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Remember the time when smoking was the best thing we could imagine. Spending your time puffing the smokes was the best pastime we could imagine, but now there is a new thing in town, i.e. vaping. Vaping is now the talk of the town, and we could not be more thrilled about it. It has been around for the past few years, but it is all the rage these days, and people just love it for its convenience, ease of use and overall user-friendliness. We are also huge fans of vaping and will tell you about online vape shops, which are the best in providing you with vaping content. These online shops not only provide you with vaping material but also all the content you are going to need for a memorable vaping experience. Giant vape is one of those shops which sell you everything you require for a full-fledge vaping experience. Let's discuss it in detail.

1.What is Giant Vapes?

Giant Vapes is a place that understands your love for vaping and tries its best to provide you with the best possible vaping supplies. It was established in the year 2013 and founded to provide its users with the best quality vaping products. We are providing you with a one-stop shop for all of your vaping needs, and you can trust Giant Vapes with quality products. With the advancement in technology and vaping industry, we have also expanded our business and tried to incorporate all kinds of vaping needs. This company is by vapers for vapers and working for the best of vaping community. You can contact us on the following.




Address820 Southlake Blvd, Richmond, VA 23236

Email: cs@giantvapes.com

Phone/contact number: 804-631-9164

Customer Service:9:00AM - 5:00PM (EST) Monday - Friday, except Holidays

 2.Giant Vapes Main Products

We are obsessed with providing our customers with quality products, reasonable prices and the best possible customer services. We deal with all kinds of vaping hardware and give our customers with ultimate best quality. Vaping requires some components for a satisfying vaping experience, and we are here to give you that. You name the product you want, and we have it.

i. Vape Juice 

ii. Hardware

iii. CBD

iv. Others

We are now going to discuss each one of these in detail.

3.Vape Juice

Vape juices are also gone by the name of e juices, e liquids and vaping liquids. These are the whole idea behind vaping. Vape juice replaces tobacco in vaping, and nicotine is added to these juices to give you a dose of nicotine. These are central to vaping, and a good vape juice can elevate the experience. Similarly, a poor quality vape juice can break the whole amazing experience of vaping. That is why we, at Giant Vapes, never compromise on the quality of vape juices. We have a number of e liquids or vape juice available, so you can get the ones according to your taste and requirement. You will also find synthetic e liquids here at Giant Vapes, alternatives to products like e liquids or others. If you are not a fan of common e liquids, you can always go for synthetic ones as they can change the nicotine dose according to you. Giant Vapes also deal with Nicotine salts. These are considered best among other e juices. These are amazing for people who like higher concentrations, and in it the nicotine concentration can be altered, so people who like lower nicotine can also use these. Nic salts are far better than freebase salts, which is why more is in demand. Giant Vapes deals with the following vape juices.

a. Nicotine Salts

b. CBD Vape Liquid

c. Tobacco E Juices

d. Menthol E Juices

e. Dessert E Juices

f. Fruity E Juices

g. Disposables

Now it is up to the vaper to select his favourite juice, which is only one click away from him. We have multiple brands available in one type of vape juice; some of these are given below.

a. Mother’s Milk

b. Boosted by Boosted E Juice

c. The Milk

d. Mr. Cookie

e. Big Willie’s Custard

f. Betty

g. Cannoli Be One

h. Share

i. Crunch

j. M. B. Y. C

k. Sucker Punch

l. Anti-Lag

m. The O. B.

n. Peachy Strawberry

4. Hardware

Just like the other contents of a vaping kit, hardware is also very important, and if the kit is not strong enough or the hardware does not work well, your vaping experience will go down the drain. You need to have a stronger vaping kit, a device used for vaping, and it has multiple components. Vape Pods are filled with e liquids, and these are higher in nicotine strength and do not offer many flavours. On the other hand, vape Mods are modifiable, and these include almost the same components as pods, but you can use the customized settings on MODs and hence alter the vaping experience according to your own needs. Vape pens are also available on Giant Vapes hardware, and these are long cylindrical structures, and that is why the name vape pens are given. Disposable vapes are also available on Giant Vapes as these are good for beginners. Disposable vapes do not need any changing or alterations, all you have to do is light up the kit, and you can just throw these away when you think you are done with it. Starter kits are also available, and these are good for people making the transition from smoking to vaping. The hardware on Giant Vapes includes the following.

a. Pod Kits

b. Vape Mods & Kits

c. Vape Tanks

d. Vape Batteries

Tanks and batteries are essential for the good working of vaping kits, and Giant Vapes have multiple options for your battery and tank needs. Here is a list of some of the products offered by the Giant Vapes for the vaper's community to maximize their vaping experience.

a. 18650 Battery Cases

b. Battery Sleeve

c. Horizon Tech Falcon Coils

d. Vaporesso Zero

e. Vaporesso Zero Pods

f. UWELL Caliburn G Coils

g. Vaporesso Luxe PM40

h. Vaporessso GTX Coils

i. Standard BVC Coil 5-Pack

j. FreeMax M Pro Tank | FreeMax Mesh Pro

k. UWELL Valyrian 2 Coils

l. HOHM WORK2 18650 2547mAh Battery

m. Nautilus/Mini BVC Coil 5-Pack

n. Vision Spinner 2


CBD is relatively a new term, and people are not much aware of it. It is used for a compound that is extracted from the hemp plant and known as cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound mostly used to calm yourself and other wellness advantages. Giant Vapes offers you multiple products of CBD to help you calm your nerves and enjoy. These include the following:

a. Medterra 1.7 oz CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

b. Medterrra Pan Cream

c. CBD Manuka Healing Cream

d. Pachamama Athletic Rub

e. Medterra 3.4 oz CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

iii. Others

Giant Vapes also offers you many other products related to vaping, which might not directly involve vaping but alter your experience as well, and you can order those from Giantvapes.com. These include the following.

a. Nicotine Chews & Pouches

b. Vape Bands

c. Battery Cases

d. 18650 Batteries

e. Chargers

f. T-Shirts

g. Masks

6. Giant Vapes Discount Coupon Code:

There is no better feeling than getting your favourite products at your favourite prices. We are a brand by vapers from vapers, and that is why we are trying to give you the best quality products at your favourite prices, and that is why these discounted codes are offered to you so you can Giant Vapes products at even lower prices.

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7.Giant Vapes Reviews

  1. Shanon2490: I have been looking for an online shop to provide me with all of my vaping needs. Even though I have tried some shops in the past but Giant Vapes is on another level. I tried their Mods, and they were truly something to use again, and I am definitely going to recommend them to other vapers.
  2. Carol3442: What else I can say except that I have ordered from Giant Vapes once, and I'm definitely going to order again.
  3. Athe267: I needed a charger for my vaping kit once and looked up an online shop to provide me with one, and Giant Vapes saved the day for me. Best quality. Best service.

8.Giant Vapes Shipping

Giant Vapes is delivering nationwide using FedEx services, but the package needs to be signed by an adult.

9.Giant Vapes Vape Shops Near Me

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Giant vapes vape shops near me(my location).

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Upends are the wholesale vape supplier and cater to all kinds of vaping needs. So if you are looking for a supplier for Giant Vapes, Upends is here for you, and you can order Giant Vapes products from us.