Hoosier E-Cig – Online E-Cig Shop - www.hoosierecig.com | Vape Hardware, Liquids, Accessories

    Hoosier E-Cig – Online E-Cig Shop - www.hoosierecig.com | Vape Hardware, Liquids, Accessories

    Gone are the days when people had to go to stores to buy a pack of cigarettes if they ran out of it. Now all you have to have is a good vaping device, and you don't have to buy a pack of cigarettes in your life to make up for your nicotine needs. With everything advancing from manual to digital, smoking has also changed to vaping, where you can use a digital device for your smoking needs. However, it is a little hard to find out reliable stores for vaping devices. So, let's tell you about Hoosier E-Cigs to cater for your needs of e-cigarettes and all the other vaping accessories.

    1.What is Hoosier E-Cig?

    Hoosier E-Cigs work with the mission of providing the best services and higher quality vaping products to its customers. The online vape shop was established in 2011 and provided vaping devices and accessories at the lowest prices possible without compromising on quality. They are committed to providing quality products and professional customer services. You just have to order online, and Hoosier E-Cig will provide the required product to your doorstep. You can contact Hoosier E-Cig on the following.




    Address: Hoosier E-Cig

    1030 N. Lincoln St. STE 1800

    Greensburg, IN 47240

    Phone/contact number: (812)560-4646 

    Customer Service:hoosierecigsystemnoreply@hoosierecig.com

    Hoosier E-Cigs Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

    2.Hoosier E-Cigs Main Products

    We at Hoosier E-Cigs know how important the experience can be to vapers, and that is why we try our best to provide you with higher quality products. Moreover, we are trying to make the Hoosier E-Cig shop to be your one-stop-shop for all kinds of vaping needs. It does not matter if you need anything in vaping hardware or e liquids. We provide you with all kinds of vaping products, so our customers' vaping experience becomes flawless and hassle-free. Let’s take a look at the products we deal with and then get into the details.

    i. Hardware

    ii. E Liquids

    iii. Accessories

    Now we are going to discuss all these n details, and we are going to tell you which products can you find on the Hoosier E-Cig store.


    Vape hardware consists of devices that are related to vaping. Hoosier E-Cig offers you different types of hardware to cater for your vaping needs. Hoosier E-Cig takes pride in providing the best customer services to its customer and providing higher quality products. The vaping hardware offered by Hoosier E-Cig is given below.

    a. Starter and Advanced Kits

    b. MODS

    c. Tanks / Clearomizers / Cartomizers

    d. Coils / PODS/ Wicks

    e. Rebuildable Atomizers and Tanks

    a. Starter and Advanced Kits

    Vaping devices with all the contents included are known as vaping hardware, and Hoosier E-Cig offers you the following types of vaping kits.

    i) Simple Starter Kits

    ii) Advanced Kits

    iii) POD System Kits

    iv) Re-Filled Disposable POD Systems


    MODs are modifiable vaping devices, and they use sub-ohm technology where you can alter the settings according to your requirements. The technology used in MODs gives the user more vapour and power, making it a better experience for the vaper. MODS offered by Hoosier E-Cig are given below.

    i). PICO Resin MODS

    ii). Mechanical MODS

    iii). Advanced Devices

    iv). Ego Style VV/VW Devices

    v). Parts and Accessories

    c. Tanks / Clearomizers / Cartomizers

    Hoosier E-Cig offers the following Tanks, Clearomizers, Cartomizers to its customers.

    i). Sub-Ohm / Direct Lung Inhale Tanks and Coils

    ii). Mouth to Lung Clearomizer Tanks

    iii). Replacement Glass for Tanks

    iv). Clearomizers

    v). Cartomizer Tanks

    vi). Cartomizers

    5.Coils / Pods / Wicks

    Pods are good for people who have an on-the-go lifestyle because these are compact devices. PODs give its user a powerful vaping experience with no trouble. Hoosier E-Cig does not compromise on quality and offers the following Coils, Pods and Wicks.

    i). Replacement PODs

    ii). Replacement Mouth to Lung Coils

    iii). Replacement Direct Lung Coils

    iv). Premade RBA Coils and Wicks

    6.Rebuildable Atomizers and Tanks

    Hoosier E-Cig offers its customers rebuildable atomizers and tanks to the customers to provide them with a good vaping experience.

