EZ Vape – Online Vape and Smoke - www.ezvape.com [vaporizer/e-cigarette products ]

    EZ Vape – Online Vape and Smoke - www.ezvape.com [vaporizer/e-cigarette products ]

    The world is getting so advanced day by day, and it affects almost all the things around us. Who would've thought that smoking cigarettes would evolve so much that it would be linked with digital devices? Smoking has upgraded so much that now people have shifted to different ways of smoking. The new technology has taken the place of cigarettes like the Vapes and the pods, also known as E-cigarettes. Many smokers have shifted to vapes, pods and other smoking devices as it is less dangerous for their health and it comes in a huge variety of flavours. Nowadays, the term digital smoking devices or, in other words, Vaporizers/E cigarette products have become very common and almost every person is aware of it. Due to this, the demand for these products has also increased a lot that sometimes it is difficult for the customers to find their favourite device from the tobacco shop. We at the EZvape shop make sure that our customers always get what they are looking for in our stores. Not just that, we also ensure that our customers will get their favourite product at the best price and the best quality so that they can get the best experience.

    What is EZvape?

    The EZvape shop is known as the leading vape shop in the online industry and also has around 23 branches that are spread over British Columbia and Canada. Our shop mainly focuses on three things which are to provide the best customer service, give the fast shipping service and offer the best products to our customer due to which our shop has become the best in the industry. We have products from many brands that our customers love, for example, ALLO, STLTH, Smok, Aspire, Kick, etc. Along with this, we also have the best companies for E juice like Flavor Kings, Splash, YOGI, Phantom, etc. we always aim to provide the best to our customers.


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ezvapecanada/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ezvapecanada

    Address: 322-222 Baseline Road, Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Phone Number: (780) 570 – 2770

    Customer service: customersupport@ezvape.com

    Ezvape hours: 24/7

    Ezvape main products

    These are all of the main products that the EZvape shop are known for selling:

    E Juice

    E juice is something that is required by every vape and pod user as they have the need to change the flavour after a specific period of time. The juice is something that fulfils the need of every smoker according to their taste. The e-juice is now available in a huge variety and different flavour options; the EZvape shop is offering their customer a lot of different types and categories of e-juice.

    Following are only some of the E-juice that the EZvape shop is selling:

    • A$AP Grape Nic Salt 30ml 20mg
    • Allo Original Disposal Vape Ludou Ice
    • Allo Sync Pod Banana Ice 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Blue Raspberry 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Classic Tobacco 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Frost 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Grape Ice 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Melon Ice 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Orange Ice 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Peach Ice 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Pineapple Ice 20mg 3/Pk
    • Allo Sync Pod Strawberry Kiwi 20mg 3/Pk

    Vape Kits

    There are many vape users around us, and if you would ask them what vape are they using, most of them will be smoking a different kind of vape than others. The variety of vape kits has increased a lot, and every smoker wants to use a different one that suits their taste and requirements. Therefore they expect from a tobacco store that they provide them with a huge variety of vape, and this is exactly WHAT EZvape is doing. These are some of the best quality vape kits that EZvape is providing its customers.

    Following are some of the vape kits that the EZvape sho is providing to their customers;

    • Allo Sync Device
    • Caliburn A2 520mAh Pod Kit
    • Caliburn AK2 520mAh Kit
    • Caliburn G 690mAh Pod Kit
    • Place holder
    • Caliburn G2 750mAh Pod Kit
    • Caliburn Koko Prime 690mAh Pod Kit
    • Drag 3 Kit 2 mL 177W
    • Drag X 80W Kit 2 mL
    • Elf Bar RF350 Kit
    • iJust S Kit
    • IPX 80 3000mAh Kit 2 mL
    • iStick Pico 75W Kit


    The batteries are like the basic requirement of any pod that the person is using, and the Vape wholesale supply is providing their customers with the option to purchase the batteries for their favourite pods or the vapes that they are using.


    Herbal vapes are known as another way of smoking in which the Herbs are used in the vapes and the pods. These are also known as one of the most demanded products by the customer as they enjoy the undesirable taste of the herbs n their smoking devices. There are many Tobacco shops that are selling herbal smoking products to their customers, but none are providing the variety that the EZvape shop is providing.

    The following are some of the Herbal smoking products that the EZvape shop is offering;

    • Butter Globe
    • Butter Globe Coil
    • Butter Globe Replacement Glass
    • Compass Kit
    • Dab Mod Coil
    • Dab Mod RDA Stainless
    • Dab Mod Replacement Glass
    • Dab Mod Starter Kit Stainless
    • Dabber Tool
    • Downstem Amber
    • Elite Waxomizer Black
    • Elite Waxomizer Quartz Coil


    Pods and coils

    The coils are the basic need of every pod, and a vape as the coil within a smoking device gets burnt after a specific period of time. The coil needs to replace with a new one, and the same goes for the pod devices as they also need to change their coil after a specific period of time. We at EZvape shop are providing a huge variety of pods and coils from which the customers can choose.

    The following are some of the Pods and the coils that the EZvape shop is offering to their customers.

    • Aegis Boost Coil (5 Pack)
    • Aegis Pod 3.5ml 2/Pk
    • Aero Mesh Coil
    • Atlantis Coil
    • Breeze Coil
    • Breeze NXT Mesh Coil 0.8 Ohm 3/Pk
    • Caliburn A2 Pod 0.9 Ohm 4/Pk
    • Caliburn G/Koko Prime Replacement Pod 0.8 Ohm 2/Pk
    • Caliburn G/Koko Prime Replacement Pod 1.0 Ohm 2/Pk
    • Cleito 120 Coil 0.16 Ohm 5/Pk
    • Cleito Coil
    • CLOCC Coil

    EZvape discount coupon code

    We at VapenSmoke always care for our customers and give them the best possible price for the products that they buy from us; therefore; we are offering all our vape and pod lovers the following discount coupon code:

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    EZvape Reviews

    Enriquefeto:So I basically purchased one of their products which was kannastor grinder and that attracted me after I saw it on amazon. There were some people who were giving not so positive reviews to the Ezvape so at first I was a little worried but I didn’t think about it a lot and called for my order next day and it was actually processed. Not just that I even got my parcel with 2 days which was very surprising and ye they do have fast shipping on which I trust now.

    Dom C: After seeing their advertisement I needed to place an order so I did it but then also notice the reviews that they got from some customers that were not so good. Considering the reviews I gave one of their agents from their customer service whose name was Jarad and he assured me that my order will go out on Monday and it happened accordingly. I received my parcel on Tuesday and due to the fast shipping I experienced I gave them an excellent remark. Another thing to be added, I also got a 10% discount coupon with my parcel.

    Smoov0ps12: I was looking for the product that I needed in many different tobacco shops but could not find it. This place had all the products that iii wanted and not just that it also had all of them in a very affordable price. The staff was very cooperative and friendly and now this will be my first place to go.

    EZvape Shipping

    The orders that are placed by the customer onn the EZvape shop are usually processed in between 3pm to 5pm in the pacific time. The orders are basically processed within a single business day, but that depends on the location where the product has to be delivered. The EZ vape shop does not only use a single way to deliver their products to their customers. They use the local couriers as well as the international couriers. It depends on which courier is giving the fastest delivery.

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