaping device since it comes in a disposable design. Once you exhaust the pre-determined puffs, you can only dispose it.

    How can I identify a fake from a real Kangvape device?

    Once you buy the device, visit Kangvape website and click on the “verify” tab. Enter the serial number of the product. If the serial number is invalid, it’s a fake vaping device. Otherwise, it is genuine and you can use it.

    Where can I buy Kangvape devices?

    You can buy them from the official website or other reputable sites and stores around the USA and Europe.

    Kang vape not hitting?

    Well, could be the battery is dead or you have exhausted the pre-determined puffs

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