IQOS Marlboro Review and Instruction. The Build, Design and How to Use IQOS Marlboro Vaporizer

    IQOS Marlboro Review and Instruction. The Build, Design and How to Use IQOS Marlboro Vaporizer

    The IQOS is a cigarette device built by Philip Morris International. The PMI Company has been in the tobacco industry for a very long time, and is the company being the popular Marlboro cigarettes. The company introduced the IQOS as a way to lead people into a smoke free feature.

    While combustible cigarettes depend on smoke to release the flavor, and IQOS only heats the tobacco heets to pass a smooth flavor without producing any amount of smoke. 

    The IQOS Marlboro is an IQOS product sold in a wide range of flavors. They have a temperature restricting technology that does not let the material burn when you smoke. Instead of inhaling smoke, you get a whiff of vapor that does not contain any tar or carbon elements.

    The Marlboro therefore can be said to be a hybrid between vaping and smoking. You can still get the smoking effects even without having to smoke on a burning cigarettes. 

    Build and design

    The IQOS Marlboro is built to look like a small cigarette, and it comes with a carriage where you can put in your pocket. The carriage also adds as a charging device for when you are not using the IQOS holder. When you buy the whole IQOS kit, it comes with three components, the holder which is the main device that holds the heat sticks, the pocket charger which is the carrying kit that also charges the device, and lastly the heatsticks which are used to give the tobacco flavor.

    The IQOS Marlboro are small sized, at 3.4 inches, which is the standard size of a cigarette and they feel very lightweight and pocketable. This means that you can take it with you anywhere you want to go. If your device runs out of power, you can insert it in the pocket charger to keep it fired up so you do not run out of power.

    The pocket charger can also be recharged and they usually come in different designs which you can choose from. Some of them look like marker pens and you can carry them around in your shirt pocket. 

    They have a USB port on the side where you can charge you pocket charger from. This ensures that you are always set to be inhaling at any time. The device itself has a heating blade, which is responsible for heating up your heatsticks. 

    How to use the IQOS Marlboro

    The IQOS performance is not different from that of a small cigarette. They use cigarette like units called heets which have a small amount of tobacco at the tip. To get started, you need to insert the heet into the blade which burns up the tobacco when you turn on the device. It will release tobacco vapor which you have to inhale like you would a traditional cigarette. 


    The heets are built with a filter that works in a similar manner as the cigarette filters. You will only note the difference in the sense that the vapor does not have a coloring effect. It will neither turn yellow nor brown in color when you keep using it. Every stick have their own time of operation, which in most cases is similar to the amount of smoke produced by a cigarette.

    In simple terms, one puff should give you consistent 14 puffs within six minutes. As you are almost done puffing on your heet, you will feel a slight vibration which means you need to remove the heet and take it out of the holder device. 

    Vapor production

    If you are after plummets of smoke, then this is not the right device for you. The device is purposefully built to avoid any kind of smoke production or any form of burning. It is solely built to heat the elements and give a smooth flavor without any additional substances or chemicals. Therefore, this device will mostly be good for people who want to enjoy some good tobacco flavors without passing smoke down their throats.

    It has been proven to be very effective for people who are beginners in vaping and want something to help in the transitioning from smoking. Since it is a hybrid of vaping and smoking, without the vapor effect, you can enjoy some rich flavor tobacco when using this device.

    There are many flavor options that you can choose for your Marlboro IQOS, and they have color codes to represent their flavors. You can change the flavors if you feel like the one you have is not working for you.

    How to clean the IQOS Marlboro

    The IQOS Marlboro is usually sold with a cleaning tool and cleaning sticks for maintenance. You need to clean your device frequently after you are done smoking a whole packet of heets. The cleaning process is quite simple. You have to slide your tool into the holder part with the blade, and twist it slowly to take out any debris.

    The other part of the holder can be taken through the same process and if you need to do thorough cleaning, you need to use the sticks. You can also use an ISO-alcohol based solution which will take out any flavor smells still left in the units.


    If you wanted to try the IQOS because it is a transition from cigarettes that is not what you will exactly get from this device. When using the device, it will feel like you are inhaling tobacco, but the smoke will not be present. It mostly feels like the flavor profiles that are always packed in an e-liquid.

    The smell from the device is not exactly that of a burning cigarette, it feels more like a freshly opened pack of cigarettes. A hint of tobacco smell that hits your nose then disappears. Once you have felt the taste of the flavors, you will find it enjoyable to use this device. 

    The effects of smoking an IQOS are closely similar to those of a cigarette. You will feel a slight nicotine high and you can get a little lightheaded if you smoke more than enough. It has the same throat hit like a normal cigarette and at times even a beginner may feel a little cough when they first puff. It is a good one if you want to start your day on a high note. But the effects is mostly inclined to the kick one gets from taking coffee. 

    Another improvement that makes the IQOS Marlboro favorable is the fact that it leaves no smells on your hands or mouth once you are done using it. Once you get used to this device, you can easily quit smoking combustible cigarette and find something new to cling on once the craving for cigarettes kicks in. 

    Pros and cons


    • Small size and lightweight
    • Pocket charger for holding your device 
    • Variety of flavor options for diversification purposes
    • Sleek and smooth design which looks like a cigarette


    • There is no transparency
    • Inconsistent vapor and smoke production
    • Excessively packaged products
    • Devices deteriorate over time 



    The uppen plus adopts the flavor master Etchip coil, which maintains the extreme vape flavor. With the perfect profile and fresh taste, the Uppen plus is guaranteed to satisfy you from the first puff, and this unit is equally versatile.

    The cap effectively protects your e-liquids to avoid oxidation when exposed to air. Your liquids, therefore, stay fresh for a very long time, even when you go days without vaping.                               


    The IQOS Marlboro is a life changing device that should definitely be in the mid of people who are trying to quit smoking of cigarettes. Sometimes it is very tough for people to quit smoking cigarettes but at least we now have devices that would come in handy for people who are struggling.

    You can control the amount of heets you want to smoke and you can also carry your device around to smoke anytime you feel like. Before you get used to its performance, you will have to take a few days of perseverance and maybe you will get to finally quit taking combustible cigarettes.


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