BB Tank X Vape Review: The Gear Ceramic Technology Vape Device

    BB Tank X Vape Review: The Gear Ceramic Technology Vape Device

    1. What is BB Tank X Vape?

    The uprising of smokers looking for safe alternative to smoking has led to a wave of vape manufacturers to create safe smoking alternatives. One of the vape brands you can bet on to give you a safer alternative to smoking is vape is BB Tank X vape. The BB tank vape are made by the Babytontech based in China.

    The BB Tank X vape is among the best vape hardware you can put your hands on. It has the ability to produce large clouds of vapor something you haven’t seen before.

    Another plus for the device is the quality glass construction which first ensures there is no metallic after taste which is common in most metallic devices. Secondly, you can easily monitor the level of your oil so that your vaping section will not be cut short.

    The BB Tank X vape comes in two sizes which are 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml. The price of each device varies depending with the location where you are buying it from.

    The top performance 4th generation coil enables it to heat up faster, giving you bigger vapor clouds and perfectly pure taste.

    2. Features and Specs

    • Weight: 10g
    • Size: 55 x 12mm
    • Material: Top-quality and food-grade quart glass, metal
    • Origin: China
    • Capacity of the Cartomizer: 350+ puffs
    • Color: Transparent or customized
    • Heating Element: 4rd BB gear Ceramic coil
    • Usage: Thin/thick
    • Filling method: Bottom
    • Thread: 510 thread
    • Charging time: about 4 hours
    • Cartridge Weight: 26.5g
    • Battery capacity: 380mAh
    • Atomizer Capacity: 0.5ml
    • Resistance: 1.2±0.1Ω
    • Working voltage: 3.3-3.7V
    • Output Voltage: Constant 3.7V
    • Tank Material: Transparent PEI

    3. Pros and Cons of the BB Tank X Vape


    • Thick and high quality quartz glass
    • Massive clouds output
    • Smooth hits
    • Excellent flavor
    • Easy to fill
    • No leaks
    • Easy to clean
    • No wick
    • Ceramic coil
    • Embedded Ceramic Vertical Coil


    • Hard to find well-fitting and durable batteries

    4. Refilling BB Tank X

    The vape has a sleek and simplistic design which makes it easy to use. Also, the filling process for this device is hassle-free. You will not experience leakages and spills when trying to refill your device.

    To refill it, flip the device upside down to for easier refilling and to avoid leakage. Once you are done refilling, flip it upright and wait a few moments to allow the oil to settle. Then, you can start vaping.

    5. The Build Quality

    The entire body of the BB Tank X is made of quality and thick glass. Although it can withstand minor drops without cracking, you should carefully handle it. Avoid dropping it. Also, the mouthpiece of the device is made of a thick quality glass.

    The atomizer of the device is made from ceramic core and there are no leakages from this device. Even when it accidentally flips upside down, you will not encounter any leakages.

    6. The BB Gear Ceramic Technology

    The BB Tank X utilizes the gear ceramic technology which ensures that you are getting high quality and great taste of the flavors without interference of heavy metal tastes. The technology also enables the device to beat common frustrating issues such as leaking and burnt taste. Also, you get large clouds of vapors and fast heating. More benefits of the 4th generation gear ceramic technology include:

    • The gear ceramic technology delivers pure and smooth draws; from the first one until the last one.
    • The ceramic heats up consistently and evenly to prevent the extracts from over burning and getting a bad taste in the mouth.
    • The technology works well with different types of extract viscosity.
    • You can fill the oil from the bottom and there is no limit to the capping time.

    7. The Performance of BB Tank X Vape

    Smooth hits, massive clouds, and great taste is what this vape will give you. It is simply amazing. It is among the top performing THC oil devices you can use.

    8. The Air Flow

    The BB Tank X Vape has an excellent air flow system. It is among the best air flow systems you will ever see in most vape cartridges out there. With a good and fitting battery, it performs great. However, in some cases it is hard to find a well-fitting and durable battery for the device.

    9. BB Tank X Vape Shops Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find BB Tank X vape shops near me(my location).

    10. BB Tank X Vape Flavors

    The quality of flavor and vapor you get from the BB Tank X is near perfect. You will not experience the metallic aftertaste that is common in most devices. If you fill the device with pure oil, the result you get will be clean and pure flavor.

    The oil on this device seems to slide downwards towards the heating element instead of being pushed to the side holes. This feature makes it to have more efficiency and avoid oil wastage.  Generally, compared to most cart systems out there, BB Tank X is efficient.

    11. BB Tank X Vape Battery and Charger

    The BB Tank Vape comes with an integrated 380mAh Li-ion Battery. The innovative battery is sleek and slim and looks like a luxury care fob. To power the battery, press the fire button five times and within 2 seconds. To start heating your oils, press and hold the power button.

    When the battery runs low, the LED light will indicate red. Simply plug in the device to a compatible charger. Charging will take approximately four hours. When fully charged, the LED lights will indicate green. The device can support attachment rates as low as 1.2ohm and the integrated 350mAh li-ion battery provides a constant 3.7V.

    12. BB Tank X Vape Colors and Skin

    The material used in making the BB Tank X Vape is food-grade and high-quality quartz glass. The bottom part is made of a metal ring which is can be customized to your preferred color and also your logo. The quality of the material enables you to vape in a clean vape without the metallic taste that is evident on most vape devices with metallic materials.

    13. Coupon and Promo Code

    You can enjoy discounts when buying the BB Tank X Vape. However, ensure you are buying from select stores or on the official websites and check if the discounts are available. You might also get coupons and promo codes for your device when you buy in bulk.  Remember to claim the promo code and coupons before expiry.

    1. BB Tank X discount coupon code 1:

    2. BB Tank X discount coupon code 2:

    17. BB Tank X Review

    The BB Tank X Vape is a great vape product. The material used to build the device is top-quality and is one of the best hardware for THC oils. When it comes to the performance, the device gives a massive, yet smooth clouds with an excellent flavor.  

    The glass construction of the device allows you to easily monitor the level of the oil. In addition, the all glass cartridge keeps you safe from vaping heavy metals that pollutes the quality of the oil. The metal part wears off and slowly mixes with the oil. This is not the case with the BB Tank X vape because it is made with top quality food grade glass. So, you will not get any metallic taste on the vapor.

    The coil gives out an outstanding performance. Fast heating, pure taste, and massive vapor. The coil is perfect for both THC and CBD whether thin or thick. Also, you get authentic, satisfying, and refreshing flavors if you choose oils from the BB Tank brand.

    You can get the BB Tank X vape in various colors or you can order a customized one to suit your preferences. So, if you are looking for a great and stylish hardware to use with your favorite THC oil, then this is the device for you.

    18. BB Tank X Vape FAQ:

    1.How can I turn on my BB tank X vape?

    Press the power button five times to turn your device on. To hit, press the button as you inhale.

    1. How can I charge my BB tank X vape?

    The device comes with a USB charging cable that you can use to charge your device. It takes about four hours to fully charge the battery.

    1. How Can I adjust my BB Tank X vape?

    To adjust your device, simply press the power button quickly three times when the device is unlocked. When you input the power setting, you will multi-color LED power indicator changing.

    1. How Can I unlock my BB Tank X Vape?

    The device is equipped with three adjustable voltage levels that you can set using the button on the side of the device. Unlock the BB tank by pressing the button five times in two seconds. When successfully unlocked or locked, it will be indicated by button flashing five times.

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