WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cigar Vape Pens Review. The Best Cigar Vape Pens in the Market and More About these Vaporizers

12th May 2022 | 302 | upends v

What are cigar vape pen

Cigar vape pens are portable vaporizers that have been made to mimic the look of normal rolled cigars. Most of vape companies have designed these cigars to have the traditional look of cigars with the dark brown or golden color of the unit.

The new introduction of electronic cigars give the users a taste of elegance and a bit of class to vaping. Unlike other e-cigarette units, e-cigars are made to look like the original design of cigars.

Most of these pens come prefilled with liquids and are always ready to use on the go. Their usage life is longer compared to the other vape pens.

How to find the best e-cigar for usage

Choosing an e-cigar is one of the simplest tasks and not as complicated as the cigar itself. There are very few brands that offer these products so you will have all the options at hand when choosing. However, there are some things that you can look out for to help you determine which the best cigar is for you. 

  • The draw system

Look for a cigar that produces a thick and milk like vape formation which will give you the same feeling as using a cigar that is rich. The feeling in your mouth when using this cigar should feel like you are puffing and if you do not achieve this then you will not enjoy the transition.

  • Flavor

The option of an e-cigar having a good flavor is subjective but it should taste authentic regardless. Sometimes even the flavored e-cigars might taste like swisher but you have to make sure that the flavor stays faithful to the original flavor as much as possible. You may find some flavors being offered that you could not easily find in a cigar.

  • Puffing potential

The essence of puffing on a cigar means that you can puff for a very long time. An electronic cigar therefore should not offer something different from what it is expected to do. You need to find an e-cigarette that has the expected amount of puffs indicated for pure satisfaction

  • Disposable or rechargeable e-cigars

For matter of convenience, you can buy an electronic cigar that uses a set amount of puffs a then discard it when you are done. You can also get the battery version of the pen that can be recharged and used for many years to com.  

How to use an electronic cigar

There is no much difference in smoking a cigar and puffin on an electronic cigarette. In simple terms, the cigar is puffed and the smoke is entirely held up in the mouth meaning you inhale very little amount of smoke.

The inhalation style is still similar with both the combustible cigar and an electronic cigarette, the reason being that they both use mouth to lung vaping technique. The main difference is that the vapor is inhaled after drawing into the mouth and that is something most of the cigars would not manage to do.

When you are using the right e-liquid and vaping device, you should feel a vibrant draw which feels like a traditional cigar. This depends on the amount of nicotine you are vaping on, you can feel a slight harshness that occurs when smoking a cigar.


The nicotine strength of your liquid is what you should consider when buying an electronic cigar. You get to inhale more nicotine in vapor form when doing mouth to lung. Some nicotine is absorbed via the mouth when smoking via the mouth and is considered a less amount than what you would get when vaping.

Many electronic cigars are not built with any buttons on them which means that they are activated by taking a draw. The battery detects a negative airflow and starts burning up the substances. To fill your pens with e-liquid means that you detach your battery by pulling it off the cartomizer and this process sounds similar to filling an e-cigarette or a vape pen.

Many of the e-cigars are not built with a LED indicator which will alert you when the battery runs low. You can only get to charge the unit once in a day and it can get you vaping for a whole day.           

Benefits of using an electronic cigar

The process of switching from a convectional to a premium e-cigar will take some effort and time. The experience you get from using the device will not be the same but with an open minds, you will get to enjoy the transitioning process. 

Here are some advantages associated with using an electronic cigarette.

Less expensive

The amount of cash required to buy an electronic cigarette is equal to the amount you would spend on one premium cigar from the shop. The only other involved costs are for the vape juice. The process of switching to using e-cigars is less expensive and beneficial in the long term.

Less irritating

Many people who do not smoke cigars do not like the smell produced by the smoke from the cigars. An e-cigar gives far less odor and it is quick to dissipate. It is not surprising that even many cigar smokers do not like the after smell that gets on the hair and clothes. Vaping on an e-cigar will not leave any irritating smell to worry about.

Delivers quick puffs

Smoking a traditional cigar sometimes takes many hours to get satisfied. For a few puffs, you can hardly get any effects. With the electronic cigar, you get puffs at a go. You can get a few vapes then put the pen away, or puff away for the entire day. You get so much flexibility when using an e-cigar that is refillable.

No nicotine content

There are many e-cigarettes that you cannot get in traditional cigars. Those who seek to do away with nicotine intake can switch to using refillable e-cigars

No need for cigar humidifiers

The process of keeping cigars fresh has always been a challenge. When using an e-cigar, you do not to check frequently whether you are keeping it in specific conditions. Getting an electric humidor can be expensive but using e-cigars does away with this whole process. 

Disadvantages of using an electronic cigar

No ritual

Looking for a cigar cutter of cigar humidifier is part of the appeal when smoking traditional cigars. People have developed a habit of handling cigars from start to finish and this is something that is missing from the e-cigars.

Battery life

The battery life on rechargeable electronic cigarettes is actually good and if you forget to recharge, it means that your pen cannot be used to vape. This scenario is not familiar to cigars, all you need is a match and you are good to go.

Top electronic cigars in the market

E-puffer 1800 Churchill

This e cigar is wrapped in paper that makes it look like a traditional cigar. The band on the cigar looks closely like the cigars Winston Churchill used to smoke. It has class and respectability to its name

Robusto E-Puffer D1500 

The cork tip of the e-cigar is made soft enough that you can bite on. The device has a sturdy design that is long lasting. You can feel an authentic Cuban tobacco taste which is slightly sweet and smooth.

Slim E-Puffer D500

This electronic cigarette was made to replace the cigarillo. Like the other Epuffer devices, the D500 looks so real. It has a 32 ring gauge which is the similar size to the standard mini cigars

EPuffer E-Cigar 900

This e-cigar has all that you may need for a classy cigar session. It has a 900mAh battery that can last you a maximum of 900 puffs before you recharge it again

Final word on the e-cigars

The e-cigars are not only meant to be used by people who like traditional cigars, but they can also be used by anyone who likes some good e-juice. The flavored electronic cigarettes work well and you still get the thrill of it. The design feeling of smoking on the fat pen makes it appealing to use for some.