Demand Vape (demandvape.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me (E-Liquids, Nicotine Salts, Disposables, Pod Systems, Starter Kits, and More)

    Demand Vape (demandvape.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me (E-Liquids, Nicotine Salts, Disposables, Pod Systems, Starter Kits, and More)

    What is Demand Vape?

    Demand vape is a vape shop whose responsibility is to sell the best vaping products from world-class brands. Are you looking for e-juices, nic salts, disposables, mods, tanks, pods, starter kits, and more? Then when you visit demand vape, you will find these products and more at an affordable price.

    All you need is to register on their website and place an order. Then, whether you are new to vaping or an expert, you will find the product you are looking for at demand vape. So, what are you waiting for?

    Be their customer today to enjoy a wide variety of vaping products at a low cost. This guide will learn about demand vape shop locations, shipping, contact details, and leading products.

    Continue reading to learn more.

    Demand Vape Shop Contact Details

    Questions arise anytime, and you will want to get real-time answers. So, when you have any queries about the demand vape shop, you can reach them using the contact details below.

    Therefore, these are the contact details you can use to communicate with demand vape customer service.

    Demand Vape Main Products

    E-juices, pod systems, starter kits, nic salts, accessories, and more are found at the demand vape shop. So, which one do you want? This section will give you insights into the vape store's best-selling products.

    They include;

    The Best-Selling Disposables

    If you don’t want the hassle of refilling a vape pen, then a disposable vape device is the best for you. When you have a disposable vape pen, you can vape at any time as the device is lightweight and portable. So, you can carry it in your pocket or pouch as you move about.

    So, at demand vape, the following are the best-selling disposables.

    Stik Max Disposable 5%

    The Stik max disposable vape pen top the best-selling at-demand vape list. This vaping pen has a 5% or 50mg of nicotine. When you purchase the product, it is prefilled with 12ml of e-juice. Unlike other disposables that are not rechargeable, Stik max is rechargeable. Suppose the battery is over while the e-liquid is remaining.


    You can charge the disposable and continue vaping. When you have this disposable, you will vape approximately 4,000 puffs.

    VFUN Plus Disposable 5%

    When you have the VFUN plus disposable, you will puff approximately 3500 times. Although it is lower than the Stik Max, its working is excellent. It has a sleek design with its top clear this you can see the inner parts.

    Its battery capacity is 500mAh, and it is rechargeable like the Stik Max. However, it has an e-liquid capacity of 10ml and a 5% nicotine strength. Furthermore, it is available in various flavors such as aloe grape, blue Razz, lush ice, pina colada, and more.

    So, choose your favorite flavor and place an order today at demand vape.

    Gummy Air Disposable 5%

    The Gummy air disposable vape pen enables you to vape approximately 2800 puffs. It comes with an 8ml pre-filled e-juice. This allows you to enjoy vaping without worries. Furthermore, it has a mesh coil that produces a quality vape.

    It is only available in 50mg or 5% nicotine strength. When you purchase this disposable, it has ten disposable devices. This means you will have a long vaping time.

    The Best-Selling Pod Systems

    Pod system kits are the best when it comes to vaping. Therefore, if you want to have a great time as a new or knowledgeable vaper, buying a pod kit is the best. At demand vape, you will get various pod systems. First, however, you will learn about the best pod systems in this vape shop.

    They include;

    Voopoo Drag S PnP-X Kit

    The Voopoo drag S PnP-X kit is made of PCTG material which is safe for vaping and cannot cause harm to a user. This device has two resistance 0.2ohms for PnP-VM5 and 0.3ohms for PnP-VM1. The power range for the PnP-VM5 coil is 40-60W, while for PnP-VM1 is 32-40W.

    Its battery capacity is 2500mAh, and it's in-built and rechargeable. The pod capacity of this device is 5ml, but when the e-juice is over, you can refill. Moreover, the Voopoo drag s PnP-X kit has the 510-drip tip, which you can replace when you want.

    B+MOR Sober Pod Kit

    The B+MOR is one of a kind pod system. It features an auto-draw activated system and has an in-built battery capacity of 650mAh. Also, to produce quality vapor with the right taste, it uses the sober 0.8ohm meshed coil.

    The pod has an e-liquid capacity of 4ml, enabling you to vape for a long time. Furthermore, it has a compact design and is lightweight, allowing you to carry it wherever you go.

    The Best-Selling Mods

    Are you looking for a mod that suits your vaping routine? Then at demand vape, you will have various vape mods from top brands such as geek vape, Vaporesso, Wotofo, lost vape, and more.

    Therefore, the following are top-selling mods at demand vape.

    Vaporesso Target 200 Box Mod

    The Vaporesso target 200 box mod features a 0.96-inch display screen that shows you the power, mode, etc. When you have this vape mod, you will get the best vapor as it uses the AXON chip. This chip enables the device to have three modes: VW, pulse, and F(t) modes.

    This device is small and light when you compare it to other vape mods when it comes to portability. But, on the other hand, the Vaporesso target 200 box mod is comfortable and durable. So, it would be best if you buy this box mod today.

    Wotofo Profile Squonk Mod

    Another vape mod you should consider buying from demand vape is the Wotofo profile Squonk mod. This device has an ergonomic design that makes it attractive. In addition, it features a display that indicates the power wattage, vaping mode, and battery level.

    Therefore, you won’t be caught unaware as you vape. It has a 510-thread connection, allowing you to purchase any 510 atomizers for this mod. The Squonk will enable you to use either a single or dual 18650 battery. A single battery produces a power range of 5-80W, while a double 18650 batter will generate 5-200W.

    The Squonk’s bottle capacity is 7ml which is relatively large compared to other mods in the market. Also, this device is durable as it is made of zinc alloy and PC.

    Demand Vape Discount Coupon Code

    Demand vape allows customers to purchase vaping products using coupon codes. If you didn’t know, now you know. So, where can you find relevant coupon codes for demand vape? Worry no more as in this section you will get discount coupon codes and their links.

    Additionally, click on the images to use the coupon codes today.

    Use 5% Off on SMOKTech Thiner Kit

    15% Off Deal on Univapo MISO Pod System

    Get Demand Vape 2 XROS for $5.99

    Therefore, use any of the above coupon codes to get discounts as you purchase vaping products from demand vape.

    Demand Vape Reviews

    Many customers prefer the demand vape shop due to their high-quality products and prompt customer service team. In addition, this shop prides itself as the best because you can find various vape products from different brands. So, whether you want a pod system, disposable, e-juice, or any other product, you will get it at the demand vape shop.

    Demand Vape Shipping: How Long Does Vape Deliveries Take?

    Once you complete your order for a product on-demand vape, then you will wait for it to be shipped. But how long does it take for you to get your products? In most cases, when you order by 2 pm EST, it will be shipped the same day.

    When the shipping commences, you will receive an email notification. In the U.S., you will get your deliveries via UPS or USPS.

    NB: Currently, the shipment of orders is delayed due to high traffic. But shipping will be done 48-hours after the completion of an order.

    Find Demand Vape Shops Near Me (My Location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find DemandVape shops near me(my location).

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