Good Guy Vape Disposables, Starter kits, E-juice Reviews & Buying Guide

    Good Guy Vape Disposables, Starter kits, E-juice Reviews & Buying Guide

    It is no secret that you want all your vaping needs to be met by a reputable company. A company that will offer you quality products and the customer experience that you want.

    At UPENDS, we want you to always shop with confidence anytime, anywhere. We will never stop guiding you and leading you to the best brands out there. It happens that Good Guy Vape is another one that can be trusted, and we review them today in this guide.

    We review their disposables, starter kits, E-juice and recommend some of the best products before responding to some of the frequently asked questions about the company and their products. As we wind up the guide, you will find an interesting extreme durability test into one of their products, you might enjoy watching it.

    Let’s dive right in:


    There are those vapes that should only be used once and disposed off. They are referred to as disposables. Most users like them for their ready-for-use state. You buy, unbox it, and can vape right there. Once you deplete the e-liquid, it is time to throw them away and acquire a new one.

    Most of these disposables are designed such that the battery and e-liquid capacity are customized to deplete at the same time. If it wasn’t designed that way, you’d expect losses when the battery runs out when you still got some e-liquid in it, yet you cannot charge it.

    It could be you have heard of some sections recharging and refilling the disposable. Yes, some enthusiasts currently know how to navigate through and refill their devices. It is possible, but realistically speaking, it is not worth the effort. To partly solve this problem of designing disposables that last a little longer, some manufacturers have enhanced the e-liquid capacity and incorporated USB charging of a disposable. Good Guy Vape is not left out, and they currently distribute such enhanced disposables. Theirs are products tested and verified to be user friendly and you surely would enjoy using their products.

    Featured product:

    Hyde Edge Recharge 3300 Puffs

    This is one of the latest Hyde vapeson the market. It features an enhanced e-liquid capacity of a record 10 ml, promising up to 3300 puffs! For those of you who have been struggling with charging the disposable, this one was designed for you. It comes fitted with a 600mAhrechargeable battery and a micro USB port for fast charging. You might not like the fact that it doesn’t come with a USB cable, but that one is not much of a challenge as you can easily get one. You can easily adjust the airflow with these products, giving you a chance to get a vapor that meets your needs.

    Product specifications:

    • 600mAh battery capacity (rechargeable)
    • 10 ml E-liquid capacity (pre-Filled)
    • Approximately 3300 puffs
    • Nicotine: 50mg
    • Micro USB charging (not included)


    Starter kits

    Vaping could be a painstaking undertaking for starters. If you have been wondering how to get started with vaping, then the Good Guy Vape got a product for you; the Starter Kit. From the name, it is ideal for those starting out with vaping. It allows you to customize the product, and try out various vapors until you identify your favorite spot.

    Good Guy Vape understands all you need, and they are dedicated to getting all your needs sorted. Theirs are good quality products going at just the right pricing. This means you will get the best value for your money when you shop with them.

    Featured product:

    VooPoo Argus GT Starter Kit

    Most users like the VooPoo Argus GT Kit for its intuitive firing and amazing flavor output. The device is designed for newbies; it is never complicated to use. It is powered by 18650 batteries, designed to last longer. You might not like that Good Guy Vapeis selling these batteries separately as the price of the device does not cover that of the batteries.

    When you purchase this device, you won’t have to worry about the risk of overcharging nor short-circuiting. The device features the following protection: short-circuit protection, overtime protection, balanced charging protection, overcharge protection, battery reverse protection, over-current output protection, over-temperature protection, over-discharge protection, product specifications. With all these, user safety is guaranteed.

    Product specifications:

    • Wattage Output Range: 5-160W
    • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
    • Voltage Output Range: 6.4-8.4V
    • Dual Amp 18650 batteries – bought separately
    • Intuitive Firing Button


    When it comes to E-juice, the Good Guy Vape plays their cards well. They know what their customers need, and that is exactly what they are offering. The company has a variety of flavors to make sure all the users get just what they are looking for. They as well have an in-house unit for manufacturing the juice. This gives them the opportunity to come up with unique combinations and flavors that offer the best vaping experience.

    Featured product:

    Good Guy Juice 30mL

    Good Guy Juice 30mL is one of their in-house e-juice. It is blended with the best technology to offer an amazing experience.

    They have a huge collection of flavors in order to meet all the customer preferences. Here is a list of their common flavors you should try out:

    Good Guy Juice 30 mL flavors:

    • Blue Mist
    • P-Town Blend
    • Yummy Dew
    • Wubblicious
    • Peppermint Swirl
    • Peach Lemonade
    • New Tobacco (Nuport)
    • Mt Duex
    • Mint Candy
    • Menthol
    • Melon Madness
    • Juicy Fruit
    • Jersey Fruit
    • Hawaiian Punch
    • Graham Cracker
    • Dragon
    • Cola
    • Tobacco (Big League)


    What level of nicotine strength is ideal for my Good Guy Vape?

    Nicotine tolerance varies from person to person and you won’t need anyone to do it for you, but you are going to work on that by yourself. Determining it is not rocket science either, but something you can determine on your own.

    If you are a former cigarette smoker, you must be aware that cigarettes usually got around 12 mg to 18 mg nicotine. One way of determining your vape nicotine strength is to equate it with the much you used to consume in your cigarettes.

    If you cannot easily tell, you can base it on how it hits your throat. Note that the burning sensation in your throat after inhaling a cigarette is based on the strength of the nicotine. If your Good Guy Vape comes with a heavier hit, adjust one level down and try again. If you usually feel a lighter hit than you would need, you might want to adjust to a level higher, as you monitor. With that, you can soon find your favorite spot, then stick to it.

    So all Good Guy Disposable Vapes are all rechargeable?

    Some sections do not imagine disposing of vapes once the battery and e-juice are depleted, but that is what the disposables were meant to be. Since some users think that about 2000 puffs for a disposable vape are still not enough, some manufacturers have considered enhancing the e-liquid capacities for some devices. Getting a battery capacity that is enough to see you through a larger e-liquid capacity is challenging. But it couldbe a loss or somewhat expensive to design a powerful battery only to dispose off after one use.

    To solve this puzzle, some manufacturers have considered enhancing the e-liquid capacity and designing small capacity yet rechargeable batteries. The goal is to give more puff count and ensure that the device would last longer, but these products are still meant to be disposed off once the e-liquid is depleted.

    Good Guy Vape got some of these disposable vapes that could be recharged, but it doesn’t mean that all of the disposables out there could be recharged.

    I can’t purchase shipping insurance, can I still safely make an order with the Good Guy Vape?

    In our review, we noted that the Good Guy Vape got a tough shipping and delivery policy. They are not liable for any loss of goods right after they hand it over to the logistics firm. They are clear that should your goods be tempered, stolen, or get lost in the process of delivery, it would be the responsibility of the buyer and not their own. That is why they are encouraging their customers to purchase insurance just in case some unfortunate occurrence occurs in the line of delivery. You shouldn’t be scared though, as losing your items is something that rarely happens. So shipping insurance is not really necessary unless you really want to.

    Video review: Geekvape Aegis X Extreme Durability Test

    In this review, the author is reviewing how durable the Good Guy Vape’s Geekvape Aegis Xscreen is. It is passed through a tough mechanism and recorded in a video. You might want to check it out.

    Parting shot: Is Good Guy Vape worth your consideration?

    A closer look into the Good Guy Vape shows that they are up for something good. Their products meet the quality standards and they will not disappoint. You are safe to consider them for your vaping needs.





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