WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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About Vaping with UPENDS


    4th Dec 2020 | 1214 | ZengGreta

    What’s in e-juice? This is a question about which there’s a lot of confusion. From seasoned vapers who say “It’s just normal water vapour” (it isn’t) to smoking lobbyists stating, “We don’t kn...

  • Can Vaping Help You to Quit Smoking?

    20th Nov 2020 | 893 | ZengGreta

    Smokers who have decided they want to quit have, over the years, used a range of different methods, often with mixed results. The nicotine hit gained by the burning of tobacco is notoriously addictive...

  • 5 Reasons Why People Start Vaping

    21st Jul 2020 | 1210 | Greta

    Why people start vaping? Recently UPENDS made a research, which concludes that people start vaping for various reasons. Here are the main five reasons. 1. An Alternative to Smoking We all know that to...

  • Tutorial: How to Use Uppen Vape Pod?

    15th Jun 2020 | 1566 | Greta

    Uppen is a portable refillable vape pod system shaped in an exquisite pen. Upends created it for people chasing elegance and style. Designed with the joy of every detail of life, Uppen demonstrates an...