Freemax Vape ( Vape Shop. Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Locations Near Me (Tanks, Coils, Kits, and More)

    Freemax Vape ( Vape Shop. Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Locations Near Me (Tanks, Coils, Kits, and More)

    Freemax originates from Shenzhen, and it is a professional manufacturing company that began its operations in 2013. The company now has a significant portion of influence in the vaping industry and is known for offering advanced starter kits, coils, and tanks, and it owns a workable vape store.

    The company provides terrific vaping products that most users will find fascinating, as they come with intriguing features and designs. This article reviews the main vaping products you will find on the company's website, which you may purchase at a pocket-friendly price.

    Freemax Vape Contact Details

    If you want to contact the administration, you can use a direct telephone call or direct messaging on +86 755 2780 5831. You can also fill in a form from the query section, which you attach to your email—the company's email address is 

    Vape Coils

    Vape Coils are heating elements that allow the e-liquid mixture to become a vapor that you can inhale. There are different varieties of vape coils available in the market, and the main ones are the sub-ohm coil and the mouth to lung coil. Vape coils come with wires that wrap in cotton or wick material.

    The wick acts as a soaking agent for the vaping liquid as it draws it via the coil, while the cotton regulates heat. 

    The different varieties of vape coils that Freemax Vape company produces include;

    Freemax Fireluke M & M2 Tank Replacement Coils (5-pack)

    This type of vaping coil has a unique design that permits a large bore drip, making it one of the best sub-ohm tanks. The coil has a 0.12ohm resistance that only consumes a power of 40-90W, a considerably low range that is economical on usage.

    This attribute allows you to recharge the coil's battery without fear. The coil registers a heating range of between 400F-500F, thus enabling it to heat the cotton wick effectively to vaporize the e-liquid inside the Vape.

    Freemax Fireluke M TX Mesh Replacement Coils

    These five-pack replacement coils have the perfect design to fit the Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub-ohm Tank and the Fireluke Mesh Tank. The Freemax vaping company made a recent innovation of these coils, and the coils include fantastic features that are helpful if you utilize them.

    One of the features is the tea fiber with cotton for the wicking material. The average proportions of this material are 90% fiber tea cotton and 10% organic cotton, plus a multi-layered kanthal that offers incredible taste and a supercoil life.

    Vape Tanks

    Freemax specializes in manufacturing and designing sub-ohm tanks and has credits for developing the first coil with a single mesh sub-ohm tank. Like previous years, Freemax still features a variety of models with a top filling system that is easy to operate and has adjustable airflow.

    All vape tanks that the company manufactures are top-notch, and they come with lightweight designs and are colorful. Here are some of the different vape tanks that Freemax company offers.

    Freemax Mesh Pro Tank 

    This tank has a 5ml liquid capacity of 25mm wide in diameter, with additional slides to access the top filling system. The tank's capacity is efficient in providing longer vaping sessions, but you can further increase this capacity to 6ml by including a bulb glass.

    Along with features, the Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm tank has an endowment of an airflow control that is dual and adjustable. The tank has a tip on the bore drip that is 9mm and effectively passes sufficient vapor. 

    Freemax M Pro 2 Sub Ohm Tank

    This tank model is an upgrade to the original Freemax Mesh Pro Tank. The capacity of the M Pro 2 is 5ml, which is advantageous in allowing occasional refills. The tank's surface has stainless steel lacing, which implies a durable accessory to use in your vape pen. The tank also has a top sliding system that allows you to refill it without the necessity of separating gadgets easily.

    The filling cap has three balls that increase friction in the slides' opening to prevent leakage and accidental grip loosening. The tank has an airflow ring on top of the filling system, and this gadget works to deliver a measured flow of vapor that reaches the center of the coil standardly. This operation system allows the steam to blend well with the flavor, thus providing an excellent taste when vaping. 

    Vape Starter Kits

    Starter kits are exceptionally viable for beginners since they have a simple setup and are free from hassle. Freemax offers you cost-friendly starter kits for your vaping experience, and the packages come in various shapes and sizes. The main types of starter kits that are currently on display in the company's online store include;  

    Freemax Twister 80W & Fireluke 2 Starter Kit

    This type of vaping kit has vibrant graphics that makes it sensational in satisfying every user. The kit has a 2000mAh, which is rechargeable, and this powerful battery has an efficiency level of 95%, thus making the pen effective in providing favorable vaping sessions.

    A dial knob on the kit's surface permits wattage adjustments, and here you can switch to various heating levels according to the vapor amount you desire. The dial knob has a pairing with the recent Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank and has a screenless twister that extends the battery life and utilizes the adjustment of the wattage dial at the base.

    The Fireluke 2 comes with an e-liquid-capacity of 5ml, easy to fill by utilizing the top-fill tank's retractable design.

    Fireluke 2 Vape Tank

    This starter kit from Freemax comes with a quality, user-friendly interface that makes your vaping experience lively. This version of starter kits provides a vast amount of cloud when vaping and has a powerful 2300mAh battery which is also long-lasting for a long day session.

    The resistance of this coil ranges from 0.1ohms to 3ohms, and this applies when the device consumes 5-80 watts of power. The Fireluke 2 starter kit has new varieties of flavor and different levels of cloud production as a result of the coil configurations that are innovative and effective. 

    Freemax Vape Discount Coupons

    There are twenty-eight coupon codes that you may use to access various offers and gift cards. The highest coupon is a 50% offer when you purchase an item. Some examples of codes that you may use include marvos60w, max168w, twister30w, maxus100w, among others. When you buy a Fireluke 3 Tank, you get a 5% discount, and by using the twister30w code, you receive a 10% discount for the Twister30W Kit.

    Freemax Vape Reviews

    Freemax Vape is one of the best online shopping sites as it has a 24hour economy. You may purchase your products online at any time, but the delivery is where you stick to timelines. The site has a comprehensive yet straightforward interface that incorporates all navigation tools. You may use PayPal, American Express, or online banking to perform your transactions, a huge bonus for many customers. 

    Freemax Vape Shipping and Delivery

    The company does shipping through DHL or E-packet, where it takes 3-7 days for the DHL and 20-40 days for the E-packet method of shipping. For in-store shipping, it only takes three working days for delivery. The company also provides a tracking code after 48hours of dispatching items. Part of the company policy is that the Freemax Vape company is not responsible for delay upsets brought from poor weather conditions in your country.

    Find Freemax Vape shops Near Me (my location)

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    Freemax may as well be the best place to shop for affordable vape coils, starter kits, and tanks. You may find yourself going back for more once you taste the Freemax vaping products; you should therefore check out what the store has to offer.

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