Idaho Vape Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me [E-Liquids, Disposables, Starter Kits, Devices, Vape Hardware, and More]

    Idaho Vape Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me [E-Liquids, Disposables, Starter Kits, Devices, Vape Hardware, and More]

    1. What is Idaho Vape?

    We always consider our taste when selecting the products and stores from which we will purchase goods. We also look for stores that are reputable and dependable. In our vaping needs, whether we are just getting started or continuing our journey, we look for stores that offer not only a diverse range of products but also those that we can rely on to be hands-on and empathic. We feel safer and more understood this way. This article looks at a well-known vape shop in Idaho, California.

    Idaho Vape, which launched in 2013 in Idaho Falls, is a one-stop-shop for all of one's vapor needs. With their product lineup, they aim to provide the top standards E-cigarettes in the area and outstanding customer service. They have everything from entry-level E-Cigs to enthusiast models with advanced mechanical modifications when it comes to vapor needs. Tanks ranging from Top Coils to Cartomizers to BCCs are also available. Idaho Vape is constantly expanding its catalog to include more high-end mods and tanks.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ idahovape

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IdahoVape/

    Instagram: NONE

    Address: 939 S 25th E, Ammon, ID 83406, USA

    Contact Number: +1 208-529-8273

    Customer Service:


    Monday to Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

    Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    2. Main Products

    Over the past years, with their established reputation as a Vape Goods supplier, Idaho Vape undoubtedly provides over-the-top quality products from most of the reputable brands in the market. More than their physical store in Ammon and Idaho Falls, their Facebook page is also updated with a new inventory of caliber products such as Starter Kits, Disposables, Pod System, E-Liquid, Tanks, among others.

    3. Starter Kits

    Customers can find products from the most trusted brands in the vaping industry, such as Geek Vape, Voopoo, and OXVA by typing in ‘Kits or Starter Kits’ into the designated search bar on their Facebook page. Idaho Vape recognizes that starter kits are all-inclusive packages that include everything you need to assemble, use, clean, monitor, and configure your device.

    Geek Vape S100 Aegis Solo 2Starter Kit. The Geek Vape S100 Aegis Solo 2 has a mono 18650 battery, a 5-100W performance level, and the Zeus Tank 2021. The innovative Geek Vape Aegis Solo 2 100W Starter Kit enhances through the Geek Vape Z Coil Succession to bring exceptional taste and vapor while clutching to 5.5mL of your favorite e-Juice inside that tank. The airframe is IP67 rated and made of durable zinc-alloy. The Geek Vape S100 Kit can carry up to 100W of energy and is the right combination for the Zeus 2021 Tank, owing to a single high-amp 18650 mounted in the core behind threaded rechargeable batteries cap.

    Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit. The Drag S Pro has a 0.96-inch TFT screen with clear graphics while smoking. Despite the relatively small size, the Drag S Pro packs a punch with power spanning from 5-80W and a hurling time of 0.001 seconds. The Drag S Pro can increase the PV and battery to 8.5V, which handles the performance and provides a more solid flavor even though the battery is reaching the end of its charge bar.

    OXVA - Vatiiv Super Mod Kit. The OXVA Vativ Super Mod, powered by a unique large amp 18650 battery, could deliver up to 100W of potent vaping in four different configurations. The airframe is made of a strong aluminum alloy and is resistant to minor plunges and falls. Furthermore, owing to the new and upgraded UniPlus Coil Series, the VATIV has a variety of versatile atomizer alternatives, receiving a slide in the pod or 510 threaded tanks to deliver delectable plumes of vapor from your best-loved e-Juice.

    When you search for 'disposable' on Idaho Vape's Facebook page, a plethora of products will appear. These are all meticulously chosen to be included in their product lineup because they come with guaranteed qualities manufactured by the most trusted brands such as VaporTech, Hyde, and VaporLAX. Idaho Vape understands how disposable vape can be an excellent way for a new vaper to get started or someone already vaping to switch without making a significant financial investment.

    VaporTech 3000 Puff Cube Disposable. Vapor Tech Cube Disposable Pod is draw amplified. It comes pre-filled with 11ml of 50mg nicotine salt e-liquid, a highly concentrated salt-based nicotine that absorbs faster into the bloodstream than free-base nicotine. Due to the apparent more rapid absorption capacity, the customers feel more rapidly, similar to smoking. Vapor Tech Cube Disposable Pods are exceptionally smooth and flavorful, with supremely satisfying throat strikes.

    Hyde Edge Recharge 3300 Puffs. The Hyde Edge Recharge provides a similar feature but now allows users to recharge it, increasing the e-liquid throughput and puff count! This new version now has customizable airflow through a slider switch on the device's base.

