Gorilla Vape: A Powerhouse for Top-of-the-Line E-liquid, Disposables, Pod Systems, and Many More

    Gorilla Vape: A Powerhouse for Top-of-the-Line E-liquid, Disposables, Pod Systems, and Many More

    1. What is Gorilla Vape?

    A Summary of Basic Information of Gorilla Vape

    Gorilla Vape has a team of well-informed researchers crisscrossing the east coast and researching the effectiveness of their vaping products. In so doing, Gorilla Vape has enough insights into the nature of the vaping industry and the ever-changing consumer needs. This is why they have invested so much in their production of hand-crafted e-liquids and their distribution to ensure they bring nothing but the best.

    Gorilla Vape has established itself in a great position to fulfill all the needs of the avid vaper. They are also known to give adequate education to the new vapers to help them kickstart their vaping journey. Apart from being a reliable supplier of quality vaping products, Gorilla Vape has focused a significant amount of its attention on providing the products that give the best vaping experience. All their prices reflect their quality products, and vapers can be sure to get value for every cent they pay. Gorilla Vape believes that vaping is more than just smoking, but it is a lifestyle, and they are determined to give you the best lifestyle.

    Through their well-informed support staff, Gorilla Vape will guide you to some of their best selection. One of the competitive advantages Gorilla Vape has gained is its ability to provide various vape products at the most pocket-friendly prices. If you are a vaper struggling to find a reliable vape shop or of legal age and want to start vaping, this is the place to go. Here is some basic information you can use to reach out to Gorilla Vape.

    Website: https://www.gorillavapes.com/ 





    Address: 1900 VARE AVE, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19145

    Store Hours:

    Monday: 10:00am-6:00pm

    Tuesday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Wednesday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Thursday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Friday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Saturday: 10:00am-5:00 pm

    Sunday: Closed

    2. What are the Main Products Offered by Gorilla Vape?

    A good vape store should have enough capacity to stock all categories of vaping products and also have the capacity to ship all the products to their designated locations, and Gorilla Vape does just that. The shop has all categories of vape products as listed below:

    • Coils
    • E-liquids
    • Batteries
    • Starter Kits
    • Pod Systems
    • Disposable Vapes
    • Tanks
    • Alternatives
    • Mods
    • RDA

    Let us briefly have a look at the major product categories offered by Gorilla Vape;

    3. Pod Systems

    Pod systems are specifically meant for vapers who want to have high nicotine with low vapor production. Only the best vape shops offer pod systems, which is why Gorilla vape is always the right choice for you. Pod systems are of great essence to people who wish to do away with the bad habits of traditional smoking. They are portable, compact in size, and best known for their discreet vapor clouds. It means that pod systems are easy to use, and they can be easily carried around. They allow vapers to change their E-liquid flavors easily.

    Such great vape products should never miss on the shelves of a vape shop. Gorilla vape has covered significant milestones as far as offering these products is concerned. The shop has stocked different pod systems from some of the most popular brands such as GeekVape, Lost Vape, Smok, Snowwolf, Twelve Elements, Uwell, and Voopoo.

    The following are some of the best pod systems you will find at Gorilla Vape;

    • Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod Pack
    • Geekvape Aegis Hero Kit
    • Smok Nord Replacement Coils
    • Twelve Elements Juno Tobacco Pods
    • Voopoo Drag Nano S1 Pod

    All these pod systems come at pocket-friendly prices. Some as low as 5 dollars.

    4. Disposable Vapes

    The second popular products you will find on the shelves of Gorilla vapes are the disposable vapes. Disposable vapes are those that come ready to vape. Once the disposable vape runs out of the battery charge or the E-liquid is exhausted, it becomes useless, and therefore you have to throw it away. The two defining characteristics that make disposable vapes different from others is that they cannot be charged or refilled with e-liquid.

    Disposable vapes typically use nicotine salts for their e-liquids, providing smooth hits at extremely high salt nicotine concentrations. The fact that they are easy to use makes them ideal for newbies who are just starting up on their vaping journey. All that is needed is to puff it until the charge or E-liquid is exhausted and then throw it away. The following are some of the best disposable vapes that you will find at Gorilla vape.

