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Breazy Vape (breazy.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location near me [Vape Kits, E-Juice, Vape Mods, Starter Kits, Pod Systems, Synthetic Nicotines, Salt e-liquids]

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1.What is Breazy Vape?

Breazy Vape is an online vape retailer founded in 2014. It is a company that operates with a greater focus on the clientele, empowering them to have their own choices. With its people-oriented service, the company has been successful with its growth. Today, it sells various Vape-related products such as vape kits, e-juices, vape mods, starter kits, pod systems, synthetic nicotine, salt e-liquids, vape pens, and vape accessories.

A company 100% independent of big tobacco is what Breazy Vape is. With its mission of empowering customers through freedom of choice, the company is continuously innovating and improving itself to make vape shopping seamless and more personalized-enabling customers to have what they want from a wide selection while having minimum effort. Moreover, as part of their mission, they have taken measures to protect and serve the bigger community, selling e-liquids only to vendors that use child-resistant bottles, and selling and marketing only to those of legal age.

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Monday-Friday from 10:30 to 18:00 (EST)

2.Main Products

Breazy Vape offers some of the most affordable vape products that you can find. You are also assured of authentic merchandise as they only sell products directly purchased from an authorized distributor and manufacturer. To help you, let's check out some of their products.

3.Vape Juice & E-Liquids

Breazy Vape offers an extensive collection of vape juice- e-juice and vape e-liquid products. To include something for all kinds of vapers, Breazy Vape maintains a vast array of these products. So, all in all, the company has over 1200 of this merchandise which comes from popular and favorite brands. The following are some of the best-selling vape juices and e-liquids they have in store.

Orgasm – One Up Vapor. They just don't know how to name its taste. It is so good that it would not be enough to call it watermelon, peach, or guava; as such, they named it Orgasm.

Heisenberg Menthol – Innevape E-Liquid.This juice brings a familiar taste that most people love. With every pull, users are in a ride for a taste of delicious blue raspberries, and as one keeps pulling, they'll get the chills as the menthol flavor takes in.

Mother's Milk – Suicide Bunny. This famous e-juice has continuously defied time, remaining as one of the best-selling juices out there. This creamy fruit-filled e-juice is truly above the rest, becoming one of its brand's signature products.

4.Vape Starter Kits and Pod Mods

You can check out Breazy Vape's Vape Starter Kits and Pod Mods if you are new to vaping. Their starter kits and pod mods are uniquely packaged and include the essentials vapers need to enjoy their vaping experience. They sell popular vape kits, from mod and disposable-atomizer tank systems to "cigalike" stick batteries with pre-filled e-liquid pods.

With their vast collection of starter kits and pod mods, you will get to vaping faster. So, find the best kit and pod mod for you.

MyBlu Starter Kit. This Starter kit is a pen-like vaping device that would make vaping easier for users. It is a lightweight e-cigarette with a 350mAh battery that could quickly be filled in just twenty minutes of charging.

SMOK Nord 2 40W Pod Kit. SMOK Nord 2 40W Pod Kit is a kit that has a compatible system that could streamline a vaper's preparation routine. It is an innovative and new kit that could work perfectly with traditional vape juices and salt nicotine blends. The kit also comes with a Nord 2 Mod 2, replacement pods, and a USB cable for charging.

SMOK R-Kiss 200W Starter Kit. A kit containing great designs and excellent functionality are what SMOK R-Kiss 200W Starter Kit is. With its 200W power rating, cloud fans can have the massive clouds they want.

Unwell Caliburn G 15W Starter Kit. A kit that could be your off-to-go "companion." This compact vaping starter kit from Unwell is another satisfying entry in their collection. The product has a built-in 690 mAh that could allow users to enjoy their vaping experience longer.

SMOK Nove 3 Pod Starter Kit. Yet another new and improved starter kit from SMOK. Its compact design enables users to bring it wherever they want and whenever they want, letting them draw comfortably. Its 800 mAh battery also assures users of a longer vaping experience. The addition of two pods with a 0.8ohm coil in this package also lets users change the pod that is burned out.

