GenerationVape – Vape Shop - www.oasisvape.com | Generation Vape, Vape Supplies, Nic Salts, E Juices, Pod Kits and Accessories

    GenerationVape – Vape Shop - www.oasisvape.com | Generation Vape, Vape Supplies, Nic Salts, E Juices, Pod Kits and Accessories

    Vaping is a hot topic these days as the younger generation has turned from smoking to vaping. The fame of vaping has been greater than before because it is expedient, user-friendly, easier to carry, and easier to maintain. You can adjust the salt, e juice, and other contents according to your requirements, making vaping hugely in style in young circles. There are many vaping devices and accessories which make vaping better and give you a more enjoyable experience. People are looking for reliable vaping brands to fulfil vaping supply needs, and vaping supplies from Generation Vape are getting more popular these days. Let’s discuss the Generation Vape in detail below.

    1.What is Generation Vape?

    Generation Vape is known to be a company with multiple vape stores in different locations across the United States. It is understood that people can get bored with one flavour of vaping, which is why Generation Vape sells multiple flavours of vapes. Therefore, you can have multiple numbers of different flavours which are not only unique but also amazing in taste. Generation Vape has taken pride in serving its customers well for years. It is not only about the product but also the services. You will find the customer services to be helpful and hold high standards of professionalism. You can find many types of e-liquids which are not always available on other brands. You will find flavours like fruit, spices, menthol and even tobacco. Moreover, you will also be able to have creatively formed blends of these e-liquids as well. All of these flavours will elevate your vaping experience, and you are guaranteed to enjoy these unique tastes and creative blends of e-liquids.





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    Customer service: Help@generationvape.com

    The Generation Vape Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

    2.The Generation Vape Main Products

    Generation Vape deals with your cravings for vaping and provides you with different vaping supplies. They are known to be one of the largest retailers of vaping supplies in the United States. Generation Vape deals in vaping supplies and products in multiple different locations across the country. If you are from a vaping community and require anything related to vaping, Generation Vape is here for you. It does not matter if you are a new user or a pro Generation Vape will cater to every need of yours. They provide the best quality vaping and smoke supplies at reasonable prices. They also have the most professional customer services in the industry, which is also represented in their years-long career. Once you use their products, you will know that they are the best in business. Let's take a look at the product they sell, and you will know how their products have hooked the vaping community for years.

    3.Vape Supplies

    If you are looking for vape supplies that are both of higher quality and in an economical price range, Generation Vape is at your service. Generation Vape provides you with the following supplies to give you an amazing vaping experience.

    1. Salt Nicotine
    2. Pod – Mod Kits and Accessories
    3. E-juices
    4. Disposable Vape Supplies,
    5. Box Mods, Tanks and Coils

     Now we are going to discuss all of these in detail.

    1.Disposable Vape Supplies

    A disposable vape is a compacted device that can't be charged as it is precharged and filled with e-liquid. Some people think disposable vapes and a rechargeable mod are the same, but they are different in a way that you don’t have to refill disposable vapes, and you don't have to replace the coils and buy new ones. If the disposable vape does not have any e-liquid left, it is discarded. If you are new to vaping, then disposable vape is the best way to start your vaping journey. People who are trying to quit smoking can also use disposable vapes. It is a hassle-free way to vape because it will make vaping easier as you just have to inhale and go and does not have to deal with any buttons etc., like other mods. Generation Vape gives you multiple options of disposable vapes to choose from, so you can make a choice according to your requirements.

    1.Salt Nicotine

    Nicotine Salts or Nic Salts are known to be far better than Free Base salts as they provide a better concentration of nicotine in it to the human body than any other compound. Lately, nicotine salts are all the rage as nicotine salt e-juices are more gratifying than other vape juices. These are better in flavour and allow vapers to use higher nicotine concentrations than popular e-liquids uses. You can also have more taste by using less juice than usual which makes it economical for regular users. Generation Vape sells the following salt nicotine to give you a satisfactory vaping experience.

    2.E Juices

    As we know that vaping or e-cigarettes emulate the smoking experience, but if you do not use tobacco, e juices can be used as alternatives to tobacco. E juices are also known as e liquids or vape juices, and these are the heart and soul of the whole vaping or E-Cig idea. The compounds used in e-juices contain nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol or vegetable glycerin and other chemicals used for flavours, and water is also used sometimes. The Generation Vape provides you with high-quality e-juices and a wide variety of flavours so you can choose the one according to your need.

    4.Pod-Mod Kits and Accessories

    Mods are modifiable box-like devices, and they use sub-ohm technology, which gives vapers more vapour and, in turn, more power. Coils and wicks in the MODs can be changed to change the mechanics and resistance of the MOD and also alter and improve your vaping experience. In addition, mods use e-liquids, and many vapers change or blend these liquids to make their own unique taste.

    On the other hand, Pods are compact, stylish, and sleek devices. These are better matched for people who have an up and about lifestyle. These are powerful than any conventional vape or e-cig, and these are hassle-free than others. If you are trying to find out the best pods or mods kits, then The Generation Vape is the place to go. They will provide you with higher quality pod-mod kits at reasonable prices.

    4.Box Mods, Tanks and Coils

    Box mod vapes are versatile and are designed to interchange various tanks, atomizer heads and even battery types. If you are looking for customizable vaping kits, then Box Mods are for you. These are advanced as compared to the other vapes, and you can adjust wattage and power property according to your requirements. However, you need to change coils and tanks periodically to keep them to optimal performance. You can find the best quality box mods, tanks and coils on the Generation Vapes.

    5.Generation Vape Discount Coupon Code:

    Generation Vape takes care of its customers, and that is why coupon codes are offered to you so you can purchase your favourite accessories at discounted prices.

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    6. Generation Vape Reviews

    • VapingLife: I can vouch for Generation Vape that they have the best quality products and give everything at reasonable prices. I had used their disposable kits when I started vaping, and I have been a fan since then.
    • User381: Generation Vape’s accessories are truly amazing. The MODS I used were of superior quality as I can adjust my nicotine intake according to my own requirements.
    • specs: With so many vaping brands in town, it is harder to find a reliable one, and I have been trying to find reliable nicotine salts for the past 1 year but couldn't find one. Now Generation Vape has made it easier for me to find almost every vaping supply at one place. I couldn't be happier as I ordered another battery from Generation Vape.
    • Nusrat: I’ll keep it short, letting you all know that Generation Vape has never disappointed when it comes to vaping accessories and supplies

    7.Generation Vape Shipping

    Generation Vape provides shipping all across the United States and how long it takes depends upon the distance as well as the availability of the product. All the deliveries are made using FedEx, and the package needs the signature of an adult.

    8.Find Generation Vape Shops near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Generation Vape Shops near me(my location).

    9.UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Supplier

    If you are a vape lover and looking for a quality supplier to fulfil all your vaping supplies needs, Upends is the place for you. You can order any item you want at the best possible prices in the vaping industry. Upends have all the vaping supplies you need, from pods and MODS to vaping juices and other accessories. You name it, and we have it. We work in wholesale but also provide you with satisfactory quality products. You can also order Generation Vape accessories from Upends.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.