HaloCig and its Halo Vape: A complete guide to their Vape products and their American-made Halo Vape Juice.

    HaloCig and its Halo Vape: A complete guide to their Vape products and their American-made Halo Vape Juice.

    As a vaper, you need a credible and first-rate supply source that you can access conveniently and efficiently any time, any day, and anywhere. Aside from accessibility, you also need to find a source that could give you the standard quality and first-rate vape equipment, vape accessories, vape juice, and other related vape materials you need, and they must be at a reasonable tag.

    The continuous surge of popularity of vape as an alternative to old cigarettes made the demand for vape-related materials soar. As such, different vape-related products flooded the market that it is now hard to identify what is good and what is bad. And this is where our articles could help, identifying only the best vape shops, giving information about the materials and equipment they offer, and giving them detailed reviews to help both old and new vapers to have better vaping experience.

    While it is not bad to try new, we cannot disregard the uneasiness of buying something which hasn’t proved itself, and thus, it is worth looking and going for the established names who have proven records of quality products.

    In this article we shall focus on HaloCig as one of the leading vape shops in the industry, identifying the equipment and accessories they market, the Halo Vape Juice they are very proud of, and give them a detailed review

    What is HaloCig?

    Does the name HaloCig or Halo Vape ring a bell? If yes then great it means you but, if it doesn’t then, you are missing a lot of things. But worry not, this article will provide you with the thing you need, the kind of information you will truly enjoy.

    HaloCigis one of the top brands in the industry, established on 2009, HaloCig is now operating for more than 10 years. The market saw many brands come and go but HaloCig is different. True to its commitment of quality, safe, and consistent products, HaloCig acquired loyal customers due to their offers of top-quality hardware, and tobacco and menthol vape juice products. Aside from these, they are also selling a wide array of products related to the vaping industry. HaloCig proud itself for the quality vape-related products they offer and the 100% American-made Halo Vape juice they produce. The company is based in the US and is headquartered at 5909 NW 18th Dr., Gainesville, Florida.

    Apart from visiting their website:, you can also contact them through their customer service number: 866-305-4256. You can also follow and check on them and their latest products through their social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube: @halocig


    HaloCig Vape Equipment and Product Review

    As stated earlier, HaloCig is one of the leading brands in the industry, and thus, they are offering a wide array of products. They offer CBD, NIC Salts, E-Liquids, Vape Devices, and Vape accessories. These products made HaloCig a “one-stop” shop where you can find all your vaping needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the notable products they offer are: 

    HaloCigHardware and Pod System

    HaloCig has easy-to-use hardware that has adequate safety measures to ensure a safe, efficient, and unforgettable experience. Here are the best Pod Systems you can find in HaloCig and its retailers:


    Halo Zero

    Retrieved from:

    If you want an easy, versatile, and go-to-grab product then Halo Zero is definitely for you. Halo Zero is a prime example of vape pods you can always count on and enjoy. It is easy to use, easy to fill device that is made from the latest technology to make sure that you will have a top-quality vaping experience.

    Halo Zero allows you to vape whatever you are doing, whether you are sitting or on the move. This is due to its compact design that makes everything you need on-the-grab and portable. Aside from its compact design and tank dimension of 31.00 x 33.05 mm, it also boasts a tank that weighs only 8 grams making the whole device lighter, and thus you will have no problem carrying it.

    Halo Zero also allows longer vaping time and less frequent filling because of its 3ml disposable and refillablepod that has an anti-leak technology. It also makes refilling easier, you can either switch pod or refill the pod with your e-liquid of choice.  On top of these, Halo Zero comes with a sleek, classy, and intelligent-looking design that would make your vaping experience elevated.


    Key Features:

                3ml pod capacity

                Push-to-fill filling system

                1.2 ohms assembly resistance

                Ni-chrome made coil wire

                650 mAh battery capacity                  


    Halo Triton II

    If you are the kind of vaper who prefers larger and thicker vape clouds then vape pens are for you.  And HaloCig has its own vape pen product in the name of Triton II. Triton II is a high-performing device that gives a top-of-the-line flavor production coupled with exceptional battery life.

