WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vaping is the talk of the town these days, and everyone from young to old is looking for good vaping devices to enjoy this one of a kind experience. However, choosing a vape device can be tricky, and if you don't have enough information about the devices, you might end up with a disappointing experience. With the growing popularity of vaping, we have decided to provide you with information about an online vape shop that has all the things you are going to need for vaping. If you are a regular vaper or even a beginner, you would know that vaping devices play an important role in your vaping experience, so let’s tell you about a vape shop that has everything you need for vaping. 

1.What is Demand Vape?

Demand is a vape company that is committed to bringing the best quality product to its customers. They provide the highest quality vapor hardware and liquid to their customers' doorstep. Demand Vape takes pride in its decade of satisfactory services, and it is also evidence of the fact that the customers are satisfied with their products and vape hardware.  




Address:2225 Kenmore Ave Suite 110

Phone/contact number: 1.844.513.1003

Customer Service:https://demandvape.com/index.php?route=information/contact

The Demand Vape Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

2.The Demand Vape Main Products

With the growing demands of vaping products, suppliers have also been increasing. In a sea of all those suppliers, it is hard to find a reliable one, and Demand Vape provides you with reasonable price products without compromising on quality. Demand Vape gives you everything you need for your vaping needs. Your name, and we have it at Demand Vape. Some of the items we deal with are given below. Let’s look at the main products by Demand Vape, and then we'll look at the details of these products.

i. E Liquids

ii. Synthetic E Liquids

iii. Nic Salts

iv. Disposables

v. Devices

vi. Accessories

3.E Liquids

E liquids are also known as e juices or juices or vape juices, and these are central to the idea of vaping. To give you a full-fledged smoking experience, e-cigarettes use e juices as an alternative to tobacco. These e liquids have many elements, including nicotine, glycerol or vegetable glycerin, glycol and propylene. Water is also used to add flavour. Your vaping experience relies highly on e liquids, and a higher quality product can enhance the experience. Demand Vape provides you with amazing quality e liquids, and some of them are given below.

1.Chain Vapes Salt (Phoenix, Tangerine Lime Iced)
2.Sorbet Pop Salt (Straw Lemon, Pineapple Kiwi Dragon, Peach Mango)
3.Skwezed Original Salt (Strawberry Ice, Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice)
4.ARC Duo Salts (Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry Peach, Apple Watermelon)
5.Coastal Clouds Salt (Melon Berries, Iced Mango Berries, Blueberry Limeade, Chilled Apple)
6.Puff Labs (Pinks, Pink and White, Pink and Blues)
7.Blossom Salt (Tango, Sun Kiss, Ever Berry)
8.Coastal Clouds Salt (Citrus Peach)
9.Omari e-Liquid Salts (Double Apple Shisha, Desert Knight, Araisi)

4.Synthetic E Liquids

Synthetic e liquids are the new trend these days because these are alternatives to nicotine products like e liquids and others. These are great for people who want to enjoy smoking but don’t want to use common e liquids. There are many vape stores and distributors that deal with synthetic e liquids. Demand Vape also sells you some of the best quality synthetic e liquids, and some of those are given below.

a. Air Factory Synthetic (Pineapple Whip, Grape Apple, Apple Pie)

b. Pod Juice Synthetic Salt (Tangerine, Strawberry Banana Ice, Strawberry Apple, Jewel Mango Ice, Hawaiian, Blue Razz Ice, Blue Raspberry, Banging Blue Razz)

c. The Milk Synthetic by Monster Vape Labs (Cinnamon, Berry Crunch, Fruity)

d. Vapetasia Killer Fruits Synthetic Salts (Trapple, Straws Guaw, Iced Blue Razz)

e.Yogi Delights Synthetic (Watermelon Ice, Pink Guava Ice, Peach Ice, Blueberry Ice, Banana Ice)

5.Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts have become the most important content in vaping and e-cigarettes because when it comes to satisfaction, nicotine salts or Nic Salts are the best than any other e juice. They can be used by people who like higher nicotine concentrations and can also be used by others as you can control the nicotine concentration in them. You can use less juice than usual if you want to lower the concentration of nicotine. Nic Salts are considered more effective than freebase nicotine because it is better in delivering nicotine to the human body than other compounds. Demand Vape knows you want the best possible nic salts to enhance your experience of nicotine intake, and that is why they sell some of the best quality nic salts, which are given below.

