Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit Review and Instructions

    Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit Review and Instructions

    Have you come across the Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit from Innokin before? Would you love to know more about the product and if the product is worth buying? Are you new to vaping or looking to switch from smoking to vaping and you are looking for the best product for you? Hang in there! We know how important it is to use only trustworthy and high-quality products when it comes to vaping as it contributes a lot to how well you enjoy your vaping experience, and that is why, in this article, we shall be bringing to you the review of one of the very popular vape products out there- The Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit.

    1.      What is Innokin?

    Popularly known as Innokin Technology, Innokin deals in a wide range of vape products that include accessories, equipment, tanks, pods, systems, liquids, and so on. The company was established in China in 2011 and they are so far one of the best selling vape companies out there. One of their very awesome products is the Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit, and here is a detailed review and instruction of the product.

    2.      Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit Review

    2.1 Design and Quality

    This product is one of the most innovative vape mods out there as it is loaded with high technological features. This product comes with a thermometer, an altimeter, a barometer, and lots more. It comes with a very strong battery that powers the mod efficiently. The 5200mAh battery that comes with this product does not only serve as a battery but also as a power bank that you can connect to any of your electronic devices. This product presents three different power modes with the TCR mode and the temperature control. You get the chance to customize the power with the wattage presets, and there is a bright LED torch that comes with six modes- This product is just too loaded!

    The vapour and flavour production of the device is high quality and satisfying and it appears rectangular, in a well-polished metal material. You can carry it around easily and it is available in 5 various colours: black, grey, white, sand, and forest. The contents of the kit include an MVP5 mod, an Ajax tank, an extra bubble glass, two ajax mesh coils- with one of them already installed, a USB-C cable, a user manual, a spare parts bag, a safety card,

    2.2 Features

    It comes in the dimensions- 141mm x 53mm x 27mm

    It weighs 306g

    Its battery capacity is 5200mAh- which is exceptionally strong

    It has a 6-120W power output

    It comes with a LED torch

    It comes with a USB charging feature

    It serves as a thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass

    It can contain 2ml e-juice at a time

    Its battery doubles as a power to the device and also as a power bank for your other electronic devices

    It comes with temperature control

    It is top slide refill

    It has 6 different flashlight modes

    2.3 Performance

    The product performs excellently well with its highly powerful battery fuelling it for a very long time. It fires almost immediately you click and there is hardly any misfires in the use of the product. You get the chance to easily customize your vaping with the wattage control and temperature controls, and if you are an outdoor person, you are likely to enjoy this device so well because of its sensory features that include the barometer, thermometer, and others. The vapour and flavour production of this device is awesome as well and it will leave asking for more. The device is top slide refill- making refilling quite easy, and it can take up to 2ml e-juice at a single time. Like we noted earlier, it comes with an additional feature of a LED torch which performs excellently with 6 different presets, its battery can also be used as a power bank for charging other electronic devices. It has great resistance and its coils are very easy to fix the device is quite easy to use as a whole. The screen that comes with it displays very clearly, affording you the chance to easily switch between options.

    2.4 Innokin Ajax Tank

    The Innokin Ajax tank that comes with the kit is direct to lung device that has an excellent performance too. it comes with a 510 connection drip tip and it can contain 2ml e-liquid.

    2.5 Features of Innokin Ajax Tank

    It is 510 threaded

    It has the capacity of 2ml e-juice

    Its base diameter is 24mm

    It comes with a slide top filling design

    It is a glass tank

    It is designed for direct to lung (DTL) use

    It comes with two coils, with one of them pre-installed

    It is 510 drip tip compatible

    2.6 Pros of Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit

    It comes with a highly powerful battery

    It is easily refillable

    It comes with a LED torch that has 6 different modes

    Its battery doubles as a power source for the device and also as a power bank for other electronic devices

    It has an excellent and strong build quality

    It comes with a user-friendly menu display

    It is loaded with lots of exciting and innovative technological features

    Its top slide filling feature prevents leakage

    It has a good flavour and vapour production

    2.7 Cons of Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit

    It produces a turbulent and noisy flow

    2.8 Instructions on How to Change the Innokin Ajax Coil

    Changing the Innokin Ajax coil is quite simple, all you have to do is first remove the tank from the mod by unscrewing it, then unscrew the resin base too. After that, you should remove the coil from the tank by pulling it, then push the new coil into the tank, finish up the process by reassembling the base back to the tank

    3.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit

    3.1 How do I Refill the Innokin Ajax Tank?

    To refill the innokin ajax tank, start by looking for the arrow at the top of the cap, then slide the top to the side so your fill hole is revealed, pour in your e-juice, finally close the tank and wait to about five minutes to allow it to fully saturate.

    3.2 How Do I Use the Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit?

    Using the product is very easy and asides from this, there is a manual guide in the kit that points you o how to use the product. To use the kit, all you have to do is to click the fire button three times to either turn on or turn off the mod, then click the central button three times to get access to the menu system, after you have done this, the screen display some options that include the Display, CMod, Puffs, Cut Off, Sensors, and System, you can choose any of this options of your choice. You can increase the wattage between ranges that include 6W to 120W in 0.5W increments. The mod automatically detects the coil and it sets the optimal wattage itself with the Z-coil or Ajax tank

    3.3 Does Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit come with Temperature Control Feature?

    Yes! This product comes with a temperature control feature amongst so many other customizable features. You get the chance to choose any of the temperature modes that include SS316L, Titanium, Ni200, TCR, and the C/F that allows you to change to your preferred choice.

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    5.      Conclusion

    The Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit is a great one from Innokin, we must say. It is loaded with so many features that you are not likely to find in lots of other vape products out there. We found the strength of the battery that came with it, highly exceptional as it even goes as far as serving as apower bank for other electronic products. How about its other sensory features? Quite amazing! The fact that this mod serves as a barometer, a thermometer, an altimeter, all at the same time as a vape mod is something we find exciting. It performs effectively and it has great vapour and flavour production. If you are looking to check out this product and some other products that would leave you equally amazed, visit our store today at UPENDS.COM. We sell only trusted and original products and all our products speak high quality!


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