    Like other Halo products, Triton II was designed for the convenience of the vaper. It comes with easy to use and easy to fill tank that is pre-installed with replaceable heating oil. Its compact and small design and dimension is an edge that makes it a grab-to-go device that is both convenient and portable. Proof of this portability is that it fits perfectly right into your pocket.

    Aesthetics-wise, Triton II could compete with other devices in the market. It is intelligent-looking, sleek, and elegant. It is also rubberized which makes for a non-slip grip.

    Triton II is a product of the latest technology. It boasts a 510-thread, 700 mAh battery that has an anti-runaway and auto-off function. This extended battery life and enhanced safety would surely satisfy even the most advance of users.


    Key Features

                A14.0 x 93.2 mm dimensions

                A 31 g weight

                1.5 ohms assembly resistance

                Ni-chrome made coil wire

                700 mAh battery capacity


    Halo Vape Juice

    HaloCig pride itself to its premium America-made Halo Vape Juices. This pride stems from the high demand for their e-liquids that gives different experience for every pull. Here are some of the best Halo Vape Juices/ e-liquids of HaloCig:

    Fusion Unflavored Tobacco

    If you do not want tobacco flavors nor menthol then this might be your thing. Fusion Unflavored Tobacco offers all of the nicotine without the flavors. This freedom to opt for just the nicotine with no flavors made it an “in the house” item that has sold over 100 million units worldwide since 2011.

    Tribeca Smooth Tobacco

    There is a reason why Tribeca smooth Tobacco flavor is one of the most popular Halo Vape e-liquid and why it sold over 75 million units worldwide. A flavor that mixes the sweetness of caramel and vanilla to the smooth tobacco flavor, this e-liquid does not have any overwhelming feature and thus, you will be relaxed. It gives a relaxed vibe to each pull, and the sweet and tobacco mixture makes it great for those tobacco lovers with the same passion for sweets.

    Subzero Menthol

    A Halo Vape juice that captured the hearts of the menthol afficionados. If you enjoy and prefer the cool flavor of menthol with a subtle taste of peppermint then you better look out for this product. Halo’s Subzero Menthol vape juice replicates the taste of menthol cigarettes. It is a cool, refreshing, and invigorating vape juice that would leave you with an exceptional vaping experience. This experience offered by Subzero Menthol has been already enjoyed by a lot of people, selling more than 50 million units since 2013.

    Turkish Tobacco

    Oftentimes, Tobacco lovers prefer the strong and dry tobacco e-liquid thus, HaloCig produced Turkish Tobacco. Turkish Tobacco is a Halo Vape Juice that has a robust and rich sun-cured flavor that would satisfy vapers who want a bold and powerful vibe. This Halo vape juice combines a bit of a sweet taste with the smoky flavor making it one of the more popular Halo Vape Juices. Its proof of popularity is the more than 60 million units it sold since 2012.


    HaloCig Accessories

    As you use your vaping device it could not be avoided that sometimes there would be parts that would break and would need replacement. These replacements and parts like the device and the e-liquids are essential for a better vaping experience so you should only choose those with quality, and HaloCig has it. HaloCig offers quality parts, replacements, and accessories. Some of these include:

    Halo 110V Mini Wall charger

    A dependable mini charger that offers compact and exquisite construction performance.

    Halo G6 Mini Tank

    A small e-liquid tank that has a 0.9 ml capacity that could be filled with any Halo Vape juice you want. Just like other HaloCig products, it offers higher performance with its coil system being similar to the Triton II.




    FAQs About HaloCig’s products


    What is the most popular HaloCig Halo Vape Juice?

    As of the moment, Tribeca is the most popular tobacco flavor while SubZero is the most popular in the menthol category.

    How do I know if my Triton is charging?

    To know whether your Triton is charging just look at the USB adapter. If it is charging it would blink blue/red.


    HaloCig have been in the market for more than 10 years and this gave them an edge. An experience of 10 years enabled HaloCig to establish its name through the different vape-related products they produce and offer. They sell all vape-related products you can think of and this makes it a one-stop-shop. So, if you want less hassle and a reliable shop where you can buy what you are looking for then go for HaloCig.



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