    • Smok Nord Replacement Pod Kit
    • Smok VVOW Disposables

    5. Batteries

    Vape devices use batteries that sometimes are tied to a specific lifespan, after which they will reduce their performance. Additionally, the battery charge will always get exhausted depending on the frequency of vaping and the heating levels. As such, vapers need to have extra replacement batteries, which is why a good vape store should be able to stock them.

    Gorilla vape is known to stock good-quality batteries. A good battery for a vape device should have an extended lifespan, support multiple vaping sessions, and have quick recharging capabilities. All batteries at Gorilla vape meet all these requirements, which is why you should consider going for them.

    The following are some of the best Vape batteries you will find at Gorilla vape.

    • Sony VTC6 18650 3000mah 15A Battery
    • Sony VTC5 18650 2600mah Battery

    6. E-liquid

    Gorilla Vape is undoubtedly one of the leading providers of high-quality E-liquids in the vaping industry. Their liquids come in a wide assortment of tastes, flavors, and colors. Gorilla Vape has invested so much in making perfect blends with the power of giving vapers the best vaping experience and making them keep on coming for more. There is everything for every flavor craving, from savory to sweet, methol, and the standard tobacco e-liquid.

    One factor that has made Gorilla vape E-liquids the best in the vaping industry is that they make their juices. You can stop by Gorilla vape to have a taste of any of the following E-liquid categories and flavor

    • Unflavored E-liquid
    • Gorilla E-liquid of the Month
    • Candy Gorilla E-liquid
    • Dessert & Pastry Gorilla E-liquid
    • Fruit Gorilla E-liquid
    • Mints & Menthol Gorilla E-liquid
    • Tobacco Gorilla E-liquid
    • Gorilla Vapes Signature Blends
    • Gorilla Signature E-liquid Bundles
    • Beverage Gorilla E-liquid

    7. Gorilla Vape Discount Coupons

    1. Gorilla Vape Discount Coupon Code 1:

    2. Gorilla Vape Discount Coupon Code 2:

    As you notice, Gorilla vape has all categories of vape products that you might ever want to purchase. What is more interesting is that these products come at extremely low prices. Furthermore, there are several coupons and discounts that you can apply to Gorilla vape products to save you a significant amount of money on the purchase price.

    8. Gorilla Vape Customer Reviews

    Here is what previous customers who have interacted with Gorilla vape say about the shop;

    “I started my vaping journey, buying my vaping products from a shop that did not impress me. So I tried out other options but did not feel the satisfaction I needed. That was until I came across Gorilla Vapes. These guys have had a perfect impact on my lifestyle. They helped me discover what was right for me, and I have been dealing with them for over three years now. I love their fast delivery, always meeting deadlines. I would recommend this shop to anyone who needs to have some excellent vaping experience.” Mathew Narah

    “Quality products at unbeatable prices. I can never ask for more. Gorilla vape has been my main supplier of vape products for some time now, and I love the flawless interaction with them. They have well-informed customer service who are willing to go the extra mile to solve all my issues. They have guided me through my product selections, and I can never regret dealing with them.” Sheldon Bradley

    “A great vape store is defined by its ability to offer a wide selection of vaping products, and that is why Gorilla vape does. I particularly love their blend of juices. I can never have enough of them. Everything about this shop is just quality. I will recommend it to anyone who wishes to have some excellent vaping experience.” Anonymous 

    9. Gorilla Vape Shipping Information

    Customers who have their orders placed between Monday and Friday will have their orders shipped out within 24 hours. Gorilla vape will always work hard to ensure that your orders are shipping as soon as possible. Orders placed on Saturday may or may not be shipped immediately, depending on the volumes of orders. All shipping is done via USPS. Upon your order being shipped, Gorilla vape will provide you with tracking information. Shipping times often vary depending on the product and destination.

    10. Gorilla Vape Shops Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Gorilla vape shops near me(my location).

    11. UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Suppliers

    UPENDS is a powerhouse for some of the best vape products on the market. We are the leading suppliers of disposable vapes and pod systems. If you are looking for an excellent supplier to help your business grow to successful heights, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be more than pleased to help you.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.