Caliburn Vape: Caliburn G2,A2,Koko Prime,G,KOKO,AK2 Review & Price

    Caliburn Vape: Caliburn G2,A2,Koko Prime,G,KOKO,AK2 Review & Price

    Caliburn is a pod system series produced by Uwell. Uwell is a Shenzhen-based vaping company producing different series of pod systems, kits, tanks, and other vaping products. Since its founding in 2015, it continues to offer the vaping market with futuristic vaping products. Let’s look at the Caliburn series of pod systems.

    Caliburn G2

    The Caliburn G2 is a stylish pod system coming with six color varieties. You can get anywhere from black, green, to a blue pod system. It also features a lightweight and minimalistic design allowing for seamless vaping experience. Besides, it comes with one fire button for quick vaping. And to allow you to view the e-liquid capacity, it has a transparent check window.

    Unlike most pod systems, it uses vibrations to interact with the user. For example, it notifies you in case of overdraws or low voltage. It comes integrated with a wheel adjustment allowing you to adjust the airflow so you can get just the right flavor.

    Caliburn A2

    This is yet another stylish pod from Uwell. Similar to the Caliburn G2, it comes with nine color varieties such as irish purple, blue, grey, and green. It also has a compact design allowing you to carry it around with ease. And since it is minimalistic, you can conceal it in your hands. What’s more? It is lightweight meaning you can slip it into your pocket or pouch.

    To allow fast charging, it is fitted with a TYPE-C port at the bottom. As such, it takes less than an hour to charge. The fire button is also placed strategically so you can vape comfortably. The LED light blinks if the battery is low. And thanks to the check window, you’ll know when you need to refill the cartridge and when to replace the coil. Like others in this series, it utilizes the top-fill mechanism.

    Caliburn Koko Prime

    If you are looking for a premium vape device, then you should consider buying the Koko Prime. Not only is it feature rich, but also has an elegant design. This is especially ideal for moderate to heavy vapers. As you’d expect, it has a larger capacity compared to Caliburn A2 and Caliburn G2. One feature that sets it apart is the translucent body.

    This means you can see all the inner components plus the e-liquid. Besides, you can get it in translucent or dark translucent variant. The device comes in an Aluminum alloy body, decorative panel, lanyard hole, and other common features. With a 690mAh battery, you are sure to vape all day long. And you have two airflow choices; MTL and restricted MTL.

    Caliburn G

    As the name suggests, Caliburn G comes with exceptional features making vaping a breeze. You can choose from six color varieties among them Gold, Black, Green, and Blue. It comes in a compact body allowing you to move with it and since it is lightweight, you get no extra bulk. The body is made of aluminum alloy significantly improving its durability.

    The pod capacity, capped at 2ML, ensures a beginner can vape uninterrupted. The 0.8ohms coil ensures ample heating of the e-liquid so you can get just the right flavor you need. It also comes with a TYPE-C charging port and an LED to notify when the battery is about to die. Thanks to the slender frame, you get better grip while vaping.

    Caliburn KOKO

    The Caliburn KOKO comes in four color varieties namely black, blue, red, and metallic green. This therefore makes it ideal for many vapers. It also comes in a compact design similar to the Koko prime. As such, you enjoy better grip while vaping. And since it has a flat bottom, placing it on a flat surface is easy.

    The refillable pod has a maximum capacity of 2ml. while small, it is ideal for beginners and moderate vapers. The battery has a maximum power of 11W and has a capacity of 520mAh. You also get an LED that indicates the battery level and lights when you inhale. To avoid spillage of the e-liquid, it assumes a top-fill design.

    Caliburn AK2

    This model also has a stylish design making it ideal for trendy vapers. You can get it in black gold, green, pink, and neon orange, among other colors. With it, you get an air inlet, Type-C port, cartridge, pod, and drip tip. Like other Caliburn vape devices, it has a top filling mechanism ensuring only the right amount of e-juice gets into the cartridge.

    You also get a check window, which allows you to check the level of the e-juice. This mitigates you from damaging the heating coil.  If you want a more elegant device, you can get the limited Cyberpunk edition. It has a futuristic feeling to it. As you’d expect, it is lightweight and portable meaning you can carry it around with ease.

    Caliburn Koko Prime Vision

    Similar to the Caliburn Koko Prime, it comes in a translucent and dark translucent design allowing you to show off its premium design. You also get a Lanyard hole, decorative panel, coil, and other features.  The 0.8ohms coil makes heating the e-liquid seamless. This ensures you get just the right flavor you want. Thanks to the vibration feedback mechanism, you’ll know when you over inhale or the battery runs low.

    What’s more, there’s an LED that can help you to keep track of your battery level. The Aluminum alloy body significantly bolsters its durability while maintaining the premium design. With it, you can use the MTL or restricted MTL airflow.

    Caliburn Vape flavors

    The Caliburn series of pod system is compatible with numerous flavors. Whether you want to use nicotine, tobacco, or tobacco free flavors, Caliburn got you sorted. And since it uses the top filling mechanism, you are sure of zero wastage when refilling. And since Caliburn devices are not disposable, you can use just about any flavor with it.

    All pod systems come with an adjustable airflow inlet. This allows you to increase or decrease the flavor of the vapor. And since the mouthpiece has an angular design, you are sure to vape comfortably.

    Caliburn Vape battery and charger

    Well, all the pod systems in this series come with a battery. Some have a 690mAh battery while others have a 520mAh. The highest battery capacity is the 690mAh, which allows you to vape for a long time. The best part? They are rechargeable and it only takes less than an hour to charge them.

    All devices are also equipped with eth Type-C port for fast charging. This means you can charge any device with a power bank, laptop, or any USB device. Unfortunately, you buy the charging cable separately.

    Caliburn colors and skins

    As you’d expect, the Caliburn series has many colors to choose from. For example orange, green, golden, blue, and more. You also get a blend of several colors. There are not many skins; however, you can get the Cyberpunk limited edition that comes in an elegant skin design. You also get an elegant protective plate, which you can imprint, your desired patterns.

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    Caliburn review

    Well, from the look of things, Caliburn is a pod system series that lives up to its name. Not only does it have quality pod systems, but also elegant and practical. All devices have an elegant design so vaping in the public is possible. And since they are lightweight and portable, you can easily carry them around.

    The finish of all devices provides you an ergonomic grip ensuring you don’t lose your pod. One feature that sets Caliburn apart is the vibration feedback loop. Unlike conventional pod systems that use LED, Caliburn uses vibration to let you know when the battery is low or you have overdrawn.

    With the type-c charging port, you are sure to vape on the go since you can use a power bank to recharge the battery. The batteries also come in an above average battery capacity which is not common with most pod devices. And thanks to the aluminum alloy body, durability is significantly bolstered.


    How do I refill a Caliburn vape?

    All Caliburn vape devices employ the top-fill mechanism. As such, you need to remove the mouthpiece to access the drip hole. Here, you fill the cartridge to the desired level. Ensure you refill it in time to avoid damaging the coil.

    How do I tell a fake from a real Caliburn Vape?

    Simple, visit Uwell website and head over to the Verify page. Here, you should enter the anti-counterfeit code to see if the product is genuine or fake.

    Where can I buy Caliburn pod systems?

    You can buy them on their official website or listed sites

    Caliburn pod not hitting.

    Ensure the battery is charged. If so, check whether the e-liquid is adequate. If not, refill it. You should also consider checking whether the coil is burnt.


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