    i. E Liquids

    E liquids are also known as e juices or vape juices, and these are the alternative source of nicotine in vaping. An e-liquid can make or break your good experience of vaping. It is absolutely necessary to choose a good e-liquid for an amazing vaping experience. The main ingredients in e liquids include vegetable glycerin or glycerol, propylene, nicotine and glycol. Two types of E liquids offered by Hoosier E-Cig are

    - E-Liquid (Indiana Compliant)

    - Salt Nicotine E Liquids

    - E-Liquid (Indiana Compliant)

    Hoosier E-Cig offers the following E liquids with Indiana Compliant

    a. Exiled Vapes

    b. Anvil Vapor

    c. Crumbz

    d. Ends Game

    e. Fresh Farms

    f. Hit it & Quit it

    g. Humble Juice Co.

    h. Kinetik Labs

    i. Sinful E Liquids

    j. Splash

    k. The One

    l. Bad Drip

    7.Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

    Salt Nicotine E Liquids have successfully replaced tobacco in vaping devices, and these are very popular among vapers as they provide satisfactory taste to any other nicotine salts. These are better for people who like higher nicotine concentrations, and also, the nicotine concentration can be altered according to your requirements. Most users prefer Salt Nic E Liquids to freebase nicotine salt because these taste better, and higher satisfaction is guaranteed. Hoosier E-Cig offers the following Nic Salt E-liquid to its customers.

    a. Aqua Salts

    b. Glas Basix Nic Salts

    c. Salt Factory

    d. Candy King Nicotine Salts

    e. Coastal Clouds

    f. Country Clouds Salts

    g. Humble Juice Co. (Humble Salts)

    h. Juice Head (Salt Nic, Juice Roll Upz, POD Juice, Solace Salts)

    i. Twist Salt (E-Liquid)

    j. Mr. Salt-E (Salt-Based Nic)

    k. Propaganda Premium E-Liquid (Salts Collection)

    l. I Love Salts

    m. 13 Floor Nic Salts

    n. Naked 100 Salt

    8. Accessories

    Vaping is an experience that is only completed if you have all the accessories in the best form. You are going to need chargers, tanks, atomizers and batteries for the optimal working of vaping devices. You can change the batteries and alter the experience of vaping according to your requirements. We at Hoosier E-Cig realize that how important vaping experience can be for you, and that is why we provide you with the best quality vaping accessories, so you can enjoy vaping like it is meant to be enjoyed. You can trust Hoosier E-Cig with all kinds of your vaping needs. The following accessories are offered by E-Cig.

    1.RBA RTA Building Supplies & Tools
    2.Batteries and Chargers
    3.Drip Tip and Drip Shields
    4.Trippy Tips
    5.Replacement Glass and Tank Tubes

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    Vaping experience can definitely get better if you are able to purchase your demanded vaping products at a discount. We value our customers and their wish to buy products at discounted prices, and that is why we are offering a discount coupon to our valued customers. Now you can enjoy the coupon at discounted prices.

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    10.Hoosier E-Cigs Reviews:

    Jessica: I remember when I quit smoking almost a decade ago, Hoosier E-Cigs was new in business, and I ordered their starter, and I'm hooked since then. Good to see that they have come a long way, and the higher standards of quality have also been maintained by them.
    JoshV8P: Finding all the good vaping supplies in a single store was a pain, and I was tired of ordering different products from different stores, but Hoosier E-Cigs caters to all my needs of vaping pieces of equipment, and I can't be happier about it. I would recommend Hoosier E-Cig to all the vapers around the world for all kinds of vaping needs.
    BrianAl: A business can never be successful if their customer service is not up to the mark, and Hoosier E-Cigs have proved time and again that they are the best in town. I found their accessories (batteries in particular) very suitable for y vaping devices, and the products are definitely worth your money.

    11.Hoosier E-Cigs Shipping

    Shipping is provided to our valued customers all across the country. However, adult signatures are required in certain states, and the age limit also applies. We deliver our products through FedEx and USFP.

    12.Find Hoosier E-Cigs Shops Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Hoosier E-Cigs shops near(my location).

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