Himalaya Vape Pen. A Comprehensive Review of the Himalaya Vape Pen

    Himalaya Vape Pen. A Comprehensive Review of the Himalaya Vape Pen

    What is the Himalaya vape pen?

    The Himalaya vape is one of the best natural vapes ever produced.  It has zero artificial flavours, thinners, solvents and carriers. The device delivers authentic flavours and delivers consistent effects and flavours from one batch to the next.  Its cartridges are easily refillable.

    A Himalaya Original cartridge has a holding capacity of 0.5 grams and 1gram with a potency of between 85 – 92% TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids). 

    One of the most exciting features about this pen is its flashy looks. It is made up of the cartridge itself is made up of a ceramic core, glass tank which is compatible with 510-threaded batteries.

    However, it is recommended that voltage be 3.0V – 3.2V for better taste and protect its terpenes. It's also advisable to use an Original Himalaya charger while avoiding 3rd party chargers for a longer life cycle of your device.                

    Himalaya Vape pen features

    From a first impression, the Himalaya's live resin cartridge is metallic and very shinny. It makes it very attractive, and it comes in various colours which you can choose from ranging from Black, Vanilla Frost, gold, Purple etc.

    When charging, there are various colour codes to indicate the charge level, starting with the red lights, which shows that it's still charging, the green light, which means your pen is ready.

    One of the best things is that the USB also indicates the level of charge, where red means it's still charging, and once complete, the lights will turn green. With the Himalaya, you shouldn't worry about running out of battery charge!

    The Himalaya also gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of products, e.g. the live resin sauce, which contains natural unrefined live resin, giving it an authentic, fresh flavour; there is also a therapeutic CBD cartridge formulated for consistency and price affordability.   

    The Himalaya vape pen design quality

    The Himalaya vape pen has a sleek design and a beautiful touch. It’s also basically easy to use. It has a 0.5-gram tank which is made of glass. It makes it smooth and soft. This glass is also thick, which makes you feel good while holding it. Its mouthpiece is well ventilated and never clogs. 

    The logo is well placed in the middle giving it an attractive overall look.

    The Himalaya vape pen battery quality

    This device is powered by a reliable and straightforward battery that is rechargeable, doesn't burn your oil and has an excellent design. Its batteries have a voltage of between 3.0 – 3.2V. 

    Range of Himalaya vapours products

    Original Himalaya cartridges are grouped into three categories the Sativa, Hybrid and Indica. Each has a range of products which you can choose from them. 

     The Sativa, for example, has:

    1. Tangie is flavoured in citrus, orange and is a crossbreed between California orange x Skunk-2.  
    2. Candie Apple is flavoured with a hint of citrus-gives you a fruity and citrus taste. Jack Herer – which is flavoured with Pine, Citrus, Wood, Skunk. It makes you have to get high and energized.

    The Hybrid has various products, which include,

    1. Blue Banana has a sweet berry and fruity flavoured; this makes it a perfect hybrid that gives you indica satisfaction.
    2. Lemon Sherbet – Flavoured with Floral, Herbal and Grassy.  It makes it have an excellent creamy and citrus taste.
    3. Wedding Cake – flavoured with Earthly, sweet, Peppery 

    The last in the category list is the Indica which products include

    1. Blueberry cookies-Flavoured with Floral, sweet, pine, Blueberry this gives it a floral and pine finish, Vanilla Frosting- Creamy and orange flavoured, giving it a creamy and orange finish making it taste like an orange creamsicle,
    2. Fog Berry –berry, earthly and floral flavoured. It's undoubtedly the king as it gives you the perfect nighttime strain making you feel like you are drifting in the clouds!!!, 
    3. Blueberry Muffins,
    4. Kimbo Kush and Sherbet – which is citrus sweet-delivers in flavours, and its effects are potent, leaving you feeling uplifted.           

    How to use the Himalaya Vape Pen

    This vape pen is easy to use as all you have to insert the cartridge with THC flavour and then place the mouthpiece and draw, automatically activating the pen.How you use and store your vape pen cartridge determines how long it will last.

    There are various recommendations for storing your cartridge, including storing it in a cool, dry place and an upright position. You should also avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as this affects its oil content.


    Choosing the right equipment has also proven to help avoid wasting oil as some cartridges and pens fit but are incompatible. Another safety check you should do is checking for leaks and keeping it clean always. 

    Cleaning it is simple; you use cotton swabs with alcohol as this will remove any residues and even kill bacteria on the pen and mouthpiece. It's also good to recap the cartridge to maintain freshness.

    Pros and Cons associated with the Himalaya Vape Pen


    1. It’s super smooth
    2. It has a high solid
    3. Full Spectrum
    4. Nice cloud Density


    1. Taste burnt towards the end while vaping
    2. Very bitter after taste

    FAQs about the Himalaya Vape Pen

    Difference between Himalaya Original and Himalaya Live Sauce

    Himalaya original is extracted from slow-cured cannabis, then its vapour refined for purity. While the Himalaya live Sauce contains live resins, which are usually extracted from frozen cannabis, the live sauce is less potent. 

    What is the difference between Himalaya’s cartridge and cartridges with natural terpenes?

    Himalayas original cartridge contains 6-8% of the original cannabis, while Natural terpenes are flavoured with terpenes derived from other plants, e.g. lemon, pine trees etc. 

    Why do cartridges clog whenever one flies or is at a high altitude?

    High altitudes have lower air pressure, resulting in pressure imbalance between pressure outside the cartridge and pressure inside the cartridge. A life hack to this is to keep the cartridge entirely capped.

    Where to buy 

    You can purchase these Vape pods from verified retailers and distributors like Weedmaps and Jane, where you can order delivery or pickup.) Its latest vape pen oils are priced at $40 for 0.5 grams and around $65 for 1 gram which is good value for your money considering the quality of its potent. Batteries are usually cheap and mostly go for around $15, e.g. on (

    Alternative vapes: UPENDS               

    UPENDS is the new rising e-cigarette brand. With this device, you can put the flavour of CBD vape juice that you'd wish to have. UPENDS is still the leading brand and wholesaler of vaping products.

    The developer allows you to enjoy your vaping experience at the comfort of your flavour at a wholesale price. Their products are developed and presented in a pen stylus design, easy to carry along, anytime anywhere one can vape. 

    With UPENDS, they assure each vapour of great disposal and allow one to vape at a lower cost. 

    UPENDS gives a chance of vapours to refill the vaping pens once they are over, which explains why they are of a lower cost. So it will favour the vapours in terms of spending money. 

    The Pod Kit is designed for people chasing both hygiene and style. You can recharge it within 1Hour. However, the Pod can only sustain 3-5 refillings with your taste on the vape juice you will refill it. 

    The brand focuses on each detail during use and strives for a more accessible, unique, and pleasing experience.          


    This device is ideal for vapers who care more about quality and are willing to pay for it as it has various qualities that make it stand out, as it tastes like a flower, has super smooth hits, nice cloud density and a high solid; however, theirs is a catch!

    Some cons about it are that it has a very bitter aftertaste and tastes burnt towards the end. However, the overall quality of the product is good due to its high potency and interesting after-effects like overall feeling well relaxed. It also doesn't burn your throat.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.