a. Salt Bae (Whiskey Tobacco)
b. Pod Juice Salt (Orange Soda Chilled, Berry Watermelon Chilled, Strawberry Apple Watermelon Chilled, Strawberry Kiwi)
c. MRKT PLCE Salt (Blood Orange Tangoberry Iced
d. Aqua Essential Salts (Whirlwind, Typhoon, Tsunami, Splash, Equinox, Breeze, Blizzard, Azure)
e. Hi-Drip Salt (Peachy, Nectarine Lychee, Melon Patch, Island Orange, Guava Lava, Dew Berry)
f. BKRS BSKT Salt (Lemon Biscotti)
g. MRKT PLCE Salt (Blood Orange Tangoberry)
h. Chain Vapez Salt (Phoenix)
i. Sorbet Pop Salt (Peach Mango Iced, Tangerine Lime Iced, Straw Lemon Iced, Pineapple Kiwi Dragon)


Disposable vapes are best for people who want a hassle-free vaping experience. A disposable vape is a compact device that does not need charging, and it is precharged with e-liquid filled in it beforehand. Unlike rechargeable mods, disposable vapes do not need any charging, and you don't have to buy or replace the coils inside disposable vapes. Once you have used the disposable vape, you can then discard it. If you are a beginner vaper and want to try vaping, disposable vapes are for you. Demand vape provides you with some of the best disposable vapes, and some of the examples are given below.

1.Geek Bar X4000 5%
2.Zuk Vape Disposable 5% Rechargeable
3.SKWD Disposable 5%
4.Rare Mega 5500 Disposable 5%
5.Rare Glow 4000 Disposable 5%
6.Esco Bar Mega 5000 Disposable 5% (Master Case of 160)
7.Bummy Disposable 5%
8.AquaBar Disposable 5%
9.Blvk Ello Disposable 5%


Vaping requires many devices to provide you with the ultimate experience, and Demand Vape is committed to providing you with the best possible vaping devices. Mods are the modifiable box-like devices, and sub-ohm technology is used, which gives more vapour and more power to the vapers, giving you anan enjoyable experience. Mods usually have contents that can be changed according to the requirements.

Pods are compact devices that are better choices for people who have a dynamic lifestyle. Pods are powerful and give you a hassle-free vaping experience. Demand Vape gives you the best devices for vaping.

 Other vaping devices on Demand Vape include the following.



Demand Vape is committed to its customers to provide them with full fledge vaping experience, and they leave no stone unturned to give you that. You can find all kinds of vaping accessories on Demand Vape. Some of those accessories include.

  1. Batteries
  2. Replacement Coils
  3. Cotton & Wire
  4. Rebuildable Tools / Pre-Built Coils
  5. Drip Tips / Caps / Adapters
  6. MOD Covers / Cases / Wraps
  7. Gorilla Bottles
  8. Squonk Accessories

9.The Demand Vape Discount Coupon Code:

The Demand Vape knows that how important vaping is for you. That is why Demand Vape is offering discount coupon codes for you to order your favourite devices, e liquids and accessories at discounted prices.

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10.The Demand Vape Reviews 

  • VapingLife: Ever since I have quit smoking, I have been looking for a hassle-free way to fulfil my nicotine requirements, and Demand Vape fulfilled my demands. Their quality products made it easier for me to enter in to the world of smoking.
  • John648: Vaping has been made easier by Demand Vape and their higher quality products, and I can't be more thrilled to use more of their products.
  • Shelly276: The Demand Vape has been highly professional in their customer care, and their products also hold a higher standard of quality. I'm definitely going to recommend this to other vapers.

11.The Demand Vape Shipping

The Demand Vape provides shipping all across the globe within a few business days, and the package needs to be "adult signature required. FedEx and USPS offer this service.

12.Find The Demand Vape Shops Near Me

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Choosing your vape supplier can be hard but if you are looking for a reliable supplier who provides you vaping supplies from different brands and retailers, then Upends is the place for you. You can look for all kinds of vaping supplies on Upends, and you will not be disappointed.