KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen. All You Must Know About KandyPens PRISM+

    KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen. All You Must Know About KandyPens PRISM+

    What is the KandyPens PRISM+ vape pen?

    The Kandy pens PRISM+ vape pen is a new introduction supposed to improve the initial PRISM vape pen. This pen is assured to give vape users a different experience because it presents some cutting-edge features that you would love to see.

    The KandyPens catalog is full of amazing pens that are attractive to users and give the best you can ever want.

    Features of the KandyPens PRISM+

    • The quality vapor production from the coil-less ceramic atomizers
    • You get an additional double-coil atomizer which makes it easy to switch up your setup
    • Has a 900mAh battery that promises to hold more power, thus keeping you vaping for longer hours
    • The device is well designed, assuring you of great portability and discreetness
    • You get four temperature control settings that let you customize your power usage of the device
    • It is fitted with a USB charging for better charging                    

    Design and build quality of the KandyPens PRISM+

    The PRISM+ comes with the standard KandyPens battery, which is barely taller than the previous PRISM model. And has a width of 20mm. The pen feels heavier but not difficult to carry around. 

    The device is solid, and the capacity is solid and more significant than the PRISM version. The vape pen comes with a 900mAh battery but a bit sturdy. You only get the USB charging port and not the iPhone charging technique. 

    The batter is not as strong as you would expect because it does not hold more power than PRISM. You get four-volt settings that are indicated by colors. The lowest is yellow at 2.3v, Green at 3.0v, Red at 3.6v and blue is the highest at 4.2v. The lowest temperature gives you light low-temperature dabs, but the higher settings give you much stronger hits.

    The stainless steel body of the PRISM+ is as appealing as you would expect from the PRISM. The recessing button makes it easy to activate the PRISM vape pen.

    You also get a new addition of four mini lights located at the side of the vape pen, and these will help show your battery capacity anytime you activate it. The light keeps flashing in a continuous pattern when using the device.

    The other feature that sets this pen different from the PRISM is that it does not have a KandyPens marketing logo apart from the small logo on the front of the box. The design only has the word PRISM and the signatures geometrical PRISM shape looking like the KandyPens skinny vape pen. 

    PRISM+ atomizers 

    When it comes to atomizers, the KandyPens PRISM are mixed. This pen also has two standard atomizers. A quartz double-coil and a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer.

    Ceramic cup

    This coil-less ceramic atomizer utilizes the larger width of the KandyPens PRISM+ by installing a more comprehensive 10 mm ceramic cup. The 8mm ceramic plate is also included in this package. The new size large ceramic cup allows users to load up more substances into the atomizer. Another thing to note is that the enormous size also ensures that more heat is produced.

    Quartz double coil

    The KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double-coil atomizer has a ceramic cup surrounding the quartz rods. This is not a high-grade quartz atomizer. The coil used is the best quality that was used on the quality alloy from the PRISM. It has no welding marks on it, so you might never know if it is a solder or not.

    The quartz double-coil atomizer does not fully utilize the width of the vape pen. It uses the same 8mm cup, and you will get a similar space just like the smaller PRISM atomizer.

    The titanium alloy on these devices is a significant improvement compared to the other alloy coils used, especially in the previous models that left a threaded taste in your mouth. 

    The KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers airflow vents are two times the size of the regular PRISM pen with a 2mm width. They also have a more straightforward drag when inhaling.


    The KandyPens prims+ mouthpiece does not perform better compared to the initial PRISM. It does not have any protective metal grate to stop wax inhalation anytime you take a draw. 

    Using the PRISM+

    Just like the PRISM pen, the KandyPens is very simple to use. It has one less thread rotation, and the attachment is easier to remove and fill up with the product.

    You do not get the carb hole in the KandyPens elite, but you can hardly notice it because of the excellent airflow of the device. The air holes on the KandyPens PRISM+ seem to be larger than the PRISM and make it easy to inhale from them.

    If you want to change temperatures, it is straightforward to go by the process. Like the vape pens you are already used to, all you need to do is click three times and change them five times to turn it on or off.


    The compact design of the KandyPens PRISM+ double coiled quartz atomizer makes it easy to fix in your wax on top of the coils. With the PRISM+ quartz double coil atomizer similar to the smaller model, you are guaranteed to get similar efficiency levels.

    Therefore it is not much different. The coil-less atomizer, on the other hand, has a sealed floor with the same. It makes things very efficient, just like the KandyPens regular PRISM. The flipside of it is that the ceramic plate on the PRISM+ cannot cover the entire bottom of the cup.

    This implies that there is a ring found along the heating area that does not get hot. 

    The KandyPens comes with two standard atomizers are the quartz double-coil and coil-less ceramic plate atomizer. This PRISM+ does not work with KandyPens elite, galaxy, gravity or donut atomizers because the PRISM is 510 threaded and not an eGo type battery.

    The more comprehensive battery of the pen pairs well with the mini and pearl atomizers.

    When it comes to portability, the vape pen is slightly above four inches tall. It stands out in portability and is a bit bigger compared to the original pen. But despite its increased size, you can comfortably put it in your pocket and do not even remember it is there.

    While the length and width do not have any significant change, the device is still portable. It is equally discreet because it has gotten rid of most bright lights, especially the button's indicators.

    These features were annoying and unnecessary. However, the four indicator light has been strategically placed to blink repetitively, but you can easily block them with your hand without much worry.

    In terms of taste, the KandyPens PRISM+ performs better than most of the KandyPens brand products. It is a significant improvement from the other because of the quartz double-coil and the coil-less atomizer. The new titanium alloy is good at preserving the wax flavor.

    Pros and cons of the KandyPens PRISM+


    • The atomizers are an excellent way of improving flavor and vapor production.
    • The design is very compact and good-looking.
    • The 900mAh battery holds more power and gives you more control over your device.
    • The variable voltage feature gives you the freedom to control your device voltage.


    • Compared to the initial PRISM, the device replacement parts are very costly and can easily let you down.


    When we look at the KandyPens PRISM+, it is very much similar to the initial PRISM. This pen is very wonderful, and this puts KandyPens as a unique dealer in the market.

    Even though it is expensive, it is well improved to give value for money. The 900mAh battery holds so much power in terms of battery, and this is a great feature that you would love to have in your vape pen. 

    Comparing the portability and discreetness of the PRISM+ to the PRISM pen, you can realize that it is very stealthy despite being more expansive than the PRISM.

    It is good to note that KandyPens has fixed all the issues faced earlier by users making the PRISM plus a suitable device.


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