5.Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are convenient things that help the user to enjoy the fantastic flavor without giving much effort. And Breazy Vape has these products too.

Pink Punch Lemonade TWST Disposable Vape Pen - TWST Salt E-Liquid.With its bold and bright flavors, vapers will indeed have a good time using it. Each disposable vape pen of this product contains 1ml of juice with 50mg nicotine strength.

POP Disposable Vape Device - POP! Vapors.Pop! Vapors is making vaping more accessible, bringing some of their most loved juices to become part of their convenient and comfortable POP Disposable Vape Device. Each disposable device contains 1.2 ml of liquid with 50mg of salt nicotine strength.

Switch Disposable Vape Device - Drip More E-Liquid. A worry-free and easy-to-grab device is what Switch Disposable Vape is. This device features a wide range of flavors together with a straightforward and user-friendly form of operation. Each device contains 1.3ml of juice with 50mg of salt nicotine strength like the others.

Ezzy Oval Disposable Vape Device.A streamlined device ideal to be your net get-to-go.It offers a wide range of flavors while holding 1.3 ml of juice with a 50mg nicotine strength. 

Disposables - Exotic Bar Disposables.A well-constructed disposable that can give users a smooth and convenient vape adventure. Like most disposables, each device has 1.3 ml of juice together with a 50mg nicotine strength.


Aside from pods and juices, Breazy Vape also has tanks for every mod and system. The company sale SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank, Unwell Crown V3 Sub Ohm Tank, Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Tank, and more.


They also have accessories like vape batteries, chargers, vape coils, cotton, vape supplies, and many more.  

8.Breazy Vape Discount Coupon Codes

Breazy Vape offers generous coupon codes that customers and vape lovers can use to avail discounts on a wide variety of products on the website. They have exclusive deals for new users of their website, significant discounts on specific products, and generous discount offers for an entire purchase. Some of the vape discount coupon codes that customers could use are the following:

1.1 Discount Coupon Code: WELCOME20(20% Off Your Entire Order)

1.2 Discount Coupon Code: CVD10(Extra 10% Off on Your Order)

1.3 Discount Coupon Code: NEW20(20% Discount on Your Total Purchase)

1.4 Discount Coupon Code: CVD15(Extra 15% Off Your Total Purchase)

1.5 Discount Coupon Code: FIRSTTIME(10% Off on First Purchase)

9.Breazy Vape Reviews

Breazy Vape offers a vast collection of vape products, from juices to accessories. With its comprehensive collection, it could be considered as a "one-stop shop" for your vaping needs. Plus, the products are not that pricey, thus, affordable.

Starter Kits and Pods.The starter kits and pods that Breazy Vape offers are all good. The wide selection from different popular brands truly empowers the customers. The kits and pods are also authentic, user-friendly, and are easy to use. Moreover, the prices are very affordable.

Juices and Liquids.Breazy Vape has a lot of good juices and liquids that come at great prices. The wide selection of juices and liquids enables customers to find what suits them best, whether they are new or not. However, they must stock more of the best-sellers since it appears their stocks on these particular products are limited.

Hardware.Breazy Vape's hardware is authentic and quality, which is expected since they get their products directly from the manufacturer and authorized distributors. Their hardware list that includes rebuildables, tanks, vape mods, replacement, and refillable pods, vape pens, and others is excellent. But they should add more of the current hardware.


Breazy Vape ships out orders placed on the website within 24 hours. However, there could be issues and delays when there are big promotions. With their customer-centered policies, the store has a wide following both in the US and abroad; as such, they ship their products locally and internationally apart from Turkey. Domestic orders are shipped via OneLive (OLX), while international orders are shipped through United States Postal Service (USPS) or FedEx. The company offers free shipping for domestic orders over $100. They also offer a 30-day warranty on defective units except for e-liquids and coils.

11.Find Breazy Vape shops near me (my location)

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Breazy Vape shops near me(my location).

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