Distillate Vape Pen Review. An Ultimate Guide About that the Distillate Vape Pen

    Distillate Vape Pen Review. An Ultimate Guide About that the Distillate Vape Pen

    If you want to consume weed without smoke, using a THC pen is the wag to go. The popularity of weed pens has grown tremendously, and one reason is that they are easy to use. You get the effectiveness of using these pens, and they give the most in terms of vaping.

    The THC pens give the best flavor and taste of cannabis because you do not have to burn your substances. The smell of these pens is also concealed, making them suitable for discreet vaping sessions. 

    There are many vape pens in the market that have been tested and certified to give the best. For anyone who needs to vape on THC, there are various distillate vape pens to use. Distillate pens are mostly preferred because they are more potent compared to live resin. 

    What is a distillate vape pen?

    A distillate vape pen is a simple two-part device used to vaporize THC oil and other distillates. The pens have undergone an evolution, with their initial design looking like a handheld pen. This is why they are referred to as vape pens. In other terms, you can refer to them as cartridge batteries because they have a small battery that is used to heat your oils.

    In addition, the atomizer cartridges have a wick and a heating coil that is responsible for the conventional heating of liquids. This process, when completed, will turn your distillate oils into vapor. 

    The pens are straightforward to use, and all you need to do is press a button and inhale from the mouthpiece. You will get yourself high within a few seconds of turning the device on and taking a drag. The odor released from distillate vape pens is very faint and quick to dissipate as well. These pens are qualified for low-key vaping for the best high. 

    Getting started with the distillate vape pen 

    The first thing you need to use in the distillate vape pen is a THC oil or THC distillate. Most of the distillate oils are sold in already filled cartridges, but there are ways in which you can purchase a separate pack. To have more convenience, you can also find pens that you can refill on your own.

    The self refill carts are cost-effective, cheap but need a lot of work to use. You can also find a distillate that is already filled in a syringe, and all you need to do is squeeze some into your tank.

    To use such a pen, you will need to screw in your prefilled tank onto the battery kit and press the button to start. If you get a cartridge that is not prefilled, you will have to fill in your distillate at the moment or later. However, a few tips to use when you need to get started with a distillate vape pen are as follows.

    • Distillate vape pens are designed for use with distillate cartridges only and not live resin or other oils.
    • Charge your distillate pen before use to avoid having interrupted sessions 
    • The higher the milliamp rating on your vape battery, the longer it will stay with the charge
    • If you are using a distillate vape pen that has an adjustable temperature or voltage, set it at the lowest rating and move up as you vape 
    • Once you realize that your flavors and taste are changing, or if the performance drops, replace the cartridges to avoid wasting the oil.

    How to clean a distillate vape pen

    Now that we have learned the two-part design of a distillate vape pen with a possibly disposable cartridge, there is no much cleaning needed to be done. The most crucial cleaning to do is on the connection and threading. 

    Most of the pens are always built with a 510 connection that connects the cartridges to the battery. The connections need to be clean to ensure that there is enough flow of current. THC Distillate is usually thick, and some minor seepage can make its way into the connection. If you leave it unclean for a while, the pen will stop working.

    To clean the 510 threading, you need to use a q tip and potent isopropyl alcohol. Then, use the tools to wipe the device clean to give it a distinctive look. The cleaning may not make some significant changes, but it adds value to the lifespan of the pen. While cleaning, make sure that the mouthpiece is cleaned and the threads too.

    How to fill a distillate vape pen

    Filling your distillate vape pen needs a syringe that has distillate oils and an empty cartridge. You need to be slow on the process and let every layer of oil settle before you add more oils. You do not need to risk losing any oil, and here are some tips to consider.


    • Slowly inject your oils in circular motions with the syringe
    • Do not inject your oils down the central chimney of the cartridges 
    • Ensure that you fill your Distillates to a three-quarter amount to cover the holes found outside the coil housing
    • After each refill, let the cartridge rest for almost thirty minutes to allow them to soak into the wick.               

    How to remove Oil distillate from a cartridge 

    To fully extract the oil from your cannabis pen, you will require an empty cartridge and a filling syringe. The syringe tip should be blunt to allow it to fit the oil cart. You may have to slightly warm up the cartridge to give it a better oil flow during extraction.

    • Take out the cartridge from the battery to prevent them from leaking oil into the battery. 
    • Detach the mouthpiece, some use a 510 threading, and some use a pop-off connection. 
    • For the thick oils and distillates, you will be required to warm up the cart to make the oil easier to transfer 
    • Make sure your syringe perfectly fits the cart because they come in varied tip sizes.

    When to remove distillate oils from the cartridges 

    Sometimes a vape pen can fail you, especially when the coils become weak. You can quickly transfer the oils to another pen to continue your usage. There are many reasons why you can extract oils from a distillate pen.

    • When your pen becomes defective due to bad coils, leakages, and clogging issues
    • There could be fewer coils in your cartridge which do not reach the wick
    • When transferring oil to a different cartridge 
    • When using THC distillates for dabbing

    Pros and cons of distillate vape pens 


    • The pens are convenient and discreet, which takes away the hassle of rolling a spliff.
    • The distillate pens do not produce any smoke. This reduces harmful effects caused by smoke.
    • The distillates give the best flavors of cannabis, getting every bit of the taste.
    • You can control the temperature and other settings, meaning you get value for your money.


    • The costs involved are too much, from buying prefilled cartridges and buying refillable oils.
    • The batteries are not strong enough, meaning that they have to be recharged frequently. 
    • The general maintaining of the pen is hectic. You need to clean it regularly. 
    • The effects you get from a distillate may not be as potent as you would get from directly smoking marijuana.
    • There are possibilities that you expose yourself to health risks when vaping because there are chemicals used to extract the substances.


    There are many ways in which people can consume marijuana without having to smoke it. There has been a significant increase in the use of dab rigs and disposable pens that have hit the market for the same purposes. The THC distillates have been identified as the most viable options when seeking the most potent THC vaping experience.

    The pens have premium quality oils, and they are good at delivering. This has made people move from vaping on live resin because they want to experience premium quality that can only be found in distillate pens.

    The process of refilling distillates is not as complex, making it a convenient option that people can use for potent hits. In addition, you are sure that you will never go wrong with a distillate pen.


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