    VAPORLAX Disposable Pod Device. The VaporLAX Max Disposable Vape device includes a brilliant 6.5ml pre-filled pod with such different e-juices from which to choose, with a customizable airflow reset. It is a perfect option for anyone just starting in vaping or as an on-the-go backup disposable vape; it delivers an average of 1500 puffs per bar. An embedded 1000mAh battery operates it. The VaporLAX Max disposable vaporizer provides a sleek, comforting vape overflowing with flavor.

    4. Pod System

    Typing 'pod' into the designated search bar of Idaho Vape's Official Facebook Page will surprise you with the massive and diverse roster of available quality Pod Kits from various reputable vape brands. UWELL, Geek, and Voopoo are examples of such companies. Customers can be confident that the products Idaho Vape offers are of the highest quality and reasonably priced.

    Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit. The Uwell Caliburn G2 employs Pro-FOCS flavor adjusting technology, producing clean natural flavors that last until the last drop of e-liquid is consumed. It has a wheel adjustment system to improve airflow. The Caliburn G2 is paralleled with the 1.0 and 0.8 coils of the Caliburn G due to the pre-installed meshed-H 1.2 coils. There are two (1.2 and 0.8) in one kit with distinct MTL and limited DTL vape experiences to choose from.

    Geekvape Aegis Hero Pod Mod Kit 1200mAh. Geekvape Aegis Hero is a thread resistor pod operated by a 1200mAh power supply with a 45W max performance. Users can customize the device's power to adhere to their ideal vaping desire. A compact box mod structure offers a sturdy yet pocket-friendly model with an intuitive leather edge grip that gives convenience when using it. The Aegis Hero is a formidable device with IP67 water-resistant and shock-resistant functionality.

    Argus Air Pod Kit. The Argus Air is a multi-purpose pod-style AIO that employs two kinds of pods. One uses replenishable plug-and-play coils, while the other is disposable and uses non-replaceable coils. Two very different pods have a capacity of 3.8 mL, which is quite large for a pod system, mainly when you're using nicotine salts.

    5. E-Liquid/E-Juices

    Since Idaho Vape is only accessible online via Facebook, their designated search bar is the key to discovering your ideal e-Juices. Simply typing 'juices' into their search bar on their page brings up a slew of high-quality options, including Kilo, EXCISION, and Juice Head, among others. These products are on sale in various flavors, VG/PG ratios, and nicotine strengths.

    6. Tank

    Idaho Vape, an established vape store since 2013, understands the various needs of their clients, whether they are novice or experienced vapers. The tanks they sell in their store are carefully selected to meet the needs of their customers. They take pride in offering high-quality brands such as Voopoo, Freemax, and SAKERZ, among others.

    7. Other Vaping Accessories

    Browsing through their Facebook page, a lot of other products and accessories related to vaping can all be found in what they call a one-stop shop.

    8. Idaho Vape Discount Coupon Codes

    There is a little scarcity in terms of discount codes available for Idaho Vape as of this writing. But to make up for this, Idaho Vape itself releases discount and sale deals once in a while posted on their official Facebook page. 

    9. Idaho Vape Reviews

    As an established Vape Store since 2013, Idaho Vape already knows how to work well with clients. They have accumulated a four rating on a scale, five being the highest. Customers more than satisfied with the wide array of products they sell are much more appraising the dedicated customer service reflecting the experience of Idaho Vape shop throughout the past years. In terms of the pricing, theirs is competitive enough for the quality and specifications of the products. Their top-caliber products are ensured of quality since the store owner and staff are vape users themselves.

    Starter Kits.Idaho understands the vitality of starter kits in a kicking-off vaping venture of a person. This translates to the roster of products it offers. With each product's quality and technological advancement, beginners love them and come back for more.

    Disposable.With extensive flavors to choose from, clients are in for a treat. Idaho Vape’s all-time favorite classic, sweet, fruity, and minty e-Juices are filled in each disposable vape pen offering from the most trusted vaping brands.

    Pod System. Only the trusted names and brands are included in the roster of products Idaho Vape offers. This ensures quality beyond the measure of each item. The pricing is competitive enough for each item's model and specification.

    10. Shipping

    Currently, Idaho Vape does not have any shipping services available. Be that as it may, customers could still have access to the products Idaho Vape sells by walking into their physical store. There is another option where clients could call the customer service hotline to place their order and eventually pick them up at an agreed time.

    11. Find Idaho Vape shops near me (my location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Idaho vape shops near me(my location).

    12. UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Supplier

    UPENDS is the one to be considered in one's quest to find the best vape goods supplier. UPENDS understands the needs and preferences of starting a retailing vape business or a personal vaping venture. Their experience throughout the years has been unparalleled through their empathy and competitiveness. UPENDS offers quality products at very reasonable pricing. They put their feet on the clients' shoes before they release their items. The most exceptional innovation made by UPENDS is the integration of the silver-ion onto the mouthpieces of their products, prioritizing the health of every user. Quality beyond measure is ensured through every product UPENDS offers.

    UpBar RS Disposable Vape(Newest)


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.