7 Good Reasons to Enjoy a Vape without Nicotine

    7 Good Reasons to Enjoy a Vape without Nicotine

    1.     UPENDS Guide to Reasons of Vaping a Nicotine-free Vape

    Vaping is the best option for consuming nicotine when compared to smoking. The best thing with vapes is that they allow you to choose the nicotine strength that you want to vape, including choosing zero nicotine strength.

    Many smokers who opt to vape do it with the aim of reducing nicotine addiction. Consistent use of nicotine leads to addiction, and since it is a stimulant, nicotine may increase heart rate and blood pressure.

    2.     Reasons to Choose a Nicotine-Free Vape

    Here are the top reasons why it is good to choose a nicotine-free vape.

            i.            No Addiction Risk

    A majority of vape juice brands contain water, flavoring elements, VG and PG, and nicotine. The nicotine element is regarded as the one that causes addiction.

    The other elements do not lead to addiction; they only excite the nervous system and only cause cravings to vapers. If you eliminate nicotine from the vape, the e-liquid remains free of addiction.

    There are nicotine-free e-liquids, but FDA mandated with labeling can label your e-liquid with labels like “This Product Contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical” and “This Product is made from Tobacco.”

    Although this may not be true with the nicotine-free vapes, FDA is mandated to label products. These labels should not scare you away if you are looking for a nicotine-free vape.

          ii.            Nicotine-Free Vapes are Non-toxic

    As far as vaping is safe for you, e-liquids might spill, and your kids might reach them. This may cause harm to them if they try to vape it. To avoid this, you can opt for nicotine-free vapes that do not contain toxins. 

    All the elements on nicotine-free vape contain food-grade elements thus cannot harm your children if they accidentally consume it.

    However, even though the nicotine-free vape is harmless, it must be stored out of reach of children. But if your kids access and consume it, there is nothing much to worry about as there is nothing toxic with the nicotine-free vapes.

        iii.            Access a Smooth Vaping Experience

    Vaping nicotine vapes may cause a punch in the throat that may sometimes be harsh same as that of a cigar. Some vapers complain of the nicotine hit on the throat is too hard and may need to reduce nicotine consumption.

    If the hit adversely affects you, then you need to opt for a nicotine-free vape juice. This will allow you to enjoy vaping smoothly without any throat hit.

    The smooth experience allows you to remain healthy and even continue enjoying vaping you have ever dreamt of.

        iv.            Nicotine-free Vapes are Affordable

    The nicotine-free e-juices do not sell the same as a nicotine-based liquid. They allow you to vape and enjoy the best flavor with no side effects at an affordable price.

    If you are used to vaping low-end vapes, it is easy for you to fall for a nicotine-free vape that is discounted.

    For instance, if you are used to a 2mg/ml nicotine vape, you can go for a 4mg/ml nicotine vape and mix it with a nicotine-free vape in proportions to achieve two 2mg/ml vapes.

          v.            Enjoy Better Flavor Experience

    E-liquid vapes come with great flavors that you should enjoy their feel as you vape. The inclusion of Nicotine odorless ingredients brings in a harsh hit that dilutes the flavors.

    Nicotine-free allows you to vape with a focus on the flavors. They eliminate that prickling hit on the throat, allowing you only to enjoy the flavor. For instance, if your nicotine-free vape contains a vanilla flavor, you will only enjoy the vanilla flavor.

    Without the inclusion of nicotine in your vape, you will only get the best flavors like apple, strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Chocolate, Menthol, Peach, and many more flavors.

        vi.            Allows you to take a Nicotine Consuming Break

    You may have consumed a lot of nicotine, and you need a break from it. You may also want to quit consuming nicotine, but you still want to enjoy vaping. Then the nicotine-free vapes are the best choice here.

    Some nicotine addicts may become temporarily lethargic, sick, or even feel a buzz if they abruptly stop vaping nicotine. The Nicotine-free vapes help you break from consuming nicotine without experiencing much effect.

      vii.            Enjoy a Drug-Free Vaping Experience

    Nicotine is associated with both psychological and physiological effects on your body that can lead to addiction, thus qualify to be a drug.

    The nicotine-free vapes are drug-free, and using them does not expose you to any abuse of drugs, but you still enjoy the best vaping experience.

    3.     Are there Any Vaping Alternatives?

    Yes! Nicotine-free vaping has a lot of alternatives. Many can argue that since nicotine-free vaping does not make you consume nicotine, it is safe. Yes, it might be safer than smoking, but it has its effects even though they are minimal.

    To make sure you are completely safe, here are some of the alternatives to keep you moving;

    Chewing gum- most chewing gums are flavored with different flavors. Chewing a piece of gum with your favorite vape can provide a similar experience to that of vaping.

    Taking Sparkling Water- Sparkling water provides a tingling and burning feeling because it is carbonated. This provides a throat sensation similar to that of vaping.

    Taking Deep Breaths- When vaping, you always take a lot of deep breaths that are not possible to take without a vape. When the vaping urge develops, taking deep breaths similar to those of vaping can ease the vaping urge.

    Eating Sunflower Seeds- when vaping, you take your hand to your mouth severally. Likewise, when you eat sunflower seeds, you have to take your hand to your mouth severally, thus mimicking vaping. This helps to alleviate the urge to vape.

    This vaping alternative helps you slowly quit vaping. They may not provide the same sensation as a vape, but they are the best alternative to opt for more so when you want to evade smoking and vaping gradually.

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    5.     Conclusion

    Vaping nicotine-free vape is safer than smoking and vaping a nicotine vape. When using a nicotine-free vape, you are free from any psychological and physiological harm as they are drug-free.

    Although nicotine-free vapes have no harm to you, you need to control the vape you consume to avoid over-vaping. The Nicotine on the nicotine-vape acts as a control element limiting the amount you consume. With the nicotine-free vapes, you will have to control them